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3.20.2015 Session Notes

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Christ is Raid, and the dark side is a bunch of cockroaches. “I command you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.” The dark side are the best teachers we have; take your authority and you’ll be okay.


Are you traveling any time soon? If so, be sure to say these prayers and listen to part two from 3:00 to 5:00!


For information about the Band of Mercy and other members of God’s Spirit Community, click here!


Astrology and Birth Charts

  • Edgar Cayce Association is a great place to look for star charts and other astrology related topics.
  • With birth charts, the exact time, place, and date of your birth all factor into producing your unique birth chart
    • If you incarnate from the Light and you have a specific purpose, you can plan to be born under specific circumstances so that your birth chart matches with your goals
      • You also get the negative traits with the positive traits, so these may be things that you have to overcome



  • When you reincarnate from the Light, you can often reincarnate with the same groups of people to learn lessons
  • You can incarnate with souls you have problems with
  • You can incarnate with your “twin soul”


Cellular Memory

  • If you travel to a certain place where a trauma occurred in a past life, or reach a certain age when a trauma occurred, past life cellular memory trauma can be reactivated
  • You should use kinesiology to get to the root of the issue, and tap it out as soon as possible!


Opening Up Your Abilities

  • If you see angels, demons, spirits, energy, and/or aliens, know that they are real and that you’re seeing these things because you’re supposed to.
  • Lower-level phenomenon (such as on paranormal shows) isn’t God- that’s earthbound spirits and demons.
  • The Daily Lifting will keep you safe!
  • There’s a lot of information out there, but a lot of it is misinformation and a lot of people who don’t know what they’re doing.
    • Kundalini yoga, for example, can be extremely dangerous when people don’t know what they’re doing.
  • Get in touch with your guides!
  • When you start using the information on a daily basis, you will open up! Using the names of God will raise your energy frequency!


Christ and the Demonic

  • Remember to take your authority through Christ against the demonic
  • Christ is Raid, and the demonic are cockroaches. Spritz, spritz!
  • The demonic will use people you care about to hurt you


Eggs and Bubbles

  • Pink Bubbles of Love
    • If people are unpleasant or nasty towards you, put them in a pink bubble!
    • “I would please ask the Band of Mercy to put a pink bubble of love around (this person, with an address if you have it) in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee”, or visualize a bubblegum pink bubble around them.
      • It’ll make them happy and nice, and it lasts around 12 hours.
    • This is an extremely positive thing, particularly if someone just needs to be uplifted.
  • Silver Mirrored Eggs as a Teacher
    • If someone is sending you directed negativity, you can put him or her in an egg that is mirrored on the inside, so that their negativity will reflect back upon themselves.
    • “I would please ask the Band of Mercy to place (name and address, if available) in a silver egg that is mirrored on the inside now, in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.”
    • This is also good for about 12 hours
  • For more information about bubbles and eggs, click here!


Negative Thought Forms (Part One, 35:00-44:00 and Part Two 0:00-3:00)

  • We manifest constantly! Unfortunately, we manifest negativity more frequently than we manifest positivity. We are co-creators of our universes!
  • Thoughts are things, and they can attach to people.
  • Thought forms are in geometric shapes that are pretty colors.
  • Native American shamans called manifested thought forms “tulpas”
  • For more information about negative thought forms, including information on how to remove them, click here!



  • Spirits can partake in poltergeist activity, but teenagers can manifest kinetic energy to move things. This usually happens around age 13 and lasts around a year, but the activity is prevalent when the child is angry at a parent or something similar.



  • Energies, ancient energies, and spirits can all attach and affect soldiers returning from war
  • The daily lifting is absolutely invaluable for soldiers returning from war


Calling upon Angelics

  • You must call upon the Archangel ____ and their legions
  • There is a large amount of angels in the different legions, and they have authority to work under that Archangel so than many people in many different places can all get help at the same time.
  • Angels can walk upon the Earth. They can either come as messengers, or they can be born in and have an entire life here.

Travel Protections

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When traveling, it’s wise to use the following prayers to help ensure that your journey is as safe and stress-free as is possible! You’re allowing your Guardian Angel and/or Archangel Raphael (who is the archangel of traveling) and his legions to intercede should the need arise! It is also wise to say the Daily Lifting on a daily basis, and to also ask the Band of Mercy to clear any planes, boats, trains, and cars of any method you use in your travels; since your well-being is directly impacted by their actions, you can also clear the pilots, conductors, captains, and/or taxi drivers who are responsible for your travel.


I give my Guardian Angel permission to do whatever they deem appropriate to protect me while I’m traveling to (location), while I’m in (location), and on my way home from (location) in the name of Jesus Christ, and I thank thee.


I would please ask Archangel Raphael and his legions to protect me in whatever ways are deemed appropriate while I’m traveling to (location), while I’m in (location), and on my way home from (location) in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.

10.18.2013 Session Notes

Please click here for the recording of the October 18th, 2013 NACC meeting.


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This is your friendly reminder that damnations are real, they are powerful, and they can be harmful. Removing the word “damn” from your vocabulary (particularly when using God’s name) is wise.


Please click here if you have questions about Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, or any other members of God’s Spirit Community. Members of God’s Spirit Community are never bound to us; they’re simply doing their job.


