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10.4.2013 Session Notes

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Earth is a place of learning, and growth. There are tests, lessons, and evils on this plane that are here to help us grow and evolve. Earth isn’t always a peaceful and wonderful place to be, but our attitude can make us or break us.


Spirit Guides

  • They’ll cry with you, mourn with you, and be sad with you
  • They’ll never scold you, never get disappointed in you, never chastise you
  • They appear as white sparkles, and they’ll come with a scent (either floral or sandalwood)



  • We are made up of energy
  • We can transmit energy
    • We can transmit negative or positive energy
    • Our energy that is transmitted can harm others or better others
  • You don’t have to be a psychic to be psychically aware of others’ energy


Don’t want someone in your life?

  • Visualize the other person standing in front of you with cords between the two of you
  • Take a brand new, very sharp pair of shears and cut the cords
  • Cauterize your cords and tuck them back into you, and then cauterize their cords and tuck them back into them
  • You can’t dwell on it- you have to get them out of your head and move on.
    • You have to want it, badly.
    • You have to let the past be in the past. If you dwell on it, you can re-cord.
    • Forgive them, and release them with love on a soul level, and ask for their forgiveness on a soul level
  • If you can truly do it, you’ll no longer have any connection to them. It’ll be like they’re a stranger to you



  • Some people’s gift is sending energy and thoughts
    • Psychic vampires do this
  • They hook into you, feed off of your energy, and can attach to you
    • They can compel you to do things that you may not want to do
    • They’ll compel you to think about them 24/7… You can’t get them out of your head and it’s torture



  • Dreams are our brain’s way of working out psychological junk that you accumulate
    • You usually don’t remember these
  • Very vivid dreams with a lot of details and color, like you’re in a movie are prophetic dreams.
    • You may have very vivid dreams of an earthquake, or a tornado in a specific location
      • You can’t do anything about these
      • They’re meant to prepare you and warn you, and you can in turn warn others
    • You may have a dream of a specific person getting into a car wreck after getting into a white car wearing a red shirt
      • You can warn that person not to wear the red shirt in the white car, and it can avert the accident
      • You may not 100% avoid the accident, but you’ll be able to reduce the severity of the accident
      • The conditions should be avoided for about two weeks
    • If you have a dream
  • Most prophetic dreams take about three days to come to fruition. Some can take up to a couple of years to happen.
    • If you can see what is causing the problem, you may be able to help avert the situation
    • The purpose of prophetic dreams is to either prepare you for the coming situation, or allow you to change the situation.
  • Dreams can be symbolic, so pay attention to the symbolism of the dream.
    • You can set your symbology
      • Write your symbols down, then have someone read them back to you
      • When they read it back, tell them the first thing that comes to mind
    • Some symbols are set
      • Cars and vehicles represent your body
        • When someone else is driving their car and you’re in the car, you’re not handling your life and you’re letting someone else drive your life
        • When someone else is driving your car, you’ve let someone come into your life and take control of your life and your body
      • Dreams with nudity mean that you’re afraid of being embarrassed
      • Dreams with people have various reasons and purposes
        • Dreams with loved ones who have crossed over are visitations. These are real. If they look great and healthy, they’re in the light. If they look sick or unhealthy or need help, you should pray them into the light.
        • When you dream of people who are still alive, they’re reaching out for either positive or negative reasons
          • If it’s negative, slam a very heavy metal garage door between the two of you or command them to leave you alone.
        • Animals in dreams will convey messages. To interpret these dreams, you should consult Animal Speak
  • Recurring dreams can be past life remembrances
  • Sleep paralysis can be evidence of a haunting or of a demonic attack. It’s often more connected with phenomena than with other explanations
    • Demonic attacks can occur in dream state. If this happens, command the entity away in the name of Jesus Christ.


