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11.15.2013 Session Notes

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  • A ghost is a spirit, and a spirit is a human soul
  • Ghostbusting is low phenomena; it’s not good energy.
  • The spirits who often make themselves known are human souls who are stuck, and you have the responsibility of helping them
  • The issue with “ghostbusting” is that you have no idea what you’re gonna bring home with you
    • People go for the thrill of being scared like the movies, but it’s not the movies
    • It’s like bringing a Ouija board home with you
    • Human spirits will follow you home, but demonic will also follow you home too
      • There are nice humans and there are mean humans. You never know what you’re going to get!
      • The demonic will tear your world apart



  • They are not humans. Humans cannot become demonic, but humans can act demonic if they have been bound into service.



  • There’s a lot of concern over orbs because they show up in photographs
  • Orbs have been around for a very long time. They’re natural to Earth (not ET)
  • They were once called Foo Fighters
  • They can be a huge range of shapes and sizes- from tiny to the size of football fields
  • They’re NOT human souls, they’re interdimensional/dimensional parasites that help clean the Earth’s energy
  • Orbs are drawn to paranormal energy, battles, murders, so they can clean up the negative


Thought Forms

  • They appear as geometric shapes and as different bright colors
  • Negative thought forms can appear as many colors, not just red



  • Your Spirit Guides will appear as a white mist, or as white sparks of light


Nature Spirits

  • Nature spirits show up as multicolored sparks of light
  • An imp is a negative nature spirit (deva) that has fallen or has been bound into dark service. They’re demonic
    • Archangel Michael and his legions have authority over imps
    • They can be quite pesky
    • They’re always black with red eyes, and very unpleasant



  • When animals pass, they usually go directly into the light
    • Animals can be bound through cruelty and witchcraft
    • If they’re bound, you would use the following prayer:
      • I would please ask the Legion of Pan to release and unbind this animal and take them directly into the Light or into appropriate sanctuary through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ and in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.
    • They’ll stay for around 2 months, and they’ll help train your new puppy or kitten if you get one in that time frame


Spiritual Consent

  • 13 is the age of spiritual consent
  • You can no longer pray for them without their consent
  • Eventually, you praying for them will no longer work- they have to take responsibility for themselves


Iodized Table Salt

  • All negative energy is able to be cleared with iodized table salt
  • You can sprinkle salt, or put salt in water and sprinkle the water on the area
  • If you move into a new house, it’s best to perform the House Cleansing and Blessing
  • This goes back to the covenant of salt that God made with David, which stated that all items to be offered to God were to be offered with a measure of salt


Drugs and Alcohol

  • These open people up to spirit possession and demonic attack
  • You’re more susceptible to being influenced by outside forces when you use drugs and alcohol
  • Plus, if the spirit of an addict attaches to you, they get their fix and they may continue to use you to get their fix. In this situation, you could also become an addict.



  • We’re here to learn our lessons and we’re here to make mistakes
  • Make the same mistake once or twice, that’s okay. Make it more than twice? That’s just dumb.



  • The death process, when done naturally, is rather euphoric.
  • People’s aura will go in and out as they prepare to leave their physical body
  • Having your physical body die doesn’t mean you’re dead- you’re very much alive, aware, and alert. You just don’t have your meat suit.

9.5.2014 Session Notes

For the accompanying audio for the September 5th, 2014 NACC meeting, please click here.


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Ghosts and spirits are HUMAN SOULS who are stuck. Say the daily lifting and pray them into the Light.


If you have a loved one who is passing, you can do prayer work to help them through the transition


