The Demonic

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The Dark Side, including the Demonic, consists of angels who have chosen to ignore truth and have fallen away from God. Lucifer, who was the Angel of Light, chose not to serve mankind because he felt that we were unworthy. When he turned away from God, he took 1/3 of the Angels in Heaven with him. Whenever these beings de-evolved, they became the direct opposite of what they were in the Light. Since Lucifer was the Angel of Light, he became the Demon of Darkness. An angel of love would have become a demon of lust, and an angel of creation would have become a demon of destruction. They are always around, always looking to create havoc and chaos. Their main tactic is to divide and conquer, and they love to use fear as a manipulation tool. The demonic has great worth, however; they can be our best teachers if we allow it. They show us our weaknesses, and with a little effort we can work on overcoming these weaknesses. When the demonic shows you a weakness, thank them for showing you that weakness, and tell them how appreciative you are of it.


Consider this your friendly reminder to never challenge the demonic. Humans are not physically equal to demons and you will lose that battle. Instead, find your authority through God Almighty and through Jesus Christ. The demonic are less than peons compared to Christ, and there is power in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and His blood. Consider the demonic to be cockroaches, and Christ to be raid. If you go under demonic attack, it is best to command them away by saying the following: I command you to leave me now, in the name of Jesus Christ. You can also ask Archangel Michael and his legions for assistance.


It’s important to recognize the signs of a demonic attack so that you can adequately protect yourself. The three steps of a demonic attack are oppression, obsession, and full possession. The signs that a demonic attack has begun include the following:

  • Three knocks on walls, ceilings, doors
  • Three scratches on your body
  • A general feeling of oppression
  • Smelling sulfur, moldy earth, or rotting flesh
  • Feeling extremely afraid
  • Strobing lights, or electronics that turn on and off
  • Globes/orbs of red light
  • Furniture that moves of its own accord
  • Vexations
  • If you wear a silver Shaddai and the upside-down triangle turns black, this is indicative of a demonic attack
    • Ask the Band of Mercy to place a silver, mirrored egg around you if this happens

The demonic can also appear physically as a burned man in overalls and a plaid shirt, a black shadow, a black mist, a black hooded figure with red eyes, or a red glowing ball. It’s important to note that demons aren’t human, but they can bring forth human spirits to mess with you.


While it is possible to go under a demonic attack, it is crucial to not be fearful of the demonic. They only have as much power as you give them; if you feed into the fear, then their power will grow. Christ overcame the demonic, so take your authority through Christ and command them away from you. Also, wearing a pentagram and a cross can be useful protections, and performing the house cleansing and blessing can help keep demonic activity at bay. The 91st Psalm is also a great source of strength and protection, as it is the strongest psalm in the Bible. If you feel threatened, it’s best to say the daily lifting, put your mind in a better place, and remind yourself that you’re a child of God.

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