Spirits and Reincarnation

  • Human spirits usually last around 200 years
  • Carol has encountered shamans from the Mayan and Incan eras who showed up for specific purposes
  • Your soul is immortal, and it reincarnates many times over
    • You don’t reside in Heaven for eternity
    • The whole point is to keep learning, keep growing, keep evolving
      • If you’re not growing, learning, and evolving, you’ll de-evolve
    • You can incarnate from the Light or from the Outer Darkness, usually around every 60 years
      • Incarnating from the Outer Darkness is a crapshoot- you don’t know what you’re going to get
      • Incarnating from the Light gives you a heads up and allows you to choose your parents, your lessons, your opportunities


Why did God create us?

  • God is a constantly learning, intelligent force
  • He didn’t want to be alone
  • We are all part of God. We carry God within us, in our souls.


What happens when you go into the Light?

  • There’s a huge reunion where family, friends, animals, and loved ones show up. There’s food and beverage… It’s a party!
    • If they didn’t go into the Light, they won’t be there
    • Just because you’re married here doesn’t mean that you’ll be married on the other side
  • Then, you go through a Life Review
    • You do it to learn and understand your lessons
    • This isn’t meant to be a punishment
  • Next, you get some time out!
    • You can travel anywhere in the world you want to go!
  • Then, you choose your next life’s obstacle course
  • Everything that’s in heaven is here! Pizza, pasta, chicken… you name it!



  • You have a specific moment, down to the second, when it is your time to go
  • You may have pivotals, where you feel like you could live or you could die, and the decisions made during pivotals can shorten or extend your life span
    • You may have no pivotals, you may have 6 pivotals
    • You don’t get 7 pivotals, though. 6 is the max
  • When it’s a person’s absolute time to go, however, they may start to prepare about two weeks in advance. They’ll say their goodbyes, pick out their outfits, etc.
    • Angels or grandparents may come visit children
    • Children who pass young tend to have lived full lives, have been very outgoing, and tend to have packed in as many experiences as possible
  • If it’s truly their time, you can’t stop someone from passing



  • For more information, please click here
  • If a person who has committed suicide asks for your help, or if one of their loved ones ask for help, you can pray them into the Light



  • Formulas are first and foremost prayers
  • Stick to the formulas for the best results
  • Manifesting, for example, is something that you must be very cautious with
    • Be sure to include the phrases “to the highest good of all involved”, “if it’s deemed appropriate” and “so that no harm comes to myself or others”
    • These phrases are your spiritual insurance to make sure that you’re not bringing more harm than good to yourself or anyone who may be involved with the process
    • If you’re manifesting a car, make sure to ask that it be “mechanically sound”
    • If you’re manifesting a job, set your minimum salary, how far you’re willing to travel, and be sure to include the following phrases “harmless to all involved” and “to the highest good of all involved
    • Don’t absolutely define what you want and make it exact, but set parameters that you want
      • Be as specific as possible without limiting the possibilities


8.15.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the August 15th, 2014 NACC meeting.


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  • People sometimes look at movies as being sheer entertainment, not a means of sending a message
  • Ghost and What Dreams May Come both have accurate information, but they’re not always viewed as such



