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5.1.2015 Session Notes

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We’ve worked to clear up some misconceptions about the information on the blog, so click here for more information about that!


Man isn’t God. Man isn’t smart enough to be God, and we need to respect God and all of God’s creations.


Your three Spirit Guides aren’t, weren’t, will never be, and have never been human. They are Holy Spirits that were left for us by Christ. Click here for some more information!


Sin is in the intent.



  • It’s very important not to overload yourself with too many formulae at once. Pick one (maybe two), do that formula, learn from it, let your body adjust, and then move on to more.


Healing Work

  • You don’t need any abilities to do the healing, but you do need to build your authority
  • Always make sure to get permission before you do prayer work of any kind on another person!
  • Never do healing before a scheduled surgery. Physical surgery interferes with the healing process and can cause negative side effects.
  • It helps greatly if the subject is open to the healing
  • You can only do a healing up to three times
  • All disease and accidents have an emotional/psychological root to it that you can correct by using kinesiology and Heal Your Body by Louise Hay!


Past Life Traumas

  • We touched upon past life traumas this week again, so click here for a refresher!!



  • Animals get to choose their paths to some extent
  • They come back from past lives into present to come back with you
  • Animals (except for being bound through black magic and extreme tragedy) always go into the Light
  • Animals also have lessons to learn
  • Invasions of critters (ants, spiders, roaches) can be a message to you from the Legion of Pan. Nature gives you messages via totems (check Animal Speak if you’re unsure of the meanings) if you’re open and aware. You make the statement to the Legion of Pan that you understand the message, thank them for the message, and then ask the appropriate Deva to remove them from your home in the name of Jesus Christ.
    • If they stay after being warned to leave, it’s okay to send them into the Light
  • All animals have consciousness, but all creatures have a purpose and a role in the circle of life *cue The Lion King theme song*



  • Offer 20% of your garden to the Legion of Pan, and in return, the Legion of Pan will protect your crops and do what they can to help them grow and flourish.



  • Illnesses occur because of what we don’t deal with in our heads
  • It comes out in our bodies, and Heal Your Body gives great insight into it




Soul-Level Forgiveness

  • Acknowledge the person in question as a creation of God in their most perfect state of being (not for who they are or what they’ve done) and forgive them as a creation of God that went askew.
  • You don’t have to forgive them for anything they did/didn’t do.
  • This helps you not take it personally
    • NOTHING is personal


Solar Plexus Aches

  • Your solar plexus is God’s sounding board in your body
  • You can use kinesiology to ask questions to check to see who or what is causing the discomfort



  • A nexus point, which can be connected to other nexus points, will present a decision that needs to be made. Depending on the decision that is made, you can go on an entirely new timeline
  • Things can shift minutely, maybe something that you remembered on the old timeline doesn’t happen on the new timeline.
  • Time isn’t linear, but rather a big bunch of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.


Vengeful God vs. Loving God

  • The Old Testament is full of biblical laws, and getting mankind structured through the rabbis of that time. It wasn’t 100% done by God, it was interpretations
    • There were more than 10 commandments, but they got narrowed down
  • There was some harshness that came as a result of a falling away of some aspects of God. To Carol’s understanding, that has been corrected.

4.17.2015 Session Notes

For the accompanying audio for the April 17th, 2015 NACC meeting, please click here.

God doesn’t need religion. Man uses religion for his own purposes. Sometimes it’s good, but sometimes man can distort and misuse religion.


We had a refresher course on kinesiology, so click here for more information!



  • Most pregnant women have a protective shield around them, which causes the “glow”
  • This protection is only broken if you use drugs, alcohol, etc. while pregnant
    • A broken shield means that any soul from the Light or Outer Darkness can be born as your child


Lying and Truth

  • Truth is absolutely everything, and people know on a soul level where you’re coming from
    • Truth is honest, solid, and people can’t argue with it
  • Raise your kids with absolute truth, and break family chains of manipulation and guilt trips.
    • Truth gives them self-confidence from the inside out
  • When you lie, you sin against yourself and your soul
    • It’s even worse when we lie to ourselves!
  • You lie because you know you’re doing something you don’t want anyone to know about. Lies are covers and shields against something you’re doing knowingly.
  • Be as honest as you possibly can
  • Lying allows the dark side to come in and mess with your life
  • Some people feel they have to lie for purposes of business, family members, friendships, but you don’t have to do that. When you’re honest, people react to honesty and accept honesty.
  • Lying to someone to protect their feelings is doing them a disservice.
    • Lying to them hurts them on a soul level
    • If you really don’t want to hurt feelings, then don’t say anything
  • You shouldn’t be mean or manipulate with honesty.
  • You have to come from a good place in the soul, saying things truthfully, and refraining from doing harm to another soul.
  • Avoid opinions, because they can vary from person to person. Absolute universal truth is the way to go.
  • Working with the truth, with the intent to be honest, brings about change for the positive. People will either open up and react, or they’ll shut down and close up. Either way, it’s okay… If they shut down, then they’re not ready for the truth
    • We filter out what we’re not ready to hear and understand
    • Everything around us shapes our filters, but a soul-to-soul truth bypass these filters
      • Using the phrase “on a soul level, I need to speak to you” and it reaches them. Use this with great caution and respect. This isn’t something to use all the time, so be mindful.



