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12.5.2014 Session Notes

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Hey- you! Have you started to Build Your Authority, yet?



  • Carol brought the HIV virus through a medium in the early years (1986-1987) of her spiritual work
  • The virus explained that it was manmade, that it had been on Earth before, and that its purpose was to teach all other viruses and bacteria how to change their DNA/RNA and how to mutate
    • The virus explained that there will be superbugs and super-viruses that would result out of the HIV teachings
  • Bacteria and viruses are all intelligent, but bacteria aren’t as smart as viruses
  • Carol is capable of putting HIV in stasis through prayer work



  • Carol uses this tool to tap into information
  • It’s the ability to touch into a photograph or writing sample (in ink) to obtain information about the subject
    • The subject can be a person or a place
    • It can’t be an abstract concept like a country, but she can tap into leaders (because they have authority over the country)
  • Psychometry involves “tuning into” the subject’s signature energy frequency and allowing yourself to become one with that energy frequency
  • It’s very helpful to control the rate at which you obtain psychic information
  • Sometimes, the person that Carol is “tapping into” will know that they’re being “tapped into”, but most of the time they aren’t aware of it
  • She’s not tapping into their subconscious, she’s experiencing things firsthand (as the person she’s tapping into)
    • She experiences and can recall minute details, like license plates, locations of hairs or other genetic material, and names
  • Carol also has the gift of being able to see past lives


Blood & Family Curses

  • They don’t necessarily activate at birth, but at an anniversary
  • The person to lay the curse is usually the last one to receive it


Money Matters

  • Carol’s guides have continued to advise her to stay out of the stock market
  • Roth IRA accounts are recommended for money management


Past Lives

  • If you have a strong obsession or drawing to a place or a time period, you had a past life there
  • If you have a strong aversion to a place or a time period, then you probably had a negative experience in your past life there
  • It’s also possible that you have a spirit attached to you from those places, so say the daily lifting to clear yourself
  • For information about releasing past-life traumas, please click here


Names of God

  • There are 72 names of God and 72 different emotions, each name correlating with a different emotion or attribute
  • Each name of God is a different attribute of God
  • Each name has a specific legion that has authority for that particular attribute
  • God didn’t create evil
    • Falling away from God created evil
    • Falling away from God results in becoming the complete opposite of what God intended that aspect to be
  • The more you evolve, the closer to God you become
  • God is simplicity. The complexity of God is that there are many Divine Beings who assist in His work


Knowledge brings Responsibility

  • You can’t play in the Dark and walk in the Light- you have to walk the walk.
  • You don’t need a third party (like a church) to get to God. You’re a child of God, and you have the right to go straight to source


How do you help create spiritual growth of the people around you?

  • You can’t- it’s their right to go in whatever direction they want to
  • It’s wrong to shove our belief systems down others throats
  • The best way for you to help another human being is by showing them an example and walk your talk
  • There are a whole lot of wannabes who will take your money and take you on a path that’s not to your highest good.
    • Sometimes, people have to walk a path that is “wrong” to teach them that it is “wrong”
  • You can say prayers for others
    • You can ask for their highest good, and that they be on their highest path for their most appropriate learning in the name of Jesus Christ
    • If you have their permission, you can do the daily lifting for them



  • If you’re ever given an opportunity and you’re unsure if it’s an opportunity from God or something sent by the dark side, you can say the following prayer
    • God, if this is appropriate for me, I ask that all be opened and that the path be opened for me. If this isn’t appropriate for me, I ask that this be shut down in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • If it’s too good to be true and it doesn’t feel right, shut those opportunities down.
  • If you have more than one opportunity and you’re having trouble deciding, you would say the following prayer:
    • God, I’m having trouble deciding which situation [name your possibilities] I should choose. I would ask that the path that’s to my highest good and to the highest good of all involved become clear. If I am supposed to do [option #1], I ask that all doors be opened to this situation and that all doors to [option #2] be closed. If I’m supposed to do [option #2], I ask that all doors be opened to this situation and all doors to [option #1] be closed. I ask this to be done in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.