If you have a friend or a loved one who has not gone into the Light, you can pray them into the Light using this formula. Remember though, if they’re not a relative then you need a close relative’s permission! This can be obtained simply by asking, “can I pray for (the person who passed)?”



  • Get rid of the word “ghost”
  • They’re the souls of people who have passed but didn’t go into the Light, and it’s our responsibility to help them into the Light using the daily lifting
  • The Bible refers to them as unclean spirits.



  • It’s essential to recognize the patterns associated with everything… There are patterns to demonic attack, spirit attachment, mental illness, etc.
  • Recognizing patterns allows you to recognize the true nature of the situation so that you can respond appropriately to the scenario at hand



  • Everything is made up of energy, and this has been scientifically proven
  • Your aura is the radiation of your energy, of your life force
  • Wind, water, our bodies, buildings, trees, and rocks all have electromagnetic energy
  • When there are mass shifts, energy can be created that is felt on a global scale
  • When there are frequencies and harmonies of energies to come, people can pick up on and recognize these pre-energies
  • Every major event has ripples of energy, both before and after the event
  • Sun storms can also affect your balance and energy
  • Large groups of people can also affect your energy



  • Everything has an aura- even trees
  • If you can truly read auras, you’ll know the true character of a person. They can’t hide what’s in their auras
  • If you ever are getting on a plane or you’re traveling with a group of people and the majority of people don’t have auras, you don’t get on the plane or in the car!
  • No aura means that death is impending
  • People with black auras are just bad. That indicates a connectedness with evil, darkness, and Satan
  • You can see where there are physical problems in the aura- there are dips or holes
  • To cleanse the aura (and remove stress from the physical body), you would add to ½ cup of iodized table salt to your bathtub (depending on the size of your tub- bigger tubs need more salt) and soak for as long as you feel necessary
    • Ladies, you can use a washcloth to “wipe away” the auric field surrounding your head and hair.



  • Your chakras are vortexes in your body; these vortexes create your aura
    • Vortexes open to release energy, and then they close
  • You have 21 chakras; 14 minor chakras and 7 major chakras
  • Your major chakras are your circuit breakers for your electrical system
    • If you get into kundalini and attempt to open and close your chakras at will, you can blow your chakras out
      • You can shut your entire nervous system down and paralyze yourself
    • You can safely cleanse and open your chakras using smoky quartz
  • They can be shut down through traumas, and cause emotional and physical problems corresponding to the affected chakra



  • Plastic blocks energy
  • With hypersensitive babies, placing a piece of saran wrap on their solar plexus (put a little water on it so that it adheres to their skin, then dress them as your normally would) will stop them from absorbing negative energies



  • Magic isn’t okay because you use spells, bindings, and conjurations to bend the will of other living creatures away from God for your own selfish purposes. You should be working in harmony with these elements.
    • You don’t need to bind other souls and creatures to yourself or anyone else.
    • You can ask the essences of plants to do healing while still allowing them to be free
  • Both white and black magic involve bending the free will of other beings away from God, and that’s not okay
    • White magic is for the healing and benefit of others, but you can heal and benefit others without bending free will
    • Black magic is because it’s for selfishness and manipulation. This is way wrong.


Bubbles and Tactics

  • Bubbles are great tools
    • Subdued golden bubbles are useful for protection and “invisibility”
    • Pink bubbles and eggs are useful to calm people down
  • Time manipulation is a wonderful tool as well. It’s great for long trips because you can knock hours off your trips.
    • To slow down time, you hold the first two fingers on your dominant hand up, point them to the sky, and twirl them counterclockwise three times
    • To speed time up, you hold the first two fingers of your dominant hand up, point them to the sky, and twirl them clockwise three times


Flower Essences

  • John’s Shield protects you from negative energies
    • You apply the oil directly to your solar plexus.
  • Dandelion oil applied directly to the neck and shoulders removes stress


Spiritual Airports

  • Things can appear out of nowhere, or drop from the ceiling
  • Things can “poof” into and out of existence
    • If things “poof” out of existence, you can command it back in the name of Jesus
      • I command (whatever is gone) back in the name of Jesus Christ.


Lost & Found

  • If you’ve recently lost/misplaced something, fret not!
  • You can ask your Guardian Angel to please help you locate whatever is missing or help you find whatever is missing. You should get results in about 30 minutes. Remember to say thank you when you find it!


Carol’s Favorite Ability

  • Carol loves tapping into ancient ruins to learn about previous cultures, civilizations, etc.
  • Macchu Picchu was her favorite place until it became a monopolized “tourist trap”
    • What was once affordable is not around $1500USD a night

10.17.2014 Session Notes

For the accompanying audio for the October 17th, 2014 NACC meeting, please click here.


