Soul Cleansing

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As much as we wish that everyone incarnated from the Light, it is possible to incarnate from the Outer Darkness. It is also possible for the soul to not seal completely at the body at birth. The negative effects of both of these situations can be remedied by saying the following prayer once.


This prayer has been known to produce healing results with true Autism (not Asperger’s Syndrome), Bipolar Disorder, and Sociopathic behavior. It’s better to say this prayer as early as possible in a person’s life, as patterns can be ingrained into a person as they age.


I would please ask the Band of Mercy to take my soul (or the name and address of the person you’re saying the prayer for) into the Light while I am (they are) sleeping, cleanse it with Christed Light and Christed Truth, and then return it and seal it into my (their) body, as is appropriate through God, in the name of my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, and I thank thee.

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