  • Suicide is NOT a mental illness (Part One 2:00-4:00)
    • When you have a parent commit suicide, you get a legacy of suicide that you have to fight to overcome
      • You’re not your parent, and you can change your own programming
      • For Carol’s personal experiences with suicide, listen from 5:00-7:00
    • Presenting it as a mental illness shows that you’ll inherit it and there’s no way out
      • That suggests that it’s in your DNA and you’re condemned to commit suicide as well
    • It’s a highly dangerous theory
  • Factors that can contribute to depression that leads to suicide
    • Chemicals
    • Food allergies
    • Really bad programming from childhood
    • Bullying
    • Low self-esteem
    • Painful mental, physical, emotional ordeals
    • Voices in your head that tell the person to end it/kill themselves
  • If you have a legacy of suicide, you can remove it using the following prayer.
    • I would please ask Archangel Michael and his legions to remove any demons of suicide and the legacy of suicide from myself and my family (or the name and address of the person you have permission to pray for) now and place them into appropriate protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.
  • Suicide is a sin, and you become Earthbound until it’s your “time” to go, or until a loved one prays you into the Light
    • The sin is self-murder
    • If they think “I want to die” or “I want to kill myself”, that’s intent and that makes it a sin.
    • Even medically assisted suicides are self-murder
      • They bind themselves and they end up in pain
      • Part One, 15:00-16:00
    • If they don’t go into the Light, they can reincarnate from the Outer Darkness
      • Suicidal thoughts will kick in around the time when they committed suicide in their previous lifetime
        • If they were 24, the thoughts would kick in at 24
        • If they were 15, the thoughts would kick in at 15
      • If they don’t go into the Light, they can stay and influence others to commit suicide in a similar fashion.
        • All of the people who commit suicide will be bound there
        • Part One, 21:00-25:00
  • Refusing to accept medical treatment, or refusing to eat because you’re in pain doesn’t constitute suicide.
      • That’s death by natural causes
  • Putting animals down isn’t an issue.
    • Animals all go directly into the light, but they can come back for a period of about two months to help you get past losing them
      • If you get a new animal in that time frame, the deceased dog will train the new dog how to do all of the things you love
      • Animals will also come back to help their pack with the grieving process
        • Wolves and elephants grieve very ritualistically


Soul Groups

  • When a tragedy occurs and a large amount of people die in a similar fashion because of unlearned lessons, they’ll reincarnate in similar groups
    • Holocaust is a great example
  • Reasons and situations vary, but we go through tragedies together in order to overcome them


Crystal Skulls

  • Most aren’t authentic
    • A lot of mythology
    • Take all the stories with a grain of salt
      • Especially what’s on TV and the Internet
    • If you get a bad vibe, walk away
  • Carol worked with one in San Francisco when she was in her 20s
    • Knowledge was placed into the skull
    • She got images of Mayan culture and chanting
    • It affected her in a positive way


Positive Attitude

  • It’s important to keep a positive attitude and a positive mindset
  • When things happen and you just can’t get in a positive mindset, it can be helpful to give yourself 30 minutes to be not so positive.
    • After the 30 minutes is up, tell yourself “I can’t change this situation, I can’t fix the world, I can’t fix other people, I can only fix myself.”
    • Then you psych yourself into being in a good mood in the now.
  • Keep aware of the truth and of the news, but don’t get sucked into the dramatization and what is spun out of context
    • Learn to discern truths


Ley Lines and Odic Force 

  • The Earth is its own body, Gaia, with bloodlines (filled with water) and chakras
  • Ley lines are water lines on the Earth
    • When they intersect, they create power points called vortices
      • A vortex is a place where energy is released
        • Mount Albán in Oaxaca, Mexico is an example
        • Carol has 5 springs under the Center
          • Part One 45:00-48:00
        • Hot Springs is a major power point
        • Hell’s Half-Acre is a powerful one
      • Vortices open and contract
      • They will magnify the power of manifestation and prayer
    • Negative activity and worship can cause negative, unnatural vortices to be formed
      • Consult Vortex E-on Jah for assistance if there is one on your property
  • Crystals have an immense amount of power, as well
    • Humans have tiny, tiny crystals in our pineal and pituitary glands.
      • Calcification of these glands is a bigger problem than being able to use your third eye- it leads to Parkinson’s disease
    • See Programming Your Crystals for more information
  • Odic force is your blood
    • It carries your life force
      • Which is why people used to do blood rituals and sacrifices involving the human heart
    • If you’re mediumistic or highly sensitive, then it’s important to eat a rare or medium rare steak once a week to keep your energy levels up
      • If you believe that what you’re doing, consuming, or eating is harmful, then it will be harmful. If you believe that it’s good, then it will be good.
        • Genetic issues can cause issues with food, so this is excluding those issues
      • Vegetables have consciousness, too. So eating raw veggies is eating them alive.
    • For more information about Od and the Odic Force, consult Communication with the Spirit World of God by Johannes Greber





