Communicating with your Spirit Guides

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Our Spirit Guides are the Holy Spirits that were left behind by Jesus to be our teachers and our comforters; everyone has a minimum of three guides, and they can be all male, all female, or a combination of male and female. In order to be able to distinguish your guides’ voices from your own, it is important to establish a reliable connection with your guides. They will always speak from the right side, and will give pure knowledge, pure information, and pure truth. Sometimes, with major knowledge, you’ll feel buzzed. Words carry energy and power, so it’s best to speak out loud to your guides.


When you truly want to communicate with your guides, it’s best to say the following prayer: Guides, please give me wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. I am ready to take the responsibility. I am ready to be guided. You only need to do this once in your life, but you must be ready to fully accept the responsibility of listening to, obey, and actively use the information you receive. The two best ways to communicate with your Guides involves asking for a word, and using the Bible.



A Word You Don’t Know


If you are dealing with a particular situation and you’re exhausted all of your resources available, you can ask your Guides for help. To do this, you would say:


“Guides, can you please give me a word I don’t know to look up in the dictionary that will help me with (identify the situation)? Please speak loudly and clearly so that I can hear you.”


When you do this, a word will pop into your head. It may seem familiar or it may be completely strange to you, but you need to look it up in the dictionary either way. Sometimes, the dictionary definition (you can use a Google search for dictionaries) is slightly different from the definition that we have in our minds.



The Bible


Pick up your Bible, and ask your Guides to lead you to a specific passage that will help you in whatever current situation you’re dealing with. Open your Bible at random, and begin reading whatever passage catches your eye. When you have finished reading that chapter, or when you feel that you’ve read a suitable amount, ask your Guides to help you understand what you’ve read and help you apply it to your current situation.