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  • For a lot of the prayer formulas, you have to build authority
  • The daily lifting is the best way to build your authority
    • You have to get someone’s permission to say the Lifting for them
      • If you say it every day for someone else, it’ll only work for about two months. At that point, they have to take responsibility for themselves and say it themselves.
      • You can say it over your spouse for longer periods of time, because any attachments could affect you. Be sure to get their permission once a year so that it remains effective.
  • Having spiritual knowledge also builds authority
    • The more you know, the better you can help others
    • Carol gives us spiritual knowledge, but we have to work hard still!
  • Living a spiritual life builds authority
    • Have integrity and you do the very best you can with what you have
      • Don’t try to fix people – it’s a guaranteed trap
    • You don’t lie, cheat, steal, or do mean things
    • Authority makes a huge difference when saying the soul cleansing prayer
      • Without authority, you can only help institute and seal their soul into their body
      • With authority, you can ask the Band to take them into the Light and cleansed and then institute and seal their soul into their body
  • With authority, you earn the ability to do more and call upon more of God’s Spirit Community
    • Band of Mercy deals primarily with souls, but in extreme emergencies, they can take care of pretty much anything
    • Archangel Michael deals with the demonic
      • If you’re dealing with demonic possession, then it is best to do commanding, binding and blessing, and/or the house cleansing and blessing between 12 noon and 3:00 PM
        • Christ passed at 3 PM on the cross, and this is why the demonic is weakest at that hour
      • The weeks before and after Halloween are particularly active with the demon, as humans have given the demonic free reign during this time
        • Keep your Halloween festivities light-hearted, and you’ll be fine
        • Don’t play in cemeteries, or call upon the dead!
          • There’s a lot of confusion and anger in the spirits there (Part one, 21:30–24:00)
          • If you go to a cemetery, say the Lifting afterwards
          • You could say “Those of you who have found yourself alive without your body, God wants you to come home. Look for the bright white light.” Then, ask for the Band of Mercy to show them the Light and assist anyone who wants their help


  • 200 mg of selenium per day can offer protection against the Ebola virus


Dream States

  • We are weakened, on a soul level, in dream state because we’re not aware
  • We work through our psychological “junk” in dream state, and we don’t necessarily remember them
    • Alcoholics who drink heavily and pass out will develop shakiness and hallucinations because they’re in a waking dream state. They don’t go into dream state while asleep, so their brains figure out a way to make it happen.
  • It’s okay not to remember our dreams, but if we do remember them, we need to pay attention to them
    • There’s probably a good meaning for you
  • The dark side is notorious for taking advantage of dream state.
    • They will vex you as you’re going in and out of dream state
    • They can attack you in dream state
      • Seeing demons, pigs, black snakes, vampires, black hooded figures
      • If this happens, you need to learn how to command in dream state
        • “I command you to leave now in the name of Jesus Christ”
      • Prep yourself. Tell yourself “if I have a demonic dream, then I’ll command them out in the name of Jesus Christ”
      • It’s a test. Your guides are allowing you to be tested so that you’ll grow
    • The dark side are great teachers, however, as they show you your weaknesses
      • Tell them thank you!
  • Spirit can also come to us in dream state
    • Relatives can come visit
      • If they’ve gone into the Light
        • Sometimes it will be in a grey area, where you’re allowed to touch and talk
        • Sometimes it’ll be in a country area
        • They’ll look healthy, younger, and they’ll glow. They’ll look good.
      • If they haven’t gone into the Light, they’ll be in a really bad condition
        • The look terrible, they’re still sick, they’ll ask for help, and you don’t feel right about them
      • People can come ask for help
  • Prophetic dreams
    • Usually occur in groups of three, at least two
    • It’s a warning, and you can change it
      • You can change how they die if they show you how someone dies. Warn them not to get into that specific situation
      • You can’t change it if it’s a funeral or after a funeral. They’re preparing you for that person’s passing. If this happens, it’s best to say these prayers to help aid you and the person who is going to be in transition

8.1.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the August 1st, 2014 NACC meeting.


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Ghosts are human souls, stuck in the Outer Darkness. Say the Daily Lifting and get them back to God.



  • You do not have to have the gift of healing to be able to use the healing formulas
    • The more authority you develop, the more healing capabilities you will have
      • Having spiritual authority means that you build a reputation with God’s Spirit Community and this reputation allows them to do what you ask them to do. It demonstrates that you are serious and sincere, which makes them more willing to do what you ask and need them to do.
      • You develop authority by doing the Daily Lifting on a daily basis
        • The Spirit Community recognizes who you are, that you want to learn and grow and evolve, and that you’re willing to put in the time and energy
        • God’s Spirit Community knows they can trust you, and that you will listen
      • We can all assist in performing miracles through these formulas and the power of God
  • When you use the formulas, you do not do the healing.
    • God does the healing
    • Think of yourself as tools in the hands of God
  • When using the healing prayer:
    • Stay 100% focused on the words, on the healing, on what you’re doing so that you don’t go into a negative or self-doubting state of mind
  • To hear about Carol’s first experience with healing, listen to part one of the recording from 3:00-6:00.


Prayer Formulas

  • Carol’s Guides gave her prayer formulas, and these most be done in a specific way for them to be effective
  • A formula is “a fixed form of words, when used in a specific context”
  • When used exactly, it works.
  • The Daily Lifting and the Basic Healing Formula are formulas
    • See the Names of God for information about the names called upon in the Daily Lifting
    • Why Protected Sanctuary?
      • It allows beings to be redeemed back to God
      • You have to give them at least two options, so they can exercise their free will. You can narrow their choices, but they have to be able to choose.
    • When in doubt, then say “if it’s deemed appropriate”


We’re never alone!

