Hand Placement for Prayers

Healing Prayers


If you are saying a healing prayer hand position is important for focusing the healing energy. When healing yourself, your palms should be slightly cupped and facing you, as demonstrated below.



When healing another person (who has given you permission to pray for them) and they are not close enough to touch, palms should be slightly cupped and facing out, away from your body. Carol demonstrates this in the image below.



When healing a subject who is close enough to touch, the right hand should be on the affected area while the left hand should be cupped, facing up and out. When healing, your body serves as a conduit for Christ’s healing energy, receiving this energy from your left hand, and sending it to the person receiving the healing through your right hand. Below, Carol demonstrates healing a shoulder injury; her left hand is receiving the healing energy and her right hand is on the affected area.





All Other Prayers


When you’re saying any other prayer than a healing prayer for someone else, then you want to cup your hands slightly and face them up and out. “Opening up” your prayer by holding your hands up and out allows for greater energetic flow between you and God. Carol demonstrates this below.



If saying the prayer for yourself, cup your hands slightly and face them inwards towards yourself, as Carol shows below.





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  1. Thank you for the prayer information znd demonstration. I have been wondering about the way my brother died years ago. Something is not right about the information our family received about his death and I want closure regarding his death. Can you help me. Thank you.

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