  • There are no coincidences, and there’s an underlying root.
  • According to Heal Your Body, accidents are an inability to speak up for yourself, rebellion against authority, belief in violence
  • If you get a cold, you’ve over-burdened yourself and weakened your immune system and you need down time



  • There is a reason for EVERYTHING… It’s our lessons!
  • We’re always in school!
    • We forget this because we get bogged down in the material
    • We’re not here to save the world, spread the world of our truth, or fix other people. We’re here to be an example to others. If you get to a place that you can genuinely help others by using your talents, that’s awesome. But work on yourself first.
    • We’re spiritual beings in a material world, and we forget this.
  • Be true to yourself, and don’t sacrifice yourself for others
  • Sometimes we come in with problems so that we can learn our lessons
  • We choose our parents coming in, which means that they can be our biggest teachers
  • We choose our lessons, how we present ourselves, and our parents unless we incarnate from the Outer Darkness
    • If this happens, you take what you can get.
    • It makes it very difficult during that lifetime
    • You’ll do it over and over and over until you go into the Light


Going into the Light

  • It’s a fresh start
  • It cleanses you of old baggage, allows you to see what you need to see to learn, and it helps you to choose the right people for your next incarnation
  • The Dark Side doesn’t want us to go into the Light
    • They tell us we’ll be judged, we’ll be sent to hell, that we’re born of sin
    • They want us to be afraid of dying and of judgment, and of what the afterlife may or may not be
    • Knowledge is POWER
  • Our guides and angels aren’t available to us in the Outer Darkness
  • Your heaven will be what you imagine heaven to be like
    • It’s sort of like Earth. There are different cultures, different belief systems, that sort of thing. They will, once they move past their belief systems, ultimately come into truth (if they choose to)
    • Each planet has its own dimensions, so you don’t want to be an astronaut and die on another planet
  • ANYONE can go into the Light, but you have to choose to go into the Light
    • Our ultimate goal should be to help people get into the Light


Spirit Guides

  • Every human has 3 spirit guides, at a minimum, who are the Holy Spirits
  • You can have more according to your path in life and how many people you affect
  • From Part Two, 2:30-6:30, Carol discusses seeing her guides and how to see other guides
  • You can earn higher guides over incarnations by spiritually evolving, learning, and growing
    • They teach us at the appropriate level for soul growth, in terms that you’ll understand



  • Hell is separation from God. This can be on Earth or in the afterlife
  • You do not get “sent” to hell, but you can bind yourself there.


7.18.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the July 18th, 2014 NACC meeting.

Please click here for a PDF version

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s” Mark 12:17

  • God doesn’t require a religion or a church
  • God is in everything, and is everywhere
  • God is most forgiving and understanding
  • God loves each and every one of us unconditionally.
  • Most manmade laws and punishments are just that- manmade. They’re not God’s.
    • We’re our own worst enemies and judges
  • Give man what is man’s (judgment, punishment, cruelty) and give to God what is God’s (unconditional acceptance and love)



  • When you pray for things like strength, courage, and wisdom, you’re given tests to develop these characteristics. This is the hard route… Don’t take the hard route!
    • Instead of praying for that characteristic, ask for the Divine Spirits of that characteristic to be with you and work with you and aid you in whatever ways are deemed appropriate in the name of Jesus Christ (don’t forget to say please and thank you!)
      • There’s a Divine Spirit of everything… Prosperity, anger management. Think spiritual, mental, emotional growth. Divine Spirits are angelic.
      • There are also Guides of mechanics, arts… Think the tangible things. These are human masters of certain areas.
  • The information Carol gives us is a loophole
    • The Daily Lifting is a huge loophole that was 30 years in the making.




