Services Offered

The Carol Pate Psychic Center offers a wide variety of services to aid you in your spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional learning and well-being.


The Center offers a carefully selected array of self-help, herbal, spiritual and metaphysical books, of which Carol has chosen a few as her favorites. You can also find a wonderful selection of unusual jewelry and unique gifts for any occasion.


We have the only BETAR room in the state of Arkansas and also offer dry hydrotherapy.


Several times throughout the year we have a guest chiropractor come to the Center and offer adjustments and healings to our clientele.


Carol stays busy doing private readings and offering various workshops throughout the year. Twice a month, she leads the New Age Christian Church meetings, which we provide audio recordings and notes for. She also has worked numerous missing persons and murder cases throughout the years, and has traveled worldwide for her work.

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