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8.1.2014 Session Notes

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Ghosts are human souls, stuck in the Outer Darkness. Say the Daily Lifting and get them back to God.



  • You do not have to have the gift of healing to be able to use the healing formulas
    • The more authority you develop, the more healing capabilities you will have
      • Having spiritual authority means that you build a reputation with God’s Spirit Community and this reputation allows them to do what you ask them to do. It demonstrates that you are serious and sincere, which makes them more willing to do what you ask and need them to do.
      • You develop authority by doing the Daily Lifting on a daily basis
        • The Spirit Community recognizes who you are, that you want to learn and grow and evolve, and that you’re willing to put in the time and energy
        • God’s Spirit Community knows they can trust you, and that you will listen
      • We can all assist in performing miracles through these formulas and the power of God
  • When you use the formulas, you do not do the healing.
    • God does the healing
    • Think of yourself as tools in the hands of God
  • When using the healing prayer:
    • Stay 100% focused on the words, on the healing, on what you’re doing so that you don’t go into a negative or self-doubting state of mind
  • To hear about Carol’s first experience with healing, listen to part one of the recording from 3:00-6:00.


Prayer Formulas

  • Carol’s Guides gave her prayer formulas, and these most be done in a specific way for them to be effective
  • A formula is “a fixed form of words, when used in a specific context”
  • When used exactly, it works.
  • The Daily Lifting and the Basic Healing Formula are formulas
    • See the Names of God for information about the names called upon in the Daily Lifting
    • Why Protected Sanctuary?
      • It allows beings to be redeemed back to God
      • You have to give them at least two options, so they can exercise their free will. You can narrow their choices, but they have to be able to choose.
    • When in doubt, then say “if it’s deemed appropriate”


We’re never alone!

  • 3 spirit guides, 1 guardian angel, and countless members of God’s Spirit Community are with you
    • Carol’s guardian angel is a black man who appeared in a suit
  • Plus you have attachments and past life attachments to contend with
  • And you’re wading through the energy of the Earth and everyone around you



  • Provided that we are born from the Light, we choose our parents, our spouses, our lessons… Nothing is a curse, they are lessons
  • You chose these lessons to overcome them, grow, evolve, and be better than them
    • We sometimes choose our family as a means of overcoming them and their negativity
  • Don’t worry about being them or making the same mistakes as them.
  • We’re all dysfunctional or we wouldn’t be here!
  • The purpose on Earth is to become the best that we can be, and our highest potential!
  • If there is a lesson, you will always be given your lessons
  • We’re not supposed to sacrifice ourselves to help others
    • You can’t fix another human being



  • Everyone and all living things have an aura!
    • The white line above trees? That’s their aura!
  • There’s a lot of misinformation about auras, but the color chart has information straight from source.


Shaddais (35:00 to 50:00)

  • Six-pointed star, consisting of a right side up triangle placed on top of a downward facing triangle within a circle
    • There is no weaving of the triangles, like with the Star of David
    • Don’t wear a Shaddai with the downward facing triangle outward, as this is inviting a demonic attack
  • Means “God over Satan”
  • Can be drawn on a piece of paper, tattooed, silver… Any medium is effective with the Shaddai. It is the shape that conveys the protection.
    • If you wear a silver Shaddai and go under demonic attack, then the upside-down triangle will turn black.
      • Ask the Band of Mercy to place a silver egg around yourself if this happens
      • Ask Archangel Michael and his legions for assistance, as well.
    • Offers protection against negative universal entities


The Demonic (18:00-23:00, 45:00-50:00)

  • There are three steps to demonic attack
    • Oppression, obsession, and possession
    • Say the lifting, put your mind in a better place, and remind yourself that you’re a child of God
  • The Demonic are cockroaches, Christ is Raid
    • Take your authority through Christ and God
    • The Demonic are less than peons compared to God
  • Don’t be afraid, because they will prey on your fears
  • They can attach to souls, but humans cannot attach to demons
    • The demonic can bring forth human spirits to mess with you
    • With these
  • They’re not unaware, they choose to ignore truth
  • For protection against the demonic, pentagrams and crosses are best.
  • This is your friendly reminder to NEVER challenge the demonic.
    • We’re not physically their equals
    • Command them away in the name of Jesus Christ, but do not engage them
  • Signs of a Demonic Attack
    • Three knocks on walls and ceilings
    • Three scratches
    • Oppression
    • Smelling sulfur, moldy earth, rotting flesh
    • Flashing lights
    • Moving furniture
    • Electronics turning off and on
    • Vexations
  • Can appear as a:
    • Burned man in overalls and a plaid shirt
    • Black shadow with red eyes
    • Black mist
    • Red glowing ball


Bound Spirits

  • There are Earthbound spirits who messed with the demonic, who got into dark magic, or who sold their souls and got themselves bound to the demonic
  • The Band of Mercy can’t remove them because they’re bound to the demonic, Archangel Michael can’t do anything because they’re not demons
  • You have to call upon the Glory Band of Mercy to remove them.
    • Human souls who were once servants of Satan, who were redeemed back to God, and who have chosen to become a member of the Glory Band
    • I would please ask the Glory Band of Mercy to remove whatever spirits they have domain over now that are attached to, affecting, or influencing myself, my family, my pets, my home, my property, and all that I have domain over now, and either place them in appropriate protected sanctuary or do whatever they deem necessary with them in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.