  • Suicides, even medically assisted suicides, are considered self-murder. These break spiritual law and cause you to be bound to the Earth plane for a specific period of time (usually until it is your natural time to go). Suicides can be prayed into the Light with the Formula.
  • “Pulling the plug” and refusing medical treatment don’t equate to suicide. This equates to letting nature take its course and doesn’t break any spiritual law.
  • Putting animals down doesn’t break spiritual law… It’s different.


Spiritual Marriage

  • A coming together of two souls through love, for the common good of each other
  • Carol is a licensed minister and can marry people legally and spiritually.
  • You can be spiritually married without being legally married
  • Parting because you no longer love each other equates to spiritual divorce.
  • You have had numerous husbands and wives throughout your lifetimes
    • These are the people you meet and have that instantaneous “spark”
    • The “where have you been all my life?” “oh my goodness, who are you?” feelings are indicative of past life relationships.



  • Sin is in the intent
  • If you think it’s wrong, then it’s wrong.



  • Those who are spiritually connected and have completed their work tend to die quickly and easily. Those who are not tend to fight death.
  • When you die, you step out of your physical body (your “meat suit”) and you become who you truly are- your soul
  • Leaving your physical body doesn’t mean that you’re no longer in a physical state.
  • The soul is a material body that retains the shape and characteristics of your physical body, and it stays that way until you get a new body.
    • When you get a new body, it molds to the new body
    • The soul is material, which is why you can photograph “dead” people
    • The soul is at a higher vibration, which is why we can’t readily see them with our eyes.
      • When spirits want to become visible, they have to slow their vibration down
  • If you go into the Light, you get some perks (why it’s called Heaven!)
    • You take the clothes with you that you’re buried in, or you can appear in other garments. With cremations, you can appear in your favorite outfit from your lifetime.
    • You can appear at whatever size or age you want to be
    • Heaven is the same for all creatures
  • “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams has some great basic truths, particularly regarding suicides and levels of Hell
    • Hell is a disconnection from God
  • “Ghost” with Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze is full of great truths



  • Can take minutes (in places like India, where reincarnation is a belief system) or years
  • Length of time depends on if you go into the Light or incarnate from the Outer Darkness
    • Incarnating from the Outer Darkness means that you come in with baggage and issues.
      • You can use the Soul Cleansing Formula for help with these issues
      • Soul Cleansing is helpful with ADD, sociopathic behavior, and bipolar disorder.


  • People aren’t orbs.
  • Orbs are parasites/bugs that feed on negative energy and situations.
  • Negative parasites can attach to you and suck all of your energy and you’ll feel very drained. To get rid of them, use the following formula:
    • “I would please ask the Interdimensional/Dimensional Band of Mercy to remove all dimensional/interdimensional parasites from me now and do whatever they deem necessary with them, in the name of Shemhamfarash and in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.
    • See God’s Spirit Community for more information



  • Don’t dabble haphazardly, because it can be very dangerous to produce low-level phenomena
  • Phenomena can be useful for proving that there are no limitations, and there is a great amount of freedom in this
  • Manifesting, when done incorrectly, can bite you in the butt BIG TIME!


Should I “work through” issues?

  • You’re not in the past, or in the future. You’re in the now, and work in it.
  • Learn from your past and RELEASE IT!
  • Don’t try to “work through” all of your issues! That can causes traumas
  • You can use kinesiology to find the root of the issue, and find your blocks
    • Name the blockage, ask that it be removed from your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, dissolve and release it and return it back to God, and restore everything to the state that God originally intended thee to be, in the name of Jesus Christ.
    • You can also use Flower Essences to tweak and remove blockages.
      • Bleeding Heart is great when you can’t say “no” and when you want to “fix” other people


Israel Conflict, Summer 2014

  • Spiritually, the Jewish people are protected by God
  • These conflicts have been going on for thousands of years. It’s a pattern.
  • Israel will be fine.