  • You don’t have to take responsibility for other peoples’ reactions to your opinions, beliefs, and actions.
  • No one has the right to judge anyone else’s actions, whether it be good, bad, or otherwise
  • Everyone has the right to his or her opinions, even ignorant opinions.


Experiences vs. Beliefs

  • Experiences are real, things that you know to be true
  • It’s the difference between “believing in” God, spirits, or the demonic and KNOWING them to be a real, true fact
  • When you know something’s true, then you don’t have to carry a belief system



  • You don’t have to feel guilty for saying “no” and taking your authority
    • Working from a place of truth with the word “no” is the most powerful
  • Guilt is from the dark side, and they will use it to mess with your head
    • God gives conscience, Satan gives guilt
  • Guilt is manipulation, always.
  • Teach your kids not to accept guilt trips and it will protect them.



  • You can’t control anyone other than yourself, and you can’t take responsibility for what you can’t control
  • It’s hard enough to take your own responsibility for who you are and what you do
  • Tons of people want to blame you for their issues and their lack of responsibility
  • If they try to blame you, say “this is your problem, this is your issue, and I take no responsibility for your choices and decisions” (or some kinder, applicable variant of that J)
  • Stand your ground, and say “I do not accept your guilt trip.” Don’t comment about it, don’t feed into it. Just say that you don’t accept it and move on.
  • If somebody isn’t 100% there, don’t take it seriously. It’s not about you.
  • If you feed into it, you’re in trouble.



  • Decision-making is how we use our free will
  • When we make decisions from a place of truth, it’s solid and foolproof. People won’t argue with truth.
  • If you have a nasty feeling in your solar plexus, or have a bad feeling about a situation, you can figure out who the person is and what the situation is. Either put their face in your mind screen or say their name… If the solar plexus gets worse, then that’s the answer. (Kinesiology also works.) Once you figure it out, work through possible scenarios that come out of truth, then the feeling will totally dissipate. Stand in truth without emotions.



  • When worn bead to bead on the left hand, it’s protection against negative energies
  • It works in synergy with obsidian and smoky quartz
  • For more information, click here!



  • Whenever you are affected by negative energies, even when wearing carnelian or other protections, go outside and shake your hands out on the ground. Not over anyone or anything except the ground
  • Salt baths cleanse your auric field, de-stress your body, and make you feel wonderful! 1/3 cup of iodized table salt in a bath! The cheap, plain stuff works wonders!



  • When Carol taps into a handwriting sample or a photograph, she energetically merges with the individual’s signature energy frequency
    • Your energy shifts as you go through life experiences
    • Carol can use the signature frequency to update a picture of a child from the time of the photograph to present day
  • Carol’s like a radio. When she tunes into your individual station, then she gets your music!
  • When she touches into a murderer, she feels a gross feeling in her solar plexus, a gurgle of blood up her throat, and then she sees the murder through the killer’s eyes


Pentacles, Pentagrams, and Symbols

  • Most symbols go back to the Seals of Solomon
    • King Solomon was the king over all of the tribes of Israel. He was given tools and knowledge through God, as he was anointed by God
  • The pentagram and the Shaddai give authority over negative and demonic through the power of God
  • For more information about protections, click here!


Being in the Light

  • Loved ones will be waiting for you IF they make it into the Light
    • If they don’t make it into the Light, they’ll be reborn
    • If you have a family member pass before you, it is HIGHLY advised to pray them into the Light.
    • You can pray for yourself as a spiritual insurance policy!
  • Everyone is shown the Light, UNLESS you make a pact with dark ones. If you make pacts, then you may be snatched up by dark ones like in the movie “Ghost”


Building Authority

  • You have to build authority by saying the Daily Lifting consistently for about 3 months before you’ll be able to get good results with the other prayer formulae.

3.20.2015 Session Notes

For the accompanying audio for the March 20th, 2015 NACC meeting, please click here.


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Christ is Raid, and the dark side is a bunch of cockroaches. “I command you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.” The dark side are the best teachers we have; take your authority and you’ll be okay.


Are you traveling any time soon? If so, be sure to say these prayers and listen to part two from 3:00 to 5:00!


For information about the Band of Mercy and other members of God’s Spirit Community, click here!


