4 thoughts on “2.19.2016 Session”

  1. i purchased a set of power bracelets a few weeks ago, one of which was opalite (dull black) power bracelet which i showed to my friend and he kind of took fancy to it so i gave it to him. he said that he has had a number of “nightmarish” dreams — like he was going back in time — so he decided not to wear it anymore. he recently had a minor accident yesterday at our bus yard where another employee’s vehicle collided with the company car he was driving in (low speed collision, but considerable damage to the car (Prius), and he twisted his back from the driver’s side to the right passenger side. not sure if the bracelet was showing him a portion of his past life; also wanted to know if there is any connection to his dreams and the accident. also, i recently got the 4 rose quartz power bracelets that his wife ordered through me, and i traded the opalite (dull black) for an onyx (shiny black) power bracelet, which i hope will have a much better effect on his health/safety.

    1. Obsidian (not opalite) is a dull black bracelet that opens up psychic channels, so it’s possible that he might have opened up channels in his dreams (past life dreams and intuitive dreams do happen, so either are possible). The bracelet itself won’t protect from physical issues or cause spiritual problems, it’s just possible that he didn’t want those channels opened.

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