5.2.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the May 2nd, 2014 NACC meeting.

Please click here for a PDF version


Why is it so important to be “in the moment”?

  • The now is all we have
  • The decisions we make in the now affect and create our future



  • Doesn’t transmit energy, so you can use saran wrap on your solar plexus to help you absorb less energy
  • Also it helps keep things (like paper copies of the lifting) from “running away”


If you ask someone to pray for you, and their intent isn’t the same as yours, can they damage the positive things that you’re trying to make/do for yourself? Can other people’s negative prayers cause you to be attacked by the demonic?

  • Prayers are for positivity and positive things to happen to you and others
  • The Spirit Community will disregard negativity, but the demonic might jump on board
    • The negative prayers will not “cause” a demonic attack, per se.
  • People can put damnations on people, and this can cause a demonic attack
  • How can we combat this?
    • Don’t give out your permission to just anyone!
    • Permission and trust should be earned.
      • We give out trust thinking that people will be honest just like we are, but the problem is that not everyone is trustworthy.


Our Power Through God

  • We’re taught that we’re powerless and that we don’t count, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
    • The dark side manipulates us with these teachings from a very young age.
      • We are blinded, by the dark side, from our truth in God
    • There’s a lack of self-worth, unworthiness, etc. that runs rampant among mankind
  • Every human being, everything on this planet, all of creation has worth and value.
  • We develop our value through the use of our free will
    • The dark side does what they do, people give us their opinions, the media influences us, and programs that we’re taught from a young age, plus spirit attachments who rattle in your head all influence us and make it difficult to use our free will
    • Free will comes through the use of choice.
      • Making decisions is free will in action.
    • On a soul level we know about all of these truths, but it’s difficult for a lot of people to acknowledge them because that means that God, spirits, angels, and demons are real; that’s a scary thought for many because it means that we’re responsible for our actions.
    • 13: the spiritual age of consent
      • You can begin to make your own choices and decisions at 13 years of age.
      • Even parents have to ask children over 13 if they can pray for them.


Prayers & Words

  • Most people don’t know how to pray properly, it isn’t something that is taught.
    • Most people only pray when they’re in a bind
    • Most people don’t know who to call upon and what names of God to use in specific situations
      • Don’t pray to anyone other than God, but you ask the members of God’s spirit community who have domain over the issue you’re dealing with for assistance
  • Words are POWERFUL, and can cause harm when used inappropriately
    • NEVER damn anyone, anything, or yourself!
      • If you do, ask for forgiveness and take it back
    • Damnations are real, and with emotion they can cause great amounts of harm
    • Gossip and bullying actually harms, and has consequences


Spirit Attachment

  • Humans who have left their physical body but haven’t gone into the Light become Earthbound
    • Anyone, of any belief system, no matter who you are, can go into the bright white Light of Christ
    • Christ died so that all who choose the Light can go to Heaven
    • You won’t be judged, you won’t be sent to Hell despite what the dark side says
  • When they’re Earthbound, they can attach to living humans to live vicariously through them
  • When spirits attach, it causes chatter in your head.
  • You can have one spirit attached; you can have hundreds of attachments.
    • Woman in Chicago with 300+ attachments… Carol worked them through in groups of 30. (Part 1, 23:00-24:15)
  • People who are mediumistic tend to have more attachments
  • 98-99% of the population have spirit attachments
  • Having the knowledge that there is no such thing as death also brings responsibility


The Dark Side (Part 1, 26:00-27:30, 30:30-52:00)