Astrology and Birth Charts

  • Edgar Cayce Association is a great place to look for star charts and other astrology related topics.
  • With birth charts, the exact time, place, and date of your birth all factor into producing your unique birth chart
    • If you incarnate from the Light and you have a specific purpose, you can plan to be born under specific circumstances so that your birth chart matches with your goals
      • You also get the negative traits with the positive traits, so these may be things that you have to overcome



  • When you reincarnate from the Light, you can often reincarnate with the same groups of people to learn lessons
  • You can incarnate with souls you have problems with
  • You can incarnate with your “twin soul”


Cellular Memory

  • If you travel to a certain place where a trauma occurred in a past life, or reach a certain age when a trauma occurred, past life cellular memory trauma can be reactivated
  • You should use kinesiology to get to the root of the issue, and tap it out as soon as possible!


Opening Up Your Abilities

  • If you see angels, demons, spirits, energy, and/or aliens, know that they are real and that you’re seeing these things because you’re supposed to.
  • Lower-level phenomenon (such as on paranormal shows) isn’t God- that’s earthbound spirits and demons.
  • The Daily Lifting will keep you safe!
  • There’s a lot of information out there, but a lot of it is misinformation and a lot of people who don’t know what they’re doing.
    • Kundalini yoga, for example, can be extremely dangerous when people don’t know what they’re doing.
  • Get in touch with your guides!
  • When you start using the information on a daily basis, you will open up! Using the names of God will raise your energy frequency!


Christ and the Demonic

  • Remember to take your authority through Christ against the demonic
  • Christ is Raid, and the demonic are cockroaches. Spritz, spritz!
  • The demonic will use people you care about to hurt you


Eggs and Bubbles

  • Pink Bubbles of Love
    • If people are unpleasant or nasty towards you, put them in a pink bubble!
    • “I would please ask the Band of Mercy to put a pink bubble of love around (this person, with an address if you have it) in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee”, or visualize a bubblegum pink bubble around them.
      • It’ll make them happy and nice, and it lasts around 12 hours.
    • This is an extremely positive thing, particularly if someone just needs to be uplifted.
  • Silver Mirrored Eggs as a Teacher
    • If someone is sending you directed negativity, you can put him or her in an egg that is mirrored on the inside, so that their negativity will reflect back upon themselves.
    • “I would please ask the Band of Mercy to place (name and address, if available) in a silver egg that is mirrored on the inside now, in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.”
    • This is also good for about 12 hours
  • For more information about bubbles and eggs, click here!


Negative Thought Forms (Part One, 35:00-44:00 and Part Two 0:00-3:00)

  • We manifest constantly! Unfortunately, we manifest negativity more frequently than we manifest positivity. We are co-creators of our universes!
  • Thoughts are things, and they can attach to people.
  • Thought forms are in geometric shapes that are pretty colors.
  • Native American shamans called manifested thought forms “tulpas”
  • For more information about negative thought forms, including information on how to remove them, click here!



  • Spirits can partake in poltergeist activity, but teenagers can manifest kinetic energy to move things. This usually happens around age 13 and lasts around a year, but the activity is prevalent when the child is angry at a parent or something similar.



  • Energies, ancient energies, and spirits can all attach and affect soldiers returning from war
  • The daily lifting is absolutely invaluable for soldiers returning from war


Calling upon Angelics

  • You must call upon the Archangel ____ and their legions
  • There is a large amount of angels in the different legions, and they have authority to work under that Archangel so than many people in many different places can all get help at the same time.
  • Angels can walk upon the Earth. They can either come as messengers, or they can be born in and have an entire life here.

2.6.2015 Session Notes

Please click here for the audio recording of the February 6th, 2015 NACC meeting.


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Attitude is everything!


The Power of Words

  • People don’t recognize that words carry specific vibrations that people often misconstrue. We take words for granted!
  • The Spirit Community recognizes the true, textbook definition of words, not what we think words mean
    • Care is a great example. We often use it in a positive way, but the definition connotes worry, anxiety, or concern
  • Words carry power!
    • Irritation brings sinus issues
    • Pain in the neck brings pains in the cervical region
    • Damning is REAL! Damnations are REAL!
    • Trust should be rare! You shouldn’t hand out your trust and it should be earned. If anyone tries to trigger guilt in you by saying “you don’t trust me? What have I done to lose your trust?!” you’re probably about to be conned.
  • Prayers are formulas, and these terms are interchangeable


Guides and Teachers

  • See God’s Spirit Community for more information about this
    • They are our caregivers!
  • Always ask for a “guide of” or “divine spirit of” whatever you need, but be sure to add “or whatever is deemed appropriate” to leave the door wide enough open to get the best results possible!
  • It’s important to build your authority with the spirit community, so that you can get the most appropriate help for your situation. The more you build your authority, the better results you’ll have!
  • If you have a lost animal, you can ask the Legion of Pan to bring your animal home safely in the name of Jesus Christ