Spiritual Gifts

  • We’re all gifted in one way or another
    • Try out lots of things that you’re drawn to figure out what you’re good at and what you’re not good at
      • If you’re not good at something, don’t let it rob you of your ego and your self-esteem
  • Spiritual gifts are like muscles. You have to trust them and use them in order to make them stronger.
    • If you have information, it’s your responsibility to get it to the right people.
    • Establish reliable communication with your guides
    • If you don’t use it, you lose it
    • You can expand on gifts by going in training
    • You can also pick up gifts from past lives when you travel to foreign countries
      • It activates parts of the soul and brings it to the surface
      • If you’re drawn to specific places, then GO! There’s something there for you to help you to evolve
      • Beware of dangers, and be aware of past life attachments and past life traumas. Also be aware of spirit attachments, and be sure to say the daily lifting
  • We come in with tangible gifts. These are the obvious ones that are noticeable on the physical plane.
    • We’ve earned these and excelled in these over our past lifetime(s)
    • These put us in the right circles that we need to be in to learn and grow in this lifetime
    • You’ll have an urging feeling or a drawing to whatever your gift is
      • It can trigger at different times in your life, usually on the anniversary of when you dealt with it in your past lives
    • Being a doctor, lawyer, or an artist is a gift.
      • Attorneys, doctors, and engineers think similarly
    • The ability to cook, and work with nature are both gifts
    • Child prodigies who excel in music, art, etc. have these gifts
  • We also come in with intangible gifts. These are psychic and intuitive abilities, and people often try to hide these gifts.
    • Discernment is a HUGE gift
      • Being able to detect a person’s true agenda, intent, and purpose
      • True discernment has nothing to do with judgment
        • Discernment involves just knowing about their agenda, judgment is putting your personal feelings into it
    • People often try to talk themselves out of their gut feeling
      • If you get a bad feeling about someone, acknowledge it and act accordingly.
        • Don’t give them your trust and walk away from the situation
    • Precognition is a gift from God
      • We know things before they’re going to happen, either a dream or a gut feeling
        • It’s usually a fleeting sense
      • If you have a dream that a bad situation is happening, this is a warning that you have a choice to make. You can choose not to put yourself in the situations where the bad thing was going to happen
    • Dreams that come true are gifts in that you can use the information to change the outcomes of specific situations
      • Changing small details will change the whole outcome
      • ALWAYS trust these
      • If you have a dream where you see a friend wearing a red shirt in a white car get into a car accident, you can warn that friend not to wear the red shirt in the white car
    • Red Flags are true warnings from God
      • If you trust the red flags, you’ll stay safe. If you go against the red flags, you’ll have problems
      • You’ll hear “stop”, “no”, nausea, a gripping in your solar plexus, or other very clear warning signs
    • Pivotals
      • Times in your life that you can choose to live or choose to die.
      • You’re always warned that it’s a pivotal
    • It’s a gift to be a student and it’s a gift to be a teacher
    • Being able to see spirits is a gift, but this doesn’t make you a medium


The Soul

  • We are the hologram of everything that we have been, everything that we are, and of God
  • All knowledge and all memory is within us, we just have to trigger it
  • “The Ghost Inside My Child” on television shows proof to the world that the soul is eternal



  • There are two types of anger, righteous anger and emotional based anger
  • Righteous anger is justified
    • Comes from the heart chakra up, and it comes on strong
    • If it comes with strength, it’s correct
    • It comes from “this is wrong”
    • You can trust this
  • Emotional-based anger is an overreaction that isn’t justified
    • It makes you shaky and makes you want to cry
    • You’ve had a button pushed, don’t give into this and don’t trust this
    • If it comes with emotion, it’s incorrect
    • A trigger from your childhood could be causing you to overreact now


Clearing Energy

  • Sage will help clear negative energies, but iodized table salt (can be mixed with water) will clear it better
  • Sage isn’t effective for the demonic, but iodized table salt is effective
    • Sandalwood is effective against the demonic
  • If you live near a battleground or a particularly spiritually active area, you can put into place a floating protected sanctuary



  • Exists in many levels
    • Each level is a different vibration
  • When you die, you’re trapped in that time level
    • If you die with a lot of other people, then you will all be on that same level
    • If you don’t die at the same time as others, you will be by yourself
  • There’s not a limit to the amount of time levels that can exist in one place
  • Leveling and rebuilding in the same location is dangerous because the older energy of a place can carry over into the new time level
    • Cairo, Rome, Atlanta (Georgia) have all done this


ISIS and Terror Groups

  • There are always lessons to be learned, and there has always been violence on the Earth plane
  • You can do prayer work to help with the situations
    • Ask for Divine Spirits of Justice to intercede on behalf of our country, if it is deemed appropriate
    • You can pray for the awareness and redemption of the people committing the acts of terror



  • If someone says “pray for me”, that gives you permission to do what you need to do
  • If a person in unable to give consent and a family member gives you permission to pray for them, then that gives you permission to do prayer work for them


Going through a Surgery

  • Get the Doctor’s name, where the surgery will be taking place (the address, floor, and room of the hospital), and the time of the surgery.
    • Ask the Band of Mercy to clear all doctors and nurses performing the surgery
    • Ask the Divine Spirits of Healing to be there to lessen pain and promote quick healing
    • Divine Spirits of Healing afterwards to assure that the person heals and is whole, and in the state that God intended thee to be
    • Ask the Band of Mercy to clear the person of whatever might have attached to them



  • There are devas of everything
  • If you pray to the Legion of Pan for help from devas, the prayer is effective for 24 hours.
    • I would please ask the Legion of Pan to ask the deva of ___ to do whatever they need to do to protect my house and family in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.