  • 3 spirit guides, 1 guardian angel, and countless members of God’s Spirit Community are with you
    • Carol’s guardian angel is a black man who appeared in a suit
  • Plus you have attachments and past life attachments to contend with
  • And you’re wading through the energy of the Earth and everyone around you



  • Provided that we are born from the Light, we choose our parents, our spouses, our lessons… Nothing is a curse, they are lessons
  • You chose these lessons to overcome them, grow, evolve, and be better than them
    • We sometimes choose our family as a means of overcoming them and their negativity
  • Don’t worry about being them or making the same mistakes as them.
  • We’re all dysfunctional or we wouldn’t be here!
  • The purpose on Earth is to become the best that we can be, and our highest potential!
  • If there is a lesson, you will always be given your lessons
  • We’re not supposed to sacrifice ourselves to help others
    • You can’t fix another human being



  • Everyone and all living things have an aura!
    • The white line above trees? That’s their aura!
  • There’s a lot of misinformation about auras, but the color chart has information straight from source.


Shaddais (35:00 to 50:00)

  • Six-pointed star, consisting of a right side up triangle placed on top of a downward facing triangle within a circle
    • There is no weaving of the triangles, like with the Star of David
    • Don’t wear a Shaddai with the downward facing triangle outward, as this is inviting a demonic attack
  • Means “God over Satan”
  • Can be drawn on a piece of paper, tattooed, silver… Any medium is effective with the Shaddai. It is the shape that conveys the protection.
    • If you wear a silver Shaddai and go under demonic attack, then the upside-down triangle will turn black.
      • Ask the Band of Mercy to place a silver egg around yourself if this happens
      • Ask Archangel Michael and his legions for assistance, as well.
    • Offers protection against negative universal entities


The Demonic (18:00-23:00, 45:00-50:00)

  • There are three steps to demonic attack
    • Oppression, obsession, and possession
    • Say the lifting, put your mind in a better place, and remind yourself that you’re a child of God
  • The Demonic are cockroaches, Christ is Raid
    • Take your authority through Christ and God
    • The Demonic are less than peons compared to God
  • Don’t be afraid, because they will prey on your fears
  • They can attach to souls, but humans cannot attach to demons
    • The demonic can bring forth human spirits to mess with you
    • With these
  • They’re not unaware, they choose to ignore truth
  • For protection against the demonic, pentagrams and crosses are best.
  • This is your friendly reminder to NEVER challenge the demonic.
    • We’re not physically their equals
    • Command them away in the name of Jesus Christ, but do not engage them
  • Signs of a Demonic Attack
    • Three knocks on walls and ceilings
    • Three scratches
    • Oppression
    • Smelling sulfur, moldy earth, rotting flesh
    • Flashing lights
    • Moving furniture
    • Electronics turning off and on
    • Vexations
  • Can appear as a:
    • Burned man in overalls and a plaid shirt
    • Black shadow with red eyes
    • Black mist
    • Red glowing ball


Bound Spirits

  • There are Earthbound spirits who messed with the demonic, who got into dark magic, or who sold their souls and got themselves bound to the demonic
  • The Band of Mercy can’t remove them because they’re bound to the demonic, Archangel Michael can’t do anything because they’re not demons
  • You have to call upon the Glory Band of Mercy to remove them.
    • Human souls who were once servants of Satan, who were redeemed back to God, and who have chosen to become a member of the Glory Band
    • I would please ask the Glory Band of Mercy to remove whatever spirits they have domain over now that are attached to, affecting, or influencing myself, my family, my pets, my home, my property, and all that I have domain over now, and either place them in appropriate protected sanctuary or do whatever they deem necessary with them in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.



  • People believe (mistakenly) that they own property
    • We own nothing, not even our bodies
  • People, and groups of people, can attach to property that they believe they own
  • People can also affect ley lines and vortexes to manipulate them, and allow negative entities to flow through them
    • Everything has vortexes, even your body! (link to chakras)


State of Mind is KEY!

  • It’s your responsibility to put yourself in a better state of mind
  • You psych yourself up, give yourself a little pep talk, and carry on with your business!



  • Everything that is not human has a deva
    • Stones, rocks, trees, animals
  • They’re nature spirits
  • If you go digging for crystals, ask the Legion of Pan to send the deva of crystals to help you find crystals

7.18.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the July 18th, 2014 NACC meeting.

Please click here for a PDF version

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s” Mark 12:17

  • God doesn’t require a religion or a church
  • God is in everything, and is everywhere
  • God is most forgiving and understanding
  • God loves each and every one of us unconditionally.
  • Most manmade laws and punishments are just that- manmade. They’re not God’s.
    • We’re our own worst enemies and judges
  • Give man what is man’s (judgment, punishment, cruelty) and give to God what is God’s (unconditional acceptance and love)



  • When you pray for things like strength, courage, and wisdom, you’re given tests to develop these characteristics. This is the hard route… Don’t take the hard route!
    • Instead of praying for that characteristic, ask for the Divine Spirits of that characteristic to be with you and work with you and aid you in whatever ways are deemed appropriate in the name of Jesus Christ (don’t forget to say please and thank you!)
      • There’s a Divine Spirit of everything… Prosperity, anger management. Think spiritual, mental, emotional growth. Divine Spirits are angelic.
      • There are also Guides of mechanics, arts… Think the tangible things. These are human masters of certain areas.
  • The information Carol gives us is a loophole
    • The Daily Lifting is a huge loophole that was 30 years in the making.