Hand Placement for Prayers

  • Click here for more information
  • We pray with our hands open and out to send and receive the most energy
  • When you pray with your hands closed, you close yourself off to the energy


Heal Your Body by Louise Hay

  • You can use HYB to identify the psychological root of illnesses and injuries
  • Look at right side versus left side, the body part affected, and the illness/injury specifically
  • Use kinesiology to confirm your suspicions
  • When you identify an issue or something seems particularly relevant to you, use the first two fingers on your right hand and tap the area twice to release it
  • When you get tingles, it’s cured!
  • Part one, 28:00 to 31:00 shows this in action
  • Arthritis is based in guilt & resentment
  • For more information about relief from fibromyalgia, please click here



  • Autism is caused by the child being born without their soul being fully sealed into their body, possibly because of a lack of DNA/RNA integration prior to birth
    • Beginning at six months gestation, the soul begins to enter the physical body for periods of time to begin to adjust
  • To cure true autism, you would use the soul cleansing formula. This formula also works well for “bad seeds”. With both situations, the earlier in life you do this formula the better.
  • Vaccines DO NOT cause autism. This happens at BIRTH.



  • When people adopt children, the child intended to go to the birth parents
  • There are lessons involved for all parties


Nature/Legion of Pan

  • If you’re going to be pulling weeds, go out about 24 hours before and tell them that you’ll be pulling and that they should release their roots
  • Ask that the Legion of Pan do whatever they deem necessary to protect your garden and, in return, offer 20% of the garden to nature for whatever purposes necessary
  • The Legion of Pan is nature’s spirit community, and Pan is nature’s archangel
  • You can ask the Legion of Pan to reroute ants, water bugs, roaches (or whatever you have issues with) away from your house in the most appropriate way in the name of Jesus Christ… You can’t ask that they leave your property because they have the right to be in nature, but you can keep them from your dwelling.
    • If they don’t leave your dwelling, you can send them into the Light
  • You can look up the meaning of the animal species in Animal Speak by Ted Andrews to see what information they’re trying to tell you
    • Black spiders, black snakes, black bears, black dogs, and pigs can all be representations of the demonic in your dreams



  • Thanking God for everything you receive and asking for help in what you try to give really makes your life flow easier
  • Gratitude shown to each and every situation is a wonderful thing
    • It is particularly important to express gratitude to plants and animals that you consume
  • Ask for help in understanding lessons and situations, then give thanks for the growth that occurs as a result

11.15.2013 Session Notes

For the audio for the November 15th, 2013 NACC meeting, please click here.


Please click here for a PDF version


  • A ghost is a spirit, and a spirit is a human soul
  • Ghostbusting is low phenomena; it’s not good energy.
  • The spirits who often make themselves known are human souls who are stuck, and you have the responsibility of helping them
  • The issue with “ghostbusting” is that you have no idea what you’re gonna bring home with you
    • People go for the thrill of being scared like the movies, but it’s not the movies
    • It’s like bringing a Ouija board home with you
    • Human spirits will follow you home, but demonic will also follow you home too
      • There are nice humans and there are mean humans. You never know what you’re going to get!
      • The demonic will tear your world apart



  • They are not humans. Humans cannot become demonic, but humans can act demonic if they have been bound into service.



  • There’s a lot of concern over orbs because they show up in photographs
  • Orbs have been around for a very long time. They’re natural to Earth (not ET)
  • They were once called Foo Fighters
  • They can be a huge range of shapes and sizes- from tiny to the size of football fields
  • They’re NOT human souls, they’re interdimensional/dimensional parasites that help clean the Earth’s energy
  • Orbs are drawn to paranormal energy, battles, murders, so they can clean up the negative


Thought Forms

  • They appear as geometric shapes and as different bright colors
  • Negative thought forms can appear as many colors, not just red



  • Your Spirit Guides will appear as a white mist, or as white sparks of light


Nature Spirits

  • Nature spirits show up as multicolored sparks of light
  • An imp is a negative nature spirit (deva) that has fallen or has been bound into dark service. They’re demonic
    • Archangel Michael and his legions have authority over imps
    • They can be quite pesky
    • They’re always black with red eyes, and very unpleasant



  • When animals pass, they usually go directly into the light
    • Animals can be bound through cruelty and witchcraft
    • If they’re bound, you would use the following prayer:
      • I would please ask the Legion of Pan to release and unbind this animal and take them directly into the Light or into appropriate sanctuary through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ and in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.
    • They’ll stay for around 2 months, and they’ll help train your new puppy or kitten if you get one in that time frame


Spiritual Consent

  • 13 is the age of spiritual consent
  • You can no longer pray for them without their consent
  • Eventually, you praying for them will no longer work- they have to take responsibility for themselves


Iodized Table Salt

  • All negative energy is able to be cleared with iodized table salt
  • You can sprinkle salt, or put salt in water and sprinkle the water on the area
  • If you move into a new house, it’s best to perform the House Cleansing and Blessing
  • This goes back to the covenant of salt that God made with David, which stated that all items to be offered to God were to be offered with a measure of salt


Drugs and Alcohol

  • These open people up to spirit possession and demonic attack
  • You’re more susceptible to being influenced by outside forces when you use drugs and alcohol
  • Plus, if the spirit of an addict attaches to you, they get their fix and they may continue to use you to get their fix. In this situation, you could also become an addict.