4.4.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the April 4th, 2014 NACC meeting.

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Q & A Session

  • When you’re in the Light planning your next life out, who all is involved in the planning process? Do your guides help, does your guardian angel help, or is it strictly you and God?
    • Your guides are assigned to you based on the lessons you choose and how evolved you already are. The higher evolved you are, the higher evolved your guides are
    • You have a choice in the lessons you want to learn, the people and situations you want to interact with, whether you’re male or female, and the area you’re born into.
    • You can come in with certain illnesses and diseases to be a sacrifice to be the teacher for people around you
  • Why is it advantageous to incarnate from the Light vs. the Outer Darkness?
    • In the Outer Darkness, you don’t have a “heads up” about your lessons and you have a lot of emotional baggage, traumas, etc. that you bring in to the new life
      • Hatreds, fears, actions can lock you into certain characteristics and situations in your next lifetime
        • Anti-Semites will often reincarnate as Jews, KKK members as Black individuals, etc. as a lesson
        • It allows you to see the flip-side of an error on the soul level
      • Incarnating from the Light allows you to shed a lot of the traumas and baggage, and gives you a sneak peek at what you’ll be encountering
  • What is karma?
    • Karma is unlearned lessons
    • If you’re judgmental and judge others, you will in turn be judged
    • It’s not a punishment, it’s a lesson
  • What is your soul?
    • Your soul is the absolute, eternal, immortal you that resides within every cell of the physical body
      • This brings up issues with organ transplants… Kidneys aren’t as much of an issue, but the heart and the liver present major issues. The soul can stay with the heart of the person, as the heart never truly stops with organ donors and the soul isn’t given the opportunity to leave the body. The liver is the seat of anger, and the soul of the deceased can transfer into the recipient.
        • Your gold cord connects your soul to your body via the heart
        • You ask that the deceased, along with the negative residue, be taken into the Light or in appropriate protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus Christ (with the pleases/thank you’s)
      • Everywhere you go, you leave little pieces of yourself behind, trails of energy
        • You can leave energy from past lives in places, and stumbling upon this energy reactivates soul memory
        • Death energy can be particularly dangerous. You can relive the energy and it can cause extreme illness or death.
      • Your soul has a depth of consciousness that you’re not necessarily consciously aware of… We’ve been around since the beginning of time and we carry a gigantic amount of soul memory with us everywhere we go
  • Is distance an issue with formula/prayers?
    • As long as you have a full name and address, then the prayers will work anywhere in the world.
    • With healing prayers, the catch is that the person must want to be healed.
      • Free will is the issue
      • Healing is unbelievably complex
  • Do you (Carol) every feel the need to prove your abilities? Do people often try to prove themselves to you? What about the psychics doing big-name, high-dollar tours and TV shows?
    • “I never worry about proving myself… I, honest to God, don’t care. Do I care [about other people proving their abilities]? Not especially. It’s for their benefit, not mine” – Carol
    • She does her best to try to help people with their abilities, because that’s part of her job in this lifetime
    • “I think any true psychic would never, ever go in competition. We’re not here about ego. This isn’t about ego, it’s about how you can help people, the earth, the community, that sort of thing. God. You’re working through God.” – Carol
    • As for the big-name psychics, Carol says “good for them”
    • “I do the work, and it is what it is… If you choose, I can help you… Not necessarily being ‘psychic’, but knowing how to use God’s spirit community to help yourself and those around you… Anyone who wants it can have it.” – Carol
  • How do you define God’s spirit community?
    • On Earth:
      • 4 major Archangels, with legions under each
        • The legions are organized like the military with leaders, generals, etc.
      • There are Divine Spirits who deal with medical, emotional, spiritual, psychological needs. There are Divine Spirits of everything that man has put into place, laws, emotions, etc.
        • Divine Spirits of Justice, Comfort, Patience, Humility
      • Devas are nature spirits who protect plants, animals, etc. like our Guardian Angel protects us
        • We’ve been given the authority to name things on this planet and create laws on this planet that will be recognized by God’s spirit community.
          • For example, once we name a specific plant, then Devas of that named plant will be with all plants of that type. IE: once we identify a magnolia tree, then Devas of Magnolia Trees will be assigned to all magnolia trees to protect them.
          • Unnamed plants will be protected by general nature spirits
        • Highly evolved humans can be masters of certain things while on the other side. These souls have donated their time in the Light for the greater good.
          • Masters of mechanics, psychology, crocheting, etc.
  • Does divorce go against God?
      • “I don’t think that God made the laws for marriages… The laws have been quite different [throughout history], with David and Solomon and all of the wives…” – Carol
      • If you’re married to someone who causes you [illness, disease, etc.], it’s not “against God” to divorce them.
  • Is there an increased level of violence in the US nowadays?
    • No, it’s more of an increased media attention
    • There have been horrors everywhere, throughout all of history. There’s just greater access to the information and statistics than ever before.
    • This is a place of turmoil, lessons… It’s NOT heaven
  • What about Chip Coffey, who works with children with psychic abilities?
    • There’s too much showmanship
    • He doesn’t handle them 100% wrong, but he handles them wrong
      • There shouldn’t be fear involved.
    • There’s a lack of knowledge about how to properly protect themselves
      • Sage isn’t gonna do a thing for demonic, negative entities
      • Unless you’ve proven that the information works, do not rely on it fully
        • Ideas, theories, and opinions should all be taken with a grain of salt until proven effective.
        • Salt for demonic possessions and the power of the lifting are all things that have been proven across many people and many situations to be valid, useful, and truthful.
  • Who are the seven Sons of God?
    • Jesus, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, Metatron