  • Suicides, even medically assisted suicides, are considered self-murder. These break spiritual law and cause you to be bound to the Earth plane for a specific period of time (usually until it is your natural time to go). Suicides can be prayed into the Light with the Formula.
  • “Pulling the plug” and refusing medical treatment don’t equate to suicide. This equates to letting nature take its course and doesn’t break any spiritual law.
  • Putting animals down doesn’t break spiritual law… It’s different.


Spiritual Marriage

  • A coming together of two souls through love, for the common good of each other
  • Carol is a licensed minister and can marry people legally and spiritually.
  • You can be spiritually married without being legally married
  • Parting because you no longer love each other equates to spiritual divorce.
  • You have had numerous husbands and wives throughout your lifetimes
    • These are the people you meet and have that instantaneous “spark”
    • The “where have you been all my life?” “oh my goodness, who are you?” feelings are indicative of past life relationships.



  • Sin is in the intent
  • If you think it’s wrong, then it’s wrong.



  • Those who are spiritually connected and have completed their work tend to die quickly and easily. Those who are not tend to fight death.
  • When you die, you step out of your physical body (your “meat suit”) and you become who you truly are- your soul
  • Leaving your physical body doesn’t mean that you’re no longer in a physical state.
  • The soul is a material body that retains the shape and characteristics of your physical body, and it stays that way until you get a new body.
    • When you get a new body, it molds to the new body
    • The soul is material, which is why you can photograph “dead” people
    • The soul is at a higher vibration, which is why we can’t readily see them with our eyes.
      • When spirits want to become visible, they have to slow their vibration down
  • If you go into the Light, you get some perks (why it’s called Heaven!)
    • You take the clothes with you that you’re buried in, or you can appear in other garments. With cremations, you can appear in your favorite outfit from your lifetime.
    • You can appear at whatever size or age you want to be
    • Heaven is the same for all creatures
  • “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams has some great basic truths, particularly regarding suicides and levels of Hell
    • Hell is a disconnection from God
  • “Ghost” with Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze is full of great truths



  • Can take minutes (in places like India, where reincarnation is a belief system) or years
  • Length of time depends on if you go into the Light or incarnate from the Outer Darkness
    • Incarnating from the Outer Darkness means that you come in with baggage and issues.
      • You can use the Soul Cleansing Formula for help with these issues
      • Soul Cleansing is helpful with ADD, sociopathic behavior, and bipolar disorder.


  • People aren’t orbs.
  • Orbs are parasites/bugs that feed on negative energy and situations.
  • Negative parasites can attach to you and suck all of your energy and you’ll feel very drained. To get rid of them, use the following formula:
    • “I would please ask the Interdimensional/Dimensional Band of Mercy to remove all dimensional/interdimensional parasites from me now and do whatever they deem necessary with them, in the name of Shemhamfarash and in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.
    • See God’s Spirit Community for more information



  • Don’t dabble haphazardly, because it can be very dangerous to produce low-level phenomena
  • Phenomena can be useful for proving that there are no limitations, and there is a great amount of freedom in this
  • Manifesting, when done incorrectly, can bite you in the butt BIG TIME!


Should I “work through” issues?

  • You’re not in the past, or in the future. You’re in the now, and work in it.
  • Learn from your past and RELEASE IT!
  • Don’t try to “work through” all of your issues! That can causes traumas
  • You can use kinesiology to find the root of the issue, and find your blocks
    • Name the blockage, ask that it be removed from your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, dissolve and release it and return it back to God, and restore everything to the state that God originally intended thee to be, in the name of Jesus Christ.
    • You can also use Flower Essences to tweak and remove blockages.
      • Bleeding Heart is great when you can’t say “no” and when you want to “fix” other people


Israel Conflict, Summer 2014

  • Spiritually, the Jewish people are protected by God
  • These conflicts have been going on for thousands of years. It’s a pattern.
  • Israel will be fine.

2.21.2014 Session Notes

The accompanying audio for the February 21st, 2014 NACC meeting can be found here.