11.7.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying notes for the November 7th, 2014 NACC meeting.

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If you don’t ask for help, in this lifetime or on the other side, you won’t get it. You have to work for everything; you don’t truly learn anything until you experience it yourself.


There are no limitations in God.


Designed and Created by God

  • People lack self-esteem and self-worth
    • We tend to base it on how few mistakes we make, but this is wrong.
    • We are here to make mistakes!!! We learn through our mistakes!
      • Knowingly making mistakes is rebelling, so don’t do that
      • But you can ask your guides to show you where you’re making your mistakes!
        • “I would please ask my guides to show me where I’m making my mistakes. Please be obvious, and please be as gentle as possible. Thank you.”
      • If anyone has an issue with your life and mistakes, remember that it’s none of their business.
  • If we acknowledge that we are created and designed by God and are a part of God, yet still have low self-esteem and self-worth, what does that say about God?
  • God designed each of us individually, just like individual snowflakes
    • No two people are exactly alike, even twins
    • Even in the entire universe, God knows us individually, loves us individually, and has put into place an entire Spirit Community to aid us individually
  • God created us each as a perfect soul, without flaw
    • We incarnate over time, and it is our free will choice whether we go into the Light between incarnations.
      • If we incarnate from the Light, we choose our parents, our body, our lessons, and we put into place protective measures to ensure that we don’t skip our lessons and we learn what we need to learn.
        • You don’t meet your Guides until you incarnate, but you can ask for spiritual beings in Heaven to help you create your lessons. You have to know to ask for help on the other side, though.
        • Incarnating from the Light can still leave you with baggage if you set up lessons out of guilt and try to “overcorrect” the situations. God doesn’t choose our lessons, we do, and we are harsher on ourselves that God ever will be.
      • If you incarnate from the Outer Darkness, you don’t get these opportunities. You may be born into a crippled body or you may end up in the wrong gendered body.
      • Some incarnations are to experience certain situations that are advantageous to our growth.
        • To listen to Carol speak more on this, listen to Part One, from 19:00-22:00
    • We use our free will to make choices. Sometimes, they’re good choices. Sometimes, they’re choices that distort the perfect soul that God created
      • Free will and ego are constantly in battle and constantly trying to balance each other out
        • Ego isn’t created by God, it’s created by man
        • Most of the time, ego is very unhealthy
        • The majority of human beings have too much ego or a lack of ego; they either think too highly of themselves or not highly enough of themselves.
      • When we make mistakes, it usually takes several times for us to make a change.
        • We don’t want to realize that it was our mistakes


Growing When You Cross Over

  • There is spiritual help available to you if you ask for it
    • Ask the appropriate members of God’s Spirit Community, who have authority with what you need, to help you
      • Divine Spirits assist you in gently developing certain attributes. DO NOT just ask for these attributes, or you’ll be given tests to develop it.
        • Patience, wisdom, strength, knowledge, tolerance, maturity
      • Guides bring you help with what you ask for
        • Painting, psychology, mechanics, TV repair
      • Your guides bring you knowledge
      • Angels and their legions have specific purposes
        • Guardian angels, messenger angels, and Archangels all have specific purpose
      • There are opportunities for higher evolvement and higher spiritual learning
        • The absolute key to spiritual evolvement is just to ask
        • Your free will is to ask or not to ask
      • Religion teaches a lot of misinformation about what to expect when you pass, that you’ll be taken directly into Heaven or Hell depending on how you lived. This is just wrong.


Growing In This Lifetime

  • Then you can ask them to teach you. You don’t have to ask big questions, but you do have to get the ball rolling.



  • If people drain your energy, your best bet is to get a carnelian bracelet
  • If a person has the ability to reach out psychically to manipulate you, then you should visualize a door slamming. When you feel them reaching into you psychically, imagine a heavy metal garage door slamming between you and him or her, as hard as you can possibly imagine. They’ll stop messing with you.