Making Holy Water

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To make holy water, first add five pinches of iodized salt to four ounces of water and bless the water in the following manner. Hold your right hand over the salt water and place your left hand on top of your right hand. Envision the White Light of Christ coming from above, flowing through both of your hands, and empowering the water as you say:

I purify, sanctify and make holy this water, and empower this Holy Water against all evil and all negativity in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and in the name of Jesus Christ.

Unblocking Chakras

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Your chakras can become blocked for a variety of reasons, and it can be helpful to unblock them. Having unblocked chakras promotes overall health and wellness, and helps bring you back into balance. Your chakras are energy vortices that serve as the electrical “circuit breakers” of your body, and extend through both the front and back of your body. You can unblock your own chakras, by laying on your back and moving the smoky quartz along the front of your body, from chakra to chakra. You can unblock someone else’s chakras by having them lay facedown on a comfortable surface and moving the smoky quartz up the spine, from chakra to chakra.


It’s a good idea to soak your smoky quartz in salt water for 24 hours before you use it on yourself or anyone else. It is a common misbelief that sunlight or moonlight will cleanse your stones, but only salt will do this.


For yourself:

  • Lie down on your back
  • Place the smoky quartz on your Root Chakra (located on the pelvic bone)
  • If the chakra is blocked, then the stone will feel heavy. When the chakra is unblocked, it will move easily. If the chakras are really blocked, then it can take awhile for the stone to move. It’s important not to move on before the chakra is ready, so be patient with this!
  • Once the stone moves easily, slide it up to your Sacral Chakra (located 2 inches below your belly button)
  • Once the stone moves easily, slide it up to your Solar Plexus Chakra (located where you feel your gut feelings, above the naval region but below the chest)
  • Once the stone moves easily, slide it up to your Heart Chakra (located at the middle of the chest)
  • Once the stone moves easily, slide it up to your Throat Chakra (located on your throat)
  • Once the stone moves easily, slide it up to your Third Eye Chakra (located in the middle of your forehead)
  • Once the stone moves easily, slide it up to your Crown Chakra (located at the top of your head)
  • When the stone no longer feels heavy, then you should lift the stone up and away from your body
  • Be careful, and avoid getting up too quickly. This can make you extremely weak and dizzy, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!


For others:

  • Bring the other person to lie face-down on a comfortable surface
  • Place the smoky quartz on their Root Chakra (located on the tailbone)
  • If the chakra is blocked, then the stone will feel heavy. When the chakra is unblocked, it will move easily. If the chakras are really blocked, then it can take awhile for the stone to move. It’s important not to move on before the chakra is ready, so be patient with this!
  • Once the stone moves easily, slide it up to their Sacral Chakra (located in the small of their back)
  • Once the stone moves easily, slide it up to their Solar Plexus Chakra (located in the middle of the spine, right below the bra line)
  • Once the stone moves easily, slide it up to their Heart Chakra (located between the shoulders)
  • Once the stone moves easily, slide it up to their Throat Chakra (located on the back of the neck)
  • Once the stone moves easily, slide it up to their Third Eye Chakra (located at the base of the skull)
  • Once the stone moves easily, slide it up to their Crown Chakra (located at the top of their head)
  • When the stone no longer feels heavy, then you should lift the stone up and away from their body
  • They should be careful, and avoid getting up too quickly. This can make them extremely weak and dizzy, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Programming Crystals