  • We’re here to learn our lessons and we’re here to make mistakes
  • Make the same mistake once or twice, that’s okay. Make it more than twice? That’s just dumb.



  • The death process, when done naturally, is rather euphoric.
  • People’s aura will go in and out as they prepare to leave their physical body
  • Having your physical body die doesn’t mean you’re dead- you’re very much alive, aware, and alert. You just don’t have your meat suit.

12.19.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the audio for the December 19th, 2014 NACC meeting.

Please click here for a PDF version

Jesus Christ

  • Other information about Jesus Christ can be found here and here
  • People don’t appreciate the totality of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross
  • Jesus is not God
  • When He came in, He knew His mission
    • He was to be the Redeemer, not necessarily the Messiah
      • The Messiah was to free the Jewish people from the Romans
      • The Redeemer opened the path of Light to be with God again
    • It wasn’t about healing people, or showing God’s power on Earth
      • He did prove that God has power through us (spiritual gifts)
  • He knew He was to teach truth and wisdom, so that people could learn to do the same things as Him
    • He imparted as much knowledge as He could, to teach that this is a physical world and is meaningless; the true kingdom is in Heaven
    • He taught that all races, sexes, and creeds are equal. No human is greater or lesser than another.
    • He tried to teach His disciples that they could do everything He did and greater, but they had a hard time grasping that concept.
      • “What I do, you can do and greater.”
      • The disciples didn’t feel worthy of the gifts and abilities
      • Mary Magdalene was so close to Christ because she actually listened, learned, and took in the knowledge and understanding and used it
        • Many disciples were jealous of Mary because she used the knowledge
        • She sometimes gained more knowledge than they did because she truly listened and understood
  • Before the Crucifixion
    • The Last Supper came when it was time for Christ to hand Himself over
      • The bread was to remember His body, the wine to remember His blood
        • They didn’t really understand it at the time, but they did as He said
      • He went to the Garden of Gethsemane and pleaded with God to relieve Him of His burdens
      • Christ had to give himself completely over to the dark side, of His own free will, to do whatever they wished to do to Him.
      • When Judas kissed Jesus on the cheek, Jesus knew it was time
        • Judas knew that He was part of the plan, and that it was about redemption
      • The dark side beat Him, made Him carry the cross, put the nails in Him, and crucified Him
  • After the Crucifixion
    • After Jesus died, He went to Hell and faced Satan on his own turf.
    • Jesus created the tunnel of Light so that all, even those in Hell, could enter Heaven simply by accepting the Light
    • He stayed there for 3 days, our time, and redeemed many souls
    • When He returned to Earth, He told Mary Magdalene “don’t touch me, I’m not yet clean.” This referred to the uncleanliness of Hell that hadn’t been cleansed by the Light.
      • Mary didn’t recognize Him at first
    • He then preached for 40 days (the Pentecost)
  • Significance of the Crucifixion
    • If Jesus hadn’t suffered through the crucifixion, and given Himself over freely to the dark side, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to be redeemed
    • We are all shown the tunnel of Light, and we can all go to Heaven if we step into the Light. The Light doesn’t discriminate against anyone- serial murderers and rapists and “bad” people are all given that opportunity for learning and growth.
      • It’s even available to fallen angels (aka the demonic) as evidenced in Romans 11:23
      • Accepting the Light is accepting Christ and is the only way to Heaven.
    • The story of the crucifixion is outlined in the Apostles’ Creed.
  • Baptism
    • You can christen a child to offer protection
    • You shouldn’t baptize a child before the age of 13 because they have to make the choice to accept Christ as their lord and master of their own free will
      • 13 is the age of spiritual consent, and the dark side can (and will) bring the full force down on teenagers
    • Full baptism is optimal, as Christ was baptized by John the Baptist
    • Accepting Christ as your lord and master, and taking your authority through Christ provides you with the protection that you need
      • Satan is real, but standing through the authority of Christ protects you from Satan and his wrath
      • Taking authority and standing means that you respect others, you respect their choices, you don’t place the material world above God, and you aren’t afraid to say no.
  • Jesus left us the Holy Spirits to teach us
    • They’re not humans, they’re part of God
    • They are your Guides, and they have total knowledge about everything.
    • They were appointed to you so that they can teach you and comfort you
      • When they speak to you, it’s God speaking to you
    • Your Guides change from lifetime to lifetime to accommodate different levels of learning



