2 thoughts on “7.18.2014 Session”

  1. If God is so loving and all accepting to each and all, why does she/he demand certain language almost everyone on the face of the Earth is unaware of…as in the potential of being “broken” if one keeps asking for “strength” and the necessity of asking the “divine spirits of” something? That does not sound like a kind and helpful and supportive God.

    1. God is a loving God. He has given us free will choice, but He has also provided help and support in the form of the Holy Spirit (our Spirit Guides).

      Communication with your Guides is communication with God. This is how Carol receives the knowledge and information- straight from source. Every single person has the capability of communicating with God through their Spirit Guides, and at one point in time that was commonplace.

      In our society, we are taught that it is appropriate to go to others for answers about God, instead of being taught that it’s appropriate to communicate with God directly for our answers. In this scenario, we are taught that we should pray for strength, instead of asking our Guides how best to go about developing the characteristic of strength.

      We all have access to the information, we need only ask for it!

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