  • The dark side is an army of fallen angels who have been here for a very long time
  • There are many types of demons
    • Incubus (affects women) and Succubus (affects men)
      • Lust demons who were previously angels of pure love before they fell, who work through another person or through yourself
        • When they work through others, they’ll put a prismatic energy façade on that blinds you from seeing the individual.
      • They seduce and bring TINGLING in all the right places
        • Rushes of ecstasy, euphoria… Puts you under a spell
      • They get you hooked and you have no idea that anything out of the ordinary is happening
      • They’ll start to tear you down, and then cut you off from the euphoria
        • When this happens, they get a smirk-y grin and they have the look of pure hatred in their eyes.
      • End result is to get you to commit suicide by convincing you to “stop the pain”.
        • Once you kill yourself, you’ve broken spiritual law and they own you
        • After this happens, they can throw you on other people
      • Recognize them for what they are, call them out, and refuse to succumb to them.
        • Command them out in the name of Jesus, or ask Archangel Michael and his legions to remove the incubus/succubus and place it into appropriate protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus.
  • Learn the patterns, recognize it for what it is, and you can do something about it.
    • The demonic speak in third person from the left side of the head and tear you down. NEVER in first person.
    • Three knocks, three scratches, sets of three.
    • They try to separate families, destroy relationships, and isolate people
    • They divide and conquer.
    • They prey on our weaknesses
    • Illogical, negative images and words placed into your head are from the darkness.
    • Most of your compulsions aren’t good-trust how you feel in your solar plexus. If it tightens, that’s bad.
      • You have power through Jesus Christ, you can do nothing on your own
    • If the demonic show up in your dreams, command them out in the name of Jesus Christ, or call upon the aspects of God who have the authority to take care of them
    • Demons are cockroaches, Christ is Raid


Divine Help (Part 1, 27:30-30:30)

  • Your guides speak from the right side, from the back, and from the top. You’ll get a buzz of energy.
    • They never fluff your ego or tell you what to do. They won’t admonish you or get onto you.
    • They deliver pure information and at times they give warnings
      • Ask for clarification, ask them to be blatant with the information given
    • If the images, people, and places are logical, then the information is being picked up clairvoyantly via a psychic energy
  • Guardian Angels give warnings and direction more than your guides


  • Guides show as a white mists, sparks of white light, and smell of floral or incense. Very rarely do they manifest directly in front of you because they don’t want to scare you.
  • It’s best to speak aloud to your Guides, as it shows them respect
  • It’s okay to test- ask who their Lord and Master is. Only souls from the Light will be able to claim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Master.
  • You can ask the Band of Mercy to train you to be of the most value to yourself and those around you who come to you for help. You have to ask them to help you learn.
    • They will teach you according to the level of the question that you ask


Appropriate Protected Sanctuary

  • If you don’t specify for a being that is attached to you to be taken into Appropriate Protected Sanctuary, they will be removed from you and released elsewhere and left to roam and wreak havoc as they choose
  • Protected Sanctuary is a place where they can be taken, released and unbound and returned to the state they were in before they fell, and returned back to God
    • It’s a rehab facility, if you will


Earth Plane

  • The Earth plane is a place for lessons and tests that are great for growth.
    • Lessons are what is placed in front of you at any given time
      • Lessons aren’t really challenges, but they require change
      • Lessons are challenges in learning. When your “end of the world” terrible moments happen, acknowledge that there is a lesson to be learned. Ask your Guides for a word to help you figure out what your lesson is. If you need another word, ask for another word. (Part 1, 20:00- 22:30)
        • ALWAYS look the word up in the dictionary to confirm the definition


  • It’s not a place of total pleasure and enjoyment, BUT if you get on the right path, learn, and evolve, then Earth can be a pretty great place!


Praying people who have committed suicide into the Light

  • In order to narrow the person’s choices down to either going into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary, you must meet one of the following conditions:
    • Be a relative or a very close friend
    • Get permission from a relative or a very close friend
    • Be in the place where they committed suicide
    • Purchase an antique that they have attached to
    • If the person who committed suicide is under the age of 13, it’s a slightly different situation.
  • If you don’t meet any of these conditions, you can still pray the prayer, but the person who committed suicide has the right to refuse the assistance.