  • Man began to de-evolve and fall away from God by disobeying orders
    • Nature began to shut us down, because we had become dangerous
  • Sin came again with Cain and Abel, and the resulting murder
    • At this point, the Heavens began to close
  • Christ’s sacrifice changed everything, because it allowed for the demonic to be redeemed



Physical Death

  • Your soul is immortal
  • “Dying” isn’t truly a death; it’s a matter of shedding your physical body
  • Your soul remains the same. You still have arms and legs, you can walk and you can talk (and hopefully somebody can hear you!)
  • If you’re in doubt, touch the table. If your hand goes through the table, you’re out of body.
    • Ask for the Light!
  • If it’s dim in the room, you can see the soul hovering above the body and then you can see the soul leave when they pass.
    • The soul will be lavender in color
    • If you can see auras, you should be able to see this easily
  • When children pass before age 13, there is usually an angel to receive them. If you have a spirit child in your home, you should use the following prayer formula:
    • I would please ask the Band of Mercy to bring forth loved ones and spirit healers for them, and either take them directly into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.



Seeing the Light

  • A lot of people will see loved ones, Angelics, and the Light when they’re still in body before they pass from natural causes.
  • If you were shot, or are in a car crash, and you look over and see your physical body, you should ask for the Light
  • Say your annual prayers to take out insurance so you don’t suffer with the confusion.
  • Animals go straight into the Light, so you can tell your animal the following:
    • “I love you, and I’m going to miss you terribly, but I’m going to help you get into the Light because I don’t want to see you in pain. When you see the Light, go into it.”




  • God isn’t a punishing God
  • He’ll let you punish yourself
  • He wants you to learn your lessons



Reincarnation and the Bible

  • It’s in the older versions of the Catholic Encyclopedia… It was accepted by the Church
  • It’s present in the Bible, but it’s scattered throughout
    • Constantine did his best to get it out of the Bible, but the essence remains
  • Justinia had a lot of the gospels destroyed because they referenced not needing a church or a middle-man to get to God
    • Gospels are the written accounts of specific timeframes.
  • No matter what, truth has always and will always remain in the Bible




  • Carol sampled many, many different religions looking for truth
  • The problem is, that man distorts religion and makes it his own and puts his stamp on it
  • The truth is a kernel in every religion of the world
    • God is real, Christ is real, Satan is real
      • Start there- if they don’t have these three truths, walk away.
    • Condemnation to Hell isn’t a truth.
    • Are there dogmas? Are they God’s laws or man’s laws?
      • If they serve to control, then walk away.



Hearing Animals

  • You’ll get your animal’s thoughts in your head
  • It’ll be simple, and accept it as your animal’s thoughts not your own
  • When you start, ask you dog if they’re hungry, or if they need to go outside
    • You speak verbally, and they’ll respond in your heads
  • There’s a law that was put into place after man fell from God to protect the animals… It says that animals aren’t supposed to communicate with humans
    • Animals don’t get in trouble, but with spiritual authority comes the permission to speak to animals



Exploring Past Lives

  • Kinesiology is the best way to find out past lives
    • If you have a place or a country you’re drawn to, finger test to find the answer
  • If you ever had dreams as a child where you were an adult in a different place, pay attention to those
    • Finger test about those
  • Listen from 1:10:00 to 1:15:00 to hear Carol talk about exploring past lives

8.15.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the August 15th, 2014 NACC meeting.


Please click here for a PDF version



  • People sometimes look at movies as being sheer entertainment, not a means of sending a message
  • Ghost and What Dreams May Come both have accurate information, but they’re not always viewed as such