  • People believe (mistakenly) that they own property
    • We own nothing, not even our bodies
  • People, and groups of people, can attach to property that they believe they own
  • People can also affect ley lines and vortexes to manipulate them, and allow negative entities to flow through them
    • Everything has vortexes, even your body! (link to chakras)


State of Mind is KEY!

  • It’s your responsibility to put yourself in a better state of mind
  • You psych yourself up, give yourself a little pep talk, and carry on with your business!



  • Everything that is not human has a deva
    • Stones, rocks, trees, animals
  • They’re nature spirits
  • If you go digging for crystals, ask the Legion of Pan to send the deva of crystals to help you find crystals

Detoxification Prayer

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This is a healing prayer so remember to use the appropriate hand placement! When healing yourself, cup your palms and face them slightly inward. When healing another person who is out of reach, cup your palms and face them outward. When healing another person who is within reach, place your right hand on the affected area and your left hand facing up and out. Remember that, as a general rule, you shouldn’t do more than one healing prayer on a person a day.


This prayer can be used on yourself or animals, as you name it.


I would please ask Mura-con to detoxify and purify all that has been tainted in me (or name and address of person you have permission to pray for) on the appropriate levels, now in the names of Kadesh Ha Shem, Shekinah, Shaddai, The Unknown Name of God, Shemhamfarash, El Shaddai, Adonijah, El Elohey Israel, Eyeh Ashur Eyeh, Yod Hey Vod Hey, and in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.

Names of God

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There are a total of 72 Names of God (all in Hebrew) and each name of God has legions of angels that have authority over different things. Carol was given the names directly through her work and was able to verify these names through the Keys of Enoch and the Dictionary of Angels.


The following is a partial list of the Names of God that we call upon frequently in various prayer formulas, and their meanings.


Adonai (Ad – Doe- Nye): Hebrew. “My Lord”; another name for God in the Old Testament


Adonijah (Add – Doe – Nuh – Jah): Hebrew. “Jehovah is Lord”


Ain Soph (En- Soff): Hebrew. The Boundless Substance of God”; supreme, invisible, unimaginable creator of the universe; the limitless Light


El Elohey Israel (El – El – Oh – Hay – Is – Ray-El): Hebrew. “God, God of Israel”


El-Jarr (El – Jar):Hebrew. God. Jehovah.


El Shaddai (El – Shah – Dye): Hebrew. “God Almighty”


Elohim (El – Oh – Hame): Hebrew. Derives from the female “eloh” and the male “im” for God. Has been used in parts of the Old Testament


Jehovah (Je – Ho – Vah): Hebrew. Means “the eternal One” or “Revealed Name”


Kadesh Ha-Shem (Kuh – Dish – Hah – Shem): Hebrew. “Consecrated Name”


Shaddai (Shah – Dye): Hebrew. “God Almighty”


Shamish (Shah – Mish): Akkadian. “The Shining One who Lights Up Heaven and Earth”


Shekinah (Shek – in – ah): Hebrew. Literally means “to reside”. The female manifestation of God.


Shemhamfarash (Shem – Ham – Fer – Ah – Sh): Hebrew. The Title given to the 72 names of God. This name of God has authority over all ten dimensions of the Earth plane


Yahweh (Ya – Way): Hebrew. God.


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  • When worn as a solid band around the middle finger of the left hand, or as a bracelet worn bead-to-bead around the left wrist, carnelian protects you from losing your energy to people who drain you (psychic vampires).
  • Carol calls this her “Wal-Mart” bracelet, as it allows sensitive people to go out in crowds without feeling drained and exhausted after.
  • When worn with obsidian, it creates a synergy that is a stronger protection against energy loss


The Cross

  • Must be silver, wooden, or iron
    • Silver, due to the thirty pieces of silver given to Judas to betray Jesus
    • Wooden, due to the wooden cross Jesus was crucified on
      • Can even be made out of popsicle sticks
    • Iron, due to the nails that affixed Jesus to the Cross
  • The Cross symbolizes Jesus’ defeat of Hell, Satan, and the demonic and thus provides protection from the demonic


Pentagram (5-sided star)

  • This is not a symbol of the occult; witches wear them for protection. The pentagram predates witchcraft.
    • It is imperative that it is worn with one point up and two points down, as this represents God over Satan.
    • Wearing it with two points up and one point down represents Satan over God, and is equivalent to wearing a cross upside down.
  • The pentagram was given to King Solomon by Archangel Raphael to give him absolute authority over the demonic. This symbol predates Jesus and the cross, so it offers similar protection.
  • Wearing the pentagram (must be silver) with a cross offers extra protection against the demonic.


Salt Baths

  • ½ cup of iodized table salt in bath water
  • Soak for as long as you feel is needed, and dunk your head under at least once
    • Ladies, feel free to use a washcloth around your head to avoid getting your hair wet. Just be sure that you cover all of your head.
  • Not only will the salt bath cleanse your aura and help you de-stress and relax, it will provide protection against the demonic.
    • Can be useful if your dreams feel particularly dark.
  • If you experience demonic attacks while in dream state, you MUST command them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. You’ll find yourself able to do so in dream state, but it can be useful to prepare yourself before bed by saying “if I have a demonic dream, I will command it out in the name of Jesus Christ.”



  • Six-pointed star, consisting of a right side up triangle placed on top of a downward facing triangle.
    • Don’t wear a Shaddai with the downward facing triangle outward, as this is inviting a demonic attack
  • Can be drawn on a piece of paper, tattooed, silver… Any medium is effective with the Shaddai. It is the shape that conveys the protection.
  • Offers protection against negative universal entities.