Dogs (Part 1, 1:02:00- 1:08:46)

  • Dogs don’t understand why humans try to turn dogs into people
  • Dogs want to please their owners
  • Dogs can be very intelligent, and can convey information to Carol
  • Photographs on phones, photographs, paw prints in ink all work to convey energy
  • Dogs perceive spirits better than we do. They hear, see, and smell the spirits and can pick up on the intent. They know and react to the demonic.


Astral Projection (Part 2, 1:30-13:00)

  • All of us are very capable of this, particularly in our sleep
  • You can knowingly do astral projection
    • Teaches us that we are more than our physical body
    • Set a location for you to go, some place you know and feel safe and have a person at the other location set out a playing card in a specific place
    • Lay down, and fall backwards out of your body
    • Go quickly to that location
      • You can scare yourself, because you see your body, so it’s best not to look down
    • Have a person at the other location set out a playing card in a specific place
    • When you get to the place, find the card and memorize it
    • The next day, call and confirm
  • If something bad happens, you’ll come right back to your body and all will be normal
    • Gold and silver cords connect the physical and ethereal bodies
  • Be hyper aware of your thoughts, because they manifest immediately
    • A thought responsive environment
  • Astral projection is different from merkaba
    • Merkaba is a means of getting from one place to another, within dimensions and even throughout the universe.
      • You can ask for the merkaba, a high spiritual frequency that can be used to transport yourself physically
        • Some of the names of God can be used together to call into effect the merkaba
      • You have to vibrate at the same frequency of the merkaba, and it is usually blue
    • When held in the left hand, it can be helpful for raising your own energy
  • Remote viewing is going to the place in your mind to see, rather than traveling using your astral body

Removing the Legacy of Suicide

Please click here for a PDF version


If you’ve had a loved one commit suicide, sometimes it can feel as if you’re destined to make the same decision they did. This is not the case; you are a separate person and you can choose a different path. This prayer is useful because it removes any entities that might contribute to the legacy of suicide. It would be wise to use it in conjunction with the daily lifting.


I would please ask Archangel Michael and his legions to remove any demons of suicide and the legacy of suicide from myself and my family (or the name and address of the person you have permission to pray for) now and place them into appropriate protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.


Click here for a PDF version

Suicides, even medically assisted suicides, are considered self-murder. Suicide breaks spiritual law and can cause you to be bound to the Earth plane for a specific period of time (usually until it is your natural time to go).


It’s very important to note that suicide is NOT a mental illness. Presenting suicide as a mental illness suggests that, if a parent or relative commits suicide, then there is a hereditary component in your DNA and that you are condemned to commit suicide as well. This is false. Chemicals, food allergies, bad programming from childhood, bullying, low self-esteem, painful mental and emotional ordeals, physical trauma can all contribute to a state of depression that leads to suicide. Spirit possession and demonic attack can lead to suicide as well, because the voices in the person’s head will tell them to end it, end their pain, or kill themselves.


If someone you love has committed suicide, you should first pray them into the Light using the following formula:


I would please ask the Band of Mercy to locate (name of loved one) who lived at (street address, city, and state of loved one). 

I would ask for spirit healers and loved ones to be brought forth for (him/her) and if (he/she) is willing be taken directly into the Light. If (he/she) is not willing I would ask that (he/she) be placed in the appropriate sanctuary and that the teachers and loved ones be allowed to work with (him/her) until (he/she) is prepared to go into the Light.

If this is deemed appropriate I ask this to be done now in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.


You should then say this prayer, as a means of removing the legacy of suicide from yourself. This can also be useful, in conjunction with the Daily Lifting, if you have ever experienced suicidal thoughts.


I would please ask Archangel Michael and his legions to remove any demons of suicide and the legacy of suicide from myself and my family (or the name and address of the person you have permission to pray for) now and place them into appropriate protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.