  • Suicide is NOT a mental illness (Part One 2:00-4:00)
    • When you have a parent commit suicide, you get a legacy of suicide that you have to fight to overcome
      • You’re not your parent, and you can change your own programming
      • For Carol’s personal experiences with suicide, listen from 5:00-7:00
    • Presenting it as a mental illness shows that you’ll inherit it and there’s no way out
      • That suggests that it’s in your DNA and you’re condemned to commit suicide as well
    • It’s a highly dangerous theory
  • Factors that can contribute to depression that leads to suicide
    • Chemicals
    • Food allergies
    • Really bad programming from childhood
    • Bullying
    • Low self-esteem
    • Painful mental, physical, emotional ordeals
    • Voices in your head that tell the person to end it/kill themselves
  • If you have a legacy of suicide, you can remove it using the following prayer.
    • I would please ask Archangel Michael and his legions to remove any demons of suicide and the legacy of suicide from myself and my family (or the name and address of the person you have permission to pray for) now and place them into appropriate protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.
  • Suicide is a sin, and you become Earthbound until it’s your “time” to go, or until a loved one prays you into the Light
    • The sin is self-murder
    • If they think “I want to die” or “I want to kill myself”, that’s intent and that makes it a sin.
    • Even medically assisted suicides are self-murder
      • They bind themselves and they end up in pain
      • Part One, 15:00-16:00
    • If they don’t go into the Light, they can reincarnate from the Outer Darkness
      • Suicidal thoughts will kick in around the time when they committed suicide in their previous lifetime
        • If they were 24, the thoughts would kick in at 24
        • If they were 15, the thoughts would kick in at 15
      • If they don’t go into the Light, they can stay and influence others to commit suicide in a similar fashion.
        • All of the people who commit suicide will be bound there
        • Part One, 21:00-25:00
  • Refusing to accept medical treatment, or refusing to eat because you’re in pain doesn’t constitute suicide.
      • That’s death by natural causes
  • Putting animals down isn’t an issue.
    • Animals all go directly into the light, but they can come back for a period of about two months to help you get past losing them
      • If you get a new animal in that time frame, the deceased dog will train the new dog how to do all of the things you love
      • Animals will also come back to help their pack with the grieving process
        • Wolves and elephants grieve very ritualistically


Soul Groups

  • When a tragedy occurs and a large amount of people die in a similar fashion because of unlearned lessons, they’ll reincarnate in similar groups
    • Holocaust is a great example
  • Reasons and situations vary, but we go through tragedies together in order to overcome them


Crystal Skulls

  • Most aren’t authentic
    • A lot of mythology
    • Take all the stories with a grain of salt
      • Especially what’s on TV and the Internet
    • If you get a bad vibe, walk away
  • Carol worked with one in San Francisco when she was in her 20s
    • Knowledge was placed into the skull
    • She got images of Mayan culture and chanting
    • It affected her in a positive way


Positive Attitude

  • It’s important to keep a positive attitude and a positive mindset
  • When things happen and you just can’t get in a positive mindset, it can be helpful to give yourself 30 minutes to be not so positive.
    • After the 30 minutes is up, tell yourself “I can’t change this situation, I can’t fix the world, I can’t fix other people, I can only fix myself.”
    • Then you psych yourself into being in a good mood in the now.
  • Keep aware of the truth and of the news, but don’t get sucked into the dramatization and what is spun out of context
    • Learn to discern truths


Ley Lines and Odic Force 

  • The Earth is its own body, Gaia, with bloodlines (filled with water) and chakras
  • Ley lines are water lines on the Earth
    • When they intersect, they create power points called vortices
      • A vortex is a place where energy is released
        • Mount Albán in Oaxaca, Mexico is an example
        • Carol has 5 springs under the Center
          • Part One 45:00-48:00
        • Hot Springs is a major power point
        • Hell’s Half-Acre is a powerful one
      • Vortices open and contract
      • They will magnify the power of manifestation and prayer
    • Negative activity and worship can cause negative, unnatural vortices to be formed
      • Consult Vortex E-on Jah for assistance if there is one on your property
  • Crystals have an immense amount of power, as well
    • Humans have tiny, tiny crystals in our pineal and pituitary glands.
      • Calcification of these glands is a bigger problem than being able to use your third eye- it leads to Parkinson’s disease
    • See Programming Your Crystals for more information
  • Odic force is your blood
    • It carries your life force
      • Which is why people used to do blood rituals and sacrifices involving the human heart
    • If you’re mediumistic or highly sensitive, then it’s important to eat a rare or medium rare steak once a week to keep your energy levels up
      • If you believe that what you’re doing, consuming, or eating is harmful, then it will be harmful. If you believe that it’s good, then it will be good.
        • Genetic issues can cause issues with food, so this is excluding those issues
      • Vegetables have consciousness, too. So eating raw veggies is eating them alive.
    • For more information about Od and the Odic Force, consult Communication with the Spirit World of God by Johannes Greber





  • There are no coincidences, and there’s an underlying root.
  • According to Heal Your Body, accidents are an inability to speak up for yourself, rebellion against authority, belief in violence
  • If you get a cold, you’ve over-burdened yourself and weakened your immune system and you need down time



  • There is a reason for EVERYTHING… It’s our lessons!
  • We’re always in school!
    • We forget this because we get bogged down in the material
    • We’re not here to save the world, spread the world of our truth, or fix other people. We’re here to be an example to others. If you get to a place that you can genuinely help others by using your talents, that’s awesome. But work on yourself first.
    • We’re spiritual beings in a material world, and we forget this.
  • Be true to yourself, and don’t sacrifice yourself for others
  • Sometimes we come in with problems so that we can learn our lessons
  • We choose our parents coming in, which means that they can be our biggest teachers
  • We choose our lessons, how we present ourselves, and our parents unless we incarnate from the Outer Darkness
    • If this happens, you take what you can get.
    • It makes it very difficult during that lifetime
    • You’ll do it over and over and over until you go into the Light