Please click here for a PDF version



New Age Christian Church

  • Very different from most other churches, no dogmas.
  • Carol never intended on starting a church. She was raised Baptist, but wasn’t a fan of the ideas and concepts that were taught, including “going to hell” and whether or not you acted according to church beliefs.
  • Carol’s guides told her to open a church and call it “New Age Christian Church.” She listened, and was told that it was important because, in the future, people (including Carol herself) would need the church.
  • The church bridges the gap between Christianity and New Age information
    • Carol is not “New Age” fluffy, because she deals with the Dark side
    • All love and rainbows would be lovely, but that’s not Earth, that’s Heaven
    • “Be as meek and mild as a lamb, but as wise as a serpent”
    • Don’t hand your trust out, make people earn levels and layers of your trust
      • Trust is very, very valuable
    • Be a spiritual being, but don’t become a doormat
    • Your evolvement, and being an example to others is the key. If you can help others, that’s great, but it’s not the main focus.
  • The church isn’t a bridge to religion, but rather a bridge back to God and Christ.
    • God is much kinder and more forgiving to us than we are to ourselves
  • The church provides spiritual “meat” and answers to questions that various churches don’t provide.
  • The church provides a place for individuals to spiritually grow, evolve, and learn.
    • There is an entire spirit community waiting to help you, you need only ask.
  • God doesn’t need religion, but He wants us to be spiritual human beings. Carol tries to give spiritual information to those seeking the truth.
  • Attendance isn’t taken, but the church is open to those who truly want to be there and want to learn. Most people don’t come in with “missions”, but are placed here to learn and evolve.
  • Sometimes, old information will be covered repeatedly to accommodate new learners. It’s also beneficial to hear it more than once, as you will hear it with a new ear each time. You’ll only hear it when you’re ready.
  • The money raised by NACC goes to help pay the electric and power bills for those less fortunate, or helps members of the church when it is needed.


Human Soul & Body:

  • Our physical bodies serve as vessels for us to work through lessons
    • Mistakes and bad decisions are great ways to learn lessons
    • If you notice a pattern, ask God and your Guides to give you a word to help you identify the lesson to be learned, so that you can learn it quickly, easily, and harmlessly and prevent yourself from being harmed in the future.
    • The goal is to make your lessons as short, easy, and painless as possible
    • Some lessons come from other people, some lessons come from the Dark side
      • The Dark side consists of fallen angels, who were created by God
  • Our soul is a hologram and contains every aspect of God, and inhabits every cell of the physical body. Each cell is the seat of the soul, and we are made in His image.
  • Gut feelings are soul knowledge, and we need to learn to acknowledge them as such.
  • People who are more sensitive have a brighter light/aura and have a higher vibration than those who are less sensitive
  • We often reincarnate in various different ways
    • We can be bound together with people by traumas or by emotions (love or hate)
    • If we need to learn similar lessons, we can come in as a group to learn the lessons. These will be done until everyone “gets it”
    • We come in as both genders, as different races
      • If you hate it in one life, you’ll probably be it at some point or another
  • There are two cords that connect your soul to your body: one cord is silver and one is gold. The golden cord connects into your brain center, and the silver cord connects into your solar plexus.
    • Physical death involves the severance of both cords
    • When people are in comas, their golden cord is severed. This does not indicate physical death, however.
      • Carol helped pass the Brain Dead Law in the state of Arkansas
      • When the golden cord is severed, there is no coming back.
      • People in comas are in limbo and cannot move on
  • Astral projection involves the spiritual body traveling while the physical body still remains in one place; in this case, the cords remain connected and you can re-enter your physical body.
    • One case of this astral projection was when a member of England’s parliament was too sick to go in to cast a vote, so he stayed at home. While his physical body was at home, his spiritual body went to parliament, cast his vote, and photographs were taken of this man
    • Another case exists where a man lived for several months and got married in Hawaii while his physical body was in a coma in the States. The hotel staff remembered him; you could see where he signed in, yet he remembered nothing.
  • “Death” involves shedding the physical body but retaining the spiritual body, which still has physical properties. It is still material, and they still look the same as they did in their physical bodies, but different people have different densities, due to their different vibrational frequencies.
    • You have “pivotals”, or times in your life when you can choose to stay or go, that you put into place before you come into this life. If you choose to leave, you don’t break spiritual law. However, if you choose to commit suicide, you commit self-murder and break spiritual law (see below)
    • Requesting that no extreme measures are taken to prolong your life DOES NOT constitute suicide, and it is well within your spiritual rights to put these into place. This is allowing nature to take its course.
    • When you “die”, you’re shown a bright white light. You can choose to go into this Light and enter Heaven, or you can choose to stay in the Outer Darkness. You can reincarnate from both the Light and the Outer Darkness, but it is advantageous to incarnate from the Light as you get to plan your family, your tests, your trials, and your lessons.



  • Animals are nature spirits and are capable of large amounts of empathy
  • Unless animals are bound, then they will automatically go into the Light upon death
  • “Putting an animal down” does not constitute murder and doesn’t impede their spiritual journey in any way
  • If for some reason you feel that an animal is stuck, you can ask the Legion of Pan to assist them into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary using the same basic prayer formula as when you would call upon the Band of Mercy



  • These are real things and have real repercussions!
  • Damning yourself, damning others can cause great harm. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it.
  • Words have power, and not knowing is not an acceptable excuse for avoiding repercussions.
  • If you feel that someone has damned you, the following formula is appropriate to use (speak the bolded words aloud, and use the parenthetical portions as directions):
    • Energy and consciousness of damnations that have been sent to me, I call thee forth now through the power of Jesus Christ, come forth. Energy and consciousness of damnations that have been sent to me, I call thee forth now through the power of Jesus Christ, come forth. Damnation, I now release thee and unbind thee (with palms facing inwards towards yourself, cross your hands and uncross them), turn thee from negative to positive, dissolve and disperse thee and return thee back to God through the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Damnation, I now release thee and unbind thee (with palms facing inwards towards yourself, cross your hands and uncross them), turn thee from negative to positive, dissolve and disperse thee and return thee back to God through the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ.



