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The Carol Pate Psychic Center is open from 10:00AM to 5:30PM (Central Standard Time, or UTC-6:00) Monday through Friday. Please call during business hours to schedule an appointment! To submit messages and questions via email, please click here.


C.P.P.C. Inc.

14403 Ironton Road

Little Rock, AR 72206-5683


Phone: +1 (501) 888-8056



21 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Dear Carol,

    Years ago in 2012, or 2013, I made my bank send you the amount you needed for a telephone reading, but the bank sent it in a wrong way, so you got the money before the letter I later sent you. In Danish Kroner my bank sent you DKK1000, but you did not connect the two, – the money sent to your account and my letter send a little later.

    I’ve tried phone you as you’ve described, but no one took the phone although I did it within the hours written in the How-to.

    Now, it is so long ago, but I still struggle with the issue which made me ask for your advice in the first place. I wonder if we could still connect?

    Blessings for your helping others,
    Asta L

    1. Hi Asta! We are located in Arkansas, which is in the Central Standard time zone (the same as Dallas, Texas or Chicago, Illinois).

      Due to differences in time zone, we are 7 hours behind Central European/Denmark time.

      Have you tried calling between 5PM and 12:30AM your time?

      Sorry for any inconveniences! We’ll get you in touch with Carol in no time!

      –Team Carol

  2. Hi Team Carol.

    Yes, I did call on the phone within these hours three times, but nobody took the phone.

    Happy to be connected now.

    I’ve been in such an agony, I could not collect myself to straiten things out.

    Thank you for the reply,


  3. Could I please ask if you would be able to help my niece and her family find some closure in the disappearance of their son. We live in the U.K. and she lives in Scotland and they believe their son has been murdered but 16 months on from the last sighting of him we are no further forward. There is a facebook page dedicated to finding him I will give you that and you can look at it if possible and decide if you would be able to help or not. They are a good close family who are in despair but please look at the facebook page and you will get the whole story. Thank you in anticipation. My best regards Florence

    1. Hi Flomac,

      For more information about Murder & Missing Persons cases, please click here. If you want Carol’s help, you’ll need to call the Center at +1 (501) 888-8056 on Monday between 10AM-5:30PM Central Standard Time (we’re 6 hours behind London time, so be sure to adjust accordingly) to discuss scheduling an appointment and details specific to Murder/Missing Persons cases.

      -Team Carol

  4. I was wanting to make an appt with Ms. Pate and was wanting to ask about what she can tune into. Like if I had questions pertaining to myself and a to tap into my future some. I would not want to waste her or my time with making an appt for stuff she can not help me with.
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Rose!

      Please call the center at (501) 888-8056 between 10AM and 5:30PM, M-F; Carol’s assistant will be able to answer your questions in the most efficient way!

      Thanks for your interest!
      — Team Carol

  5. I have noticed that the last video from the Friday night meetings is 02/06/2015. I am wondering if Carol has been ill? or if those of you involved in working together to get the audio online are still experiencing psychic attack and are unable to put it online? I hope you all are alright. I am sending $100.00, so that you all can at least have some snacks while you toil away at your incredibly valuable endeavor.


    1. Hi Pamela! No issues other than Mother Nature! We’ve had snow/ice that have forced most of Central Arkansas to shut down! We’ll be back in action this Friday, March 20th! We appreciate your donation and concern!

      — Team Carol

  6. Dear Carol. Thank you for bringing peace to the deceased’s relatives by finding their earthly remains that can be interred with dignity. I have some psychic abilities which I have demonstrated publicly here in the UK and I would like to improve on those abilities to further help my fellow man. I am a committed Christian and go to church regularly. I believe our Lord wants us to use our earthly and spiritual gifts to help his flock. Can you suggest anything I can do to improve my spiritual “skills” that would bring comfort to those in need?
    Thanks again for using your gift to reflect the light of our Lord
    David Manser United Kingdom

    1. You can print out those images so long as they are on honest to goodness PHOTO PAPER. Plain computer paper is not an acceptable substitute. Black and white is okay, but for text it would be better to have it in the target person’s handwriting.

  7. Hello, I’m located in Ontario, Canada, and I guess we are one hour ahead of you? Do you accept paypal? And, if I use my credit card, where do I enter my card info? Thanks and regards. HB

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