Going into the Light

  • It’s a fresh start
  • It cleanses you of old baggage, allows you to see what you need to see to learn, and it helps you to choose the right people for your next incarnation
  • The Dark Side doesn’t want us to go into the Light
    • They tell us we’ll be judged, we’ll be sent to hell, that we’re born of sin
    • They want us to be afraid of dying and of judgment, and of what the afterlife may or may not be
    • Knowledge is POWER
  • Our guides and angels aren’t available to us in the Outer Darkness
  • Your heaven will be what you imagine heaven to be like
    • It’s sort of like Earth. There are different cultures, different belief systems, that sort of thing. They will, once they move past their belief systems, ultimately come into truth (if they choose to)
    • Each planet has its own dimensions, so you don’t want to be an astronaut and die on another planet
  • ANYONE can go into the Light, but you have to choose to go into the Light
    • Our ultimate goal should be to help people get into the Light


Spirit Guides

  • Every human has 3 spirit guides, at a minimum, who are the Holy Spirits
  • You can have more according to your path in life and how many people you affect
  • From Part Two, 2:30-6:30, Carol discusses seeing her guides and how to see other guides
  • You can earn higher guides over incarnations by spiritually evolving, learning, and growing
    • They teach us at the appropriate level for soul growth, in terms that you’ll understand



  • Hell is separation from God. This can be on Earth or in the afterlife
  • You do not get “sent” to hell, but you can bind yourself there.


7.18.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the July 18th, 2014 NACC meeting.

Please click here for a PDF version

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s” Mark 12:17

  • God doesn’t require a religion or a church
  • God is in everything, and is everywhere
  • God is most forgiving and understanding
  • God loves each and every one of us unconditionally.
  • Most manmade laws and punishments are just that- manmade. They’re not God’s.
    • We’re our own worst enemies and judges
  • Give man what is man’s (judgment, punishment, cruelty) and give to God what is God’s (unconditional acceptance and love)



  • When you pray for things like strength, courage, and wisdom, you’re given tests to develop these characteristics. This is the hard route… Don’t take the hard route!
    • Instead of praying for that characteristic, ask for the Divine Spirits of that characteristic to be with you and work with you and aid you in whatever ways are deemed appropriate in the name of Jesus Christ (don’t forget to say please and thank you!)
      • There’s a Divine Spirit of everything… Prosperity, anger management. Think spiritual, mental, emotional growth. Divine Spirits are angelic.
      • There are also Guides of mechanics, arts… Think the tangible things. These are human masters of certain areas.
  • The information Carol gives us is a loophole
    • The Daily Lifting is a huge loophole that was 30 years in the making.




  • Suicides, even medically assisted suicides, are considered self-murder. These break spiritual law and cause you to be bound to the Earth plane for a specific period of time (usually until it is your natural time to go). Suicides can be prayed into the Light with the Formula.
  • “Pulling the plug” and refusing medical treatment don’t equate to suicide. This equates to letting nature take its course and doesn’t break any spiritual law.
  • Putting animals down doesn’t break spiritual law… It’s different.


Spiritual Marriage

  • A coming together of two souls through love, for the common good of each other
  • Carol is a licensed minister and can marry people legally and spiritually.
  • You can be spiritually married without being legally married
  • Parting because you no longer love each other equates to spiritual divorce.
  • You have had numerous husbands and wives throughout your lifetimes
    • These are the people you meet and have that instantaneous “spark”
    • The “where have you been all my life?” “oh my goodness, who are you?” feelings are indicative of past life relationships.



  • Sin is in the intent
  • If you think it’s wrong, then it’s wrong.



  • Those who are spiritually connected and have completed their work tend to die quickly and easily. Those who are not tend to fight death.
  • When you die, you step out of your physical body (your “meat suit”) and you become who you truly are- your soul
  • Leaving your physical body doesn’t mean that you’re no longer in a physical state.
  • The soul is a material body that retains the shape and characteristics of your physical body, and it stays that way until you get a new body.
    • When you get a new body, it molds to the new body
    • The soul is material, which is why you can photograph “dead” people
    • The soul is at a higher vibration, which is why we can’t readily see them with our eyes.
      • When spirits want to become visible, they have to slow their vibration down
  • If you go into the Light, you get some perks (why it’s called Heaven!)
    • You take the clothes with you that you’re buried in, or you can appear in other garments. With cremations, you can appear in your favorite outfit from your lifetime.
    • You can appear at whatever size or age you want to be
    • Heaven is the same for all creatures
  • “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams has some great basic truths, particularly regarding suicides and levels of Hell
    • Hell is a disconnection from God
  • “Ghost” with Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze is full of great truths



  • Can take minutes (in places like India, where reincarnation is a belief system) or