The Demonic

  • The dark side is always there to discredit God, destroy faith, and isolate you from truth
  • The dark side will try to get you to take your protections off so that they can do whatever they want to you.
    • They’ll make your cross, pentagram, or Shaddai feel warm, itchy, uncomfortable
      • If the upside-down triangle on your silver Shaddai turns black, you’re under attack or you’re in danger. When you’re no longer under attack or in danger, it will turn silver again.
    • This means you’re in a dangerous place and you should leave immediately


Names of God

  • There are 72 names, and each name represents a different attribute of God
  • Each name of God has a legion of angels with specific authorities and jurisdictions
  • Shekinah is the female aspects of God
  • Shemhamfarash is the name that encompasses all 72 aspects of God
  • We don’t know the true name of God, so we also use “the Unknown Name of God”


God’s Spirit Community

  • The B’Nai Or are the 70 sects of the Great White Brotherhood
    • The B’Nai Or doesn’t remove beings, but they offer protection against negative universal entities


Portals & Vortexes (Part Two, 15:50 – 23:00)

  • Portals transport you from one place to another
    • It’s interdimensional and you can go between different times
    • Portals really do exist! They’re cool and you’re not crazy.
    • Disappearing Cemetery of Biloxi, Mississippi and the Palace at Versailles both have portals
  • Vortexes are spinning energy locations that expand and contract

Vortex E-On Jah

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This prayer is used to close negative vortexes, and can be said in conjunction with the Home Cleansing and Blessing to provide optimal results. The prayer only needs to be said once on each piece of property.


I would please ask the Vortex E-On Jah to close all negative unnatural vortexes now and seal them. I ask this to be done now in the names of an Unspeakable Name of God, The Seventy Two Names of God, and the name of my Lord and Master Jesus Christ, Yeheshua, and I thank thee.

I would please ask the Vortex E-On Jah to purify any perversions of positive natural vortexes and restore them to the state that God originally intended thee to be. I ask this to be done now in the names of an Unspeakable Name of God, The Seventy Two Names of God, and the name of my Lord and Master Jesus Christ, Yeheshua, and I thank thee.

I would please ask the appropriate Bands of Mercy to remove anything that has come through or been brought through the vortex now and place them in appropriate protected sanctuaries now in the name of Jesus Christ, Yesheshua, and I thank thee.

Names of God

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There are a total of 72 Names of God (all in Hebrew) and each name of God has legions of angels that have authority over different things. Carol was given the names directly through her work and was able to verify these names through the Keys of Enoch and the Dictionary of Angels.


The following is a partial list of the Names of God that we call upon frequently in various prayer formulas, and their meanings.


Adonai (Ad – Doe- Nye): Hebrew. “My Lord”; another name for God in the Old Testament


Adonijah (Add – Doe – Nuh – Jah): Hebrew. “Jehovah is Lord”


Ain Soph (En- Soff): Hebrew. The Boundless Substance of God”; supreme, invisible, unimaginable creator of the universe; the limitless Light


El Elohey Israel (El – El – Oh – Hay – Is – Ray-El): Hebrew. “God, God of Israel”


El-Jarr (El – Jar):Hebrew. God. Jehovah.


El Shaddai (El – Shah – Dye): Hebrew. “God Almighty”


Elohim (El – Oh – Hame): Hebrew. Derives from the female “eloh” and the male “im” for God. Has been used in parts of the Old Testament


Jehovah (Je – Ho – Vah): Hebrew. Means “the eternal One” or “Revealed Name”


Kadesh Ha-Shem (Kuh – Dish – Hah – Shem): Hebrew. “Consecrated Name”


Shaddai (Shah – Dye): Hebrew. “God Almighty”


Shamish (Shah – Mish): Akkadian. “The Shining One who Lights Up Heaven and Earth”


Shekinah (Shek – in – ah): Hebrew. Literally means “to reside”. The female manifestation of God.


Shemhamfarash (Shem – Ham – Fer – Ah – Sh): Hebrew. The Title given to the 72 names of God. This name of God has authority over all ten dimensions of the Earth plane


Yahweh (Ya – Way): Hebrew. God.