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Psychic information, according to the dictionary, is that “of the soul.” Kinesiology, or finger testing, is the best way of accessing your soul’s knowledge; it’s relatively foolproof and available to everyone. In order to practice kinesiology, you first connect your middle finger and thumb of both hands to form two separate circles, and then interlock these circles. You then give your soul permission to hold for the answer “no” and pull, allowing the circles to hold their connection. Next, you give your soul permission to break for the answer “yes” and pull, allowing the circles to break their connection. Right-handed people pull with their left hand, left-handers with their right. Once you’ve established this, you’re in contact with your soul. You can ask your soul questions, and it will answer through your pull; if it holds, the answer is no and if it breaks, the answer is yes. Stronger and weaker answers via finger testing equate to stronger and weaker answers of your questions.


You can also count with your finger circles. For example, if you want to know how many times you lived with a person, ask this and then pull. If it breaks the first time, then you lived one life with that person. If it holds four times and breaks on the fifth, then you lived five lives with that person. Count only in increments of one!


Once you become proficient with your finger circles, you’ll often hear a whisper just before the answer is given via kinesiology. Once you get this whisper, you can ask the whisper questions and get information directly without using your fingers.


It is of the utmost importance to keep this connection PURE. You cannot use kinesiology for questions about the future, or for anyone else. You can only use kinesiology for questions about yourself regarding the past and the present. If you want to know if something is spiritual truth, you can ask. If you want to determine allergies, or if something is good or bad for you, you can use finger testing to ask.


With an illness, you can use kinesiology to ask if it’s physical, emotional, mental/psychological, or spiritual; it can be one of these issues, two of these issues, or all of these issues. If it were an emotional or mental issue, you would then use Heal Your Body by Louise Hay to help identify the root of these issues. Once you’ve identified the root, tap the affected area twice with your two fingers. Tingles and relief should come immediately.