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In the mid-1980s, Carol was trained in crystal programming by well-known scientist Marcel Vogel, who copyrighted the process and results of crystal programming. In the many years Carol has worked with crystals, she has taught many about the numerous things that quartz crystals can be programmed to do, and the process that anyone can follow to program their crystals. They have a lattice shape, and thus can hold an extensive amount of information. They can magnify energy (both positive and negative, so be sure to specify only positive), draw pain out of an area, bring healing to an area, store information, etc. It is important to note that only single pieces of crystal can be programmed, clusters cannot.


Before you program your crystals, it’s important to cleanse the crystals of any residue or negativity. To do this, combine iodized table salt and water in a bowl large enough for the crystal to be completely submerged. Leave your crystals to soak at least 24 hours, or longer if desired.


To program the crystal, hold your stone in your right hand. While holding the stone, visualize God’s pure love filling your body as you breathe in deeply. Once your lungs are full, bring the intention of your programming to the front of your mind. Whether it be healing, magnifying positive energy, or storing information, concentrate fully on this intention and exhale sharply through your nose. Your crystal is now programmed!


Please click here for a PDF version


  • When worn as a solid band around the middle finger of the left hand, or as a bracelet worn bead-to-bead around the left wrist, carnelian protects you from losing your energy to people who drain you (psychic vampires).
  • Carol calls this her “Wal-Mart” bracelet, as it allows sensitive people to go out in crowds without feeling drained and exhausted after.
  • When worn with obsidian, it creates a synergy that is a stronger protection against energy loss


The Cross

  • Must be silver, wooden, or iron
    • Silver, due to the thirty pieces of silver given to Judas to betray Jesus
    • Wooden, due to the wooden cross Jesus was crucified on
      • Can even be made out of popsicle sticks
    • Iron, due to the nails that affixed Jesus to the Cross
  • The Cross symbolizes Jesus’ defeat of Hell, Satan, and the demonic and thus provides protection from the demonic


Pentagram (5-sided star)

  • This is not a symbol of the occult; witches wear them for protection. The pentagram predates witchcraft.
    • It is imperative that it is worn with one point up and two points down, as this represents God over Satan.
    • Wearing it with two points up and one point down represents Satan over God, and is equivalent to wearing a cross upside down.
  • The pentagram was given to King Solomon by Archangel Raphael to give him absolute authority over the demonic. This symbol predates Jesus and the cross, so it offers similar protection.
  • Wearing the pentagram (must be silver) with a cross offers extra protection against the demonic.


Salt Baths

  • ½ cup of iodized table salt in bath water
  • Soak for as long as you feel is needed, and dunk your head under at least once
    • Ladies, feel free to use a washcloth around your head to avoid getting your hair wet. Just be sure that you cover all of your head.
  • Not only will the salt bath cleanse your aura and help you de-stress and relax, it will provide protection against the demonic.
    • Can be useful if your dreams feel particularly dark.
  • If you experience demonic attacks while in dream state, you MUST command them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. You’ll find yourself able to do so in dream state, but it can be useful to prepare yourself before bed by saying “if I have a demonic dream, I will command it out in the name of Jesus Christ.”



  • Six-pointed star, consisting of a right side up triangle placed on top of a downward facing triangle.
    • Don’t wear a Shaddai with the downward facing triangle outward, as this is inviting a demonic attack
  • Can be drawn on a piece of paper, tattooed, silver… Any medium is effective with the Shaddai. It is the shape that conveys the protection.
  • Offers protection against negative universal entities.



Carol’s Tips


If you are having trouble with acne, it can be helpful to take 50 mg of zinc daily.


In Carol’s experience, she has found that arthritis usually has psychological roots in guilt and resentment.


If you have trouble with cysts, particularly ovarian cysts, taking burdock root can be helpful.


Taking DHEA (Carol highly recommends Ladies’ Choice brand) can help ease all symptoms of menopause.



If you suffer from migraines, Fever Few and vitamin B2 can be particularly helpful in reducing the frequency and severity of your migraines. Also, be sure to consult Heal Your Body by Louis Hay to ensure that you’re addressing the root of the issue.



Selenium (the amount from eating 6 Brazil nuts each day, or from a supplement) has been shown by scientific studies to offer protection against Ebola.



Pouring ½ cup of iodized table salt into your bath water and soaking will cleanse your energy field, reduce stress, and help you relax.