  • Tarot cards have been around for centuries that were used for divination
    • These are tools to unlock your souls’ information.
    • They can foretell events, explain why events happen, their purpose, etc. for a period of about two weeks
    • Keep these simple, and don’t do daily readings for yourself because the Dark side can manipulate your cards.
    • If you do a reading for someone else, only let them shuffle the cards. Do not let them handle your cards otherwise; keep your energy exclusive to your tool
  • Pendulums perform in a similar way to give you information.
    • They bring the knowledge from the soul into a material thing.
    • YOU make the pendulum swing, not some external force (unless the Dark side interferes)
    • Program your pendulum, and keep your energy exclusive to your pendulum- don’t let others play with it.
    • Since this is outside of the self, you must put protection into place to prevent the Dark side from interfering
    • To clear negative energy, place it in Iodized table salt and water
  • Salt water is also useful for clearing negative energies pertaining to antiques, and the lifting will remove any spirits attached to any secondhand purchases. Mirrors can be portals, but you can ask the Band of Mercy to close any portals and remove anything that has come through it and place them in appropriate protected sanctuary or do whatever the Band deems necessary with them (with your niceties).


The Lifting

  • Band of Mercy
    • Made up of souls who have been Earthbound who have donated their time and energy on the other side to help those who are Earthbound
    • Upon prayer or request in the name of Jesus Christ, they will take people who are stuck into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary, as is deemed appropriate. They bring loved ones forth to help the Earthbound soul
    • You must never demand help from the Band of Mercy. Always politely ask for help.
    • If they are taken into protected sanctuary, they will eventually move into the Light. Protected sanctuary is in the Light, but serves as a spiritual halfway house for those who can’t quite cope with the concept of being out of their physical body (AKA “dead”), those who thought they were going to Hell, or those who didn’t believe in an “afterlife”
    • You only have the spiritual authority to ask for the Band to remove spirits that are attached to, affecting, or influencing you; are on your property; or that you are related to. You have the authority to ask the Band to offer help to other spirits, but it is their right to decide whether or not to accept the help.
    • It is important to always ask the Band to either take them into protected sanctuary or directly into the Light. By doing so, you ensure that they have the free will to choose which option they take. You must always give them the option to choose, but you can narrow their options down when you have the spiritual authority to do so.
    • People who commit suicide are particularly prone to becoming Earthbound, because they break spiritual law and commit self-murder, which we do not have the right to do.
      • The repercussion for breaking this spiritual law is that you become Earthbound, generally to the place were you died.
      • With suicides, there is heavy mourning and surviving family members generally feel that their family members are not well and are not safe (because they’re not well and not safe).
      • People who commit suicide will show up in dreams of loved ones asking for help, and generally don’t look okay.
      • In this scenario, a family member or very close loved one (if no family is available) would use the following prayer formula:
        • I would please ask the Band of Mercy to take (insert the person’s name and full address here) into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary, as is deemed appropriate, in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.
      • How do you know they got into the Light? Visits stop, weird things in the house stop, dreams happen where the person looks young, happy, and healthy.
    • The Band of Mercy helps redeem souls back to God by physically removing them from the outer darkness and placing them into the Light or into protected sanctuary.
      • Living humans occupy the 1st-3rd dimensions
      • The outer darkness (where Earthbound souls are trapped) is the 4th Everything in the 4th dimension is as solid as is in the 3rd dimension.
  • Archangels & Angels
    • Four major Archangels exist, and many legions of angels under the Archangels. There are also many councils of angels
      • Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel
      • Metatron is the Universal Archangel for our Universe
    • By calling upon the appropriate Archangel and/or Angel and their legions, you’re ensuring that you’re given the best possible assistance for your particular situation
  • B’Nai Or
    • The Great White Brotherhood, of which exists 70 different sects
    • They are not human and never have been, but serve as master spiritual teachers. They were Christ’s teachers
    • They have a great deal of authority, they can give you protection, and there’s a lot that they can take care of.
    • All of these groups recognize the resonance of their names and they also recognize the resonance of the names of God that provide them with authority.


Extra Resources

  • More information about the Angelics can be found in the Glossary of The Keys of Enoch, by J.J. Hurtak. However, if you’re not ready for the information, the words will appear as gibberish. When you’re ready for them, they will expand your consciousness and knowledge in a really, really cool ways.
  • Pistis Sophia is a lighter read than The Keys of Enoch, but still has wonderful information.
  • Communication with the Spirit World of God by Johannes Greber. Simple, yet very accurate information that has been verified by Carol through her spiritual work.

Floating Protected Sanctuaries

Please click here for a PDF version

If you live in an area that is particularly spiritually active (near a battle ground, water, or near a vortex), it is a good idea to put into place a floating protected sanctuary. This will take care of most of the spirits that wander onto your property. This is not a replacement for the Daily Lifting, but is to be used in conjunction with the Lifting.


I would please ask the Band of Mercy to put into place a floating protected sanctuary around myself, my home, and my property and I ask that it be perpetually cleansed, and that anything that is brought through be taken into appropriate protected sanctuary. I ask that this sanctuary be put into place for whatever amount of time is deemed appropriate through God, in the name of Jesus Christ, and thank thee.


This generally needs to be repeated once a year.

Surgery Prayers

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Anesthesia leaves us wide open spiritually, but there are times in our lives when going under general anesthesia is medically necessary. Should you find yourself or a loved one in this situation, it is wise to say the following prayers.


Make sure to get the doctor’s name, the time of the procedure, and the address (floor and room if at all possible) of where the procedure will be taking place. If you’re praying for a friend or loved one, make sure to obtain their permission (if they are unable to give permission, then the closest relative- by blood or marriage- can give permission). If they’re under 13, you’ll need to obtain a parent’s permission.


It would be wise to say the daily lifting over yourself or the patient on a daily basis while you/they are on pain medication.


I would please ask the Band of Mercy to please clear all doctors and nurses, including (doctor’s name, anesthesiologist’s name, and any other names that you have) who will be performing my (or the name of whoever you’re praying for) procedure that will be taking place at (time of procedure) at (location of procedure), and take whatever was attached to them into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.


I would please ask the Divine Spirits of Healing to be with myself (or with whomever you’re praying for) during the procedure to lessen pain and promote quick healing, and after the procedure to ensure that I (or they) heals and is whole and in the state that God originally intended thee to be. I ask this to be done in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.


I would please ask the Band of Mercy to please clear myself (or the name and location of the person you’re praying for) after the procedure of whatever might have attached to me (them), and either take them directly into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.

Names of God

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There are a total of 72 Names of God (all in Hebrew) and each name of God has legions of angels that have authority over different things. Carol was given the names directly through her work and was able to verify these names through the Keys of Enoch and the Dictionary of Angels.


The following is a partial list of the Names of God that we call upon frequently in various prayer formulas, and their meanings.


Adonai (Ad – Doe- Nye): Hebrew. “My Lord”; another name for God in the Old Testament


Adonijah (Add – Doe – Nuh – Jah): Hebrew. “Jehovah is Lord”


Ain Soph (En- Soff): Hebrew. The Boundless Substance of God”; supreme, invisible, unimaginable creator of the universe; the limitless Light


El Elohey Israel (El – El – Oh – Hay – Is – Ray-El): Hebrew. “God, God of Israel”


El-Jarr (El – Jar):Hebrew. God. Jehovah.


El Shaddai (El – Shah – Dye): Hebrew. “God Almighty”


Elohim (El – Oh – Hame): Hebrew. Derives from the female “eloh” and the male “im” for God. Has been used in parts of the Old Testament


Jehovah (Je – Ho – Vah): Hebrew. Means “the eternal One” or “Revealed Name”


Kadesh Ha-Shem (Kuh – Dish – Hah – Shem): Hebrew. “Consecrated Name”


Shaddai (Shah – Dye): Hebrew. “God Almighty”


Shamish (Shah – Mish): Akkadian. “The Shining One who Lights Up Heaven and Earth”


Shekinah (Shek – in – ah): Hebrew. Literally means “to reside”. The female manifestation of God.


Shemhamfarash (Shem – Ham – Fer – Ah – Sh): Hebrew. The Title given to the 72 names of God. This name of God has authority over all ten dimensions of the Earth plane


Yahweh (Ya – Way): Hebrew. God.

Building Your Authority

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Carol has been doing major spiritual work for over 30 years, and has built an enormous amount of spiritual authority. Having a greater amount of authority allows her to deal with higher-level entities more effectively, have greater success with healing work, among other benefits. Building spiritual authority is not an exclusive process; it is available to any and everyone who wishes to invest the time and energy needed.


A great place to start building your authority is by saying the daily lifting on a daily basis. This allows God’s Spirit Community to begin to recognize you and your efforts. Over time, they will learn that they can trust you to listen and that you are capable of handling the responsibilities associated with the knowledge.


Another way to build your authority is by setting boundaries, saying the word “no”, and building your self-worth. Carol has spoken on this many times, but she focused on this greatly in the June 20th, 2014 session.

Bound Spirits

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Spirits who are trapped in the Outer Darkness and who have become servants of Satan are referred to as bound spirits. These are human souls who messed with the demonic, who delved into dark magic, who sold their souls to the Devil or otherwise bound themselves to the demonic in their lifetimes; when they left their physical body, the dark side collected their debt.


The Daily Lifting does not remove bound spirits. The usual Band of Mercy can’t assist because they’re human souls who bound themselves to the demonic, while Archangel Michael doesn’t have authority over them because they’re not truly demons. You would need to call upon the Glory Band of Mercy to remove these souls. The Glory Band of Mercy consists of human souls who were once servants of Satan but have been redeemed back to God; they have chosen to spend their time in Heaven assisting others in similar situations as members of the Glory Band.


To call upon the Glory Band of Mercy, you would use the following prayer formula:


I would please ask the Glory Band of Mercy to remove whatever spirits they have domain over now that are attached to, affecting, or influencing myself, my mate, my family, my pets, my home and property, and all that I have domain over now, and either place them in appropriate protected sanctuary or do whatever they deem necessary with them in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.