The term hydrotherapy, by definition, refers to the use of water in the treatment of disease or trauma. We utilize a dry hydrotherapy table at the Center, which allows the patient to remain fully clothed yet still receive all of the benefits that hydrotherapy has to offer. The patient lies back, completely clothed, on the surface of the table. Just under the surface is a mattress filled with heated water. A Jacuzzi® pump propels the water toward the patient through three patented hydro-jets, which massage the patient by spinning at more than 200 revolutions per minute. A primary wave and a lighter secondary wave combine to produce a very effective deep tissue massage to muscular tissue, connective tissue, and the circulatory and lymphatic systems of the body simultaneously. The therapy can be applied to nearly every part of the body simply by changing the patient’s position on the table.


Water is extremely buoyant, so there is minimal strain on the body and the patient is able to fully relax and receive the treatment. The heat that is conducted through the water into the skin, muscles, and soft tissues of the body increases circulation and metabolism, and has a sedative effect. The increased circulation provided by the heat and massage may aid in the body’s ability to heal itself.


The major benefits of dry hydrotherapy are as follows: relaxation of capillaries and other soft tissues; relief of pain and muscle spasm; increased circulatory and metabolic rates; increased blood volume and oxygen consumption; relief of pain of myositis and neuritis; soothing of irritated nerves in the body; promotion of tissue healing and repair; lessening of general nervous sensibility; relaxation of muscles; dilation of blood vessels; and relief of fatigue.

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  1. I just woke up from a dream about you Carol Pate. I haven’t thought about you since January and I saw you in Walmart a few months back, I googled your name and found this site. Then I saw this drop down window. How much do the Hydromassage cost? Clair has a very large lump under his armpit and we are afraid that it is in his lymph nodes. He has been treating it with alternative methods. I think that the hydromassage therapy would complement what he is doing. However, he does have a VA appointment for Wednesday 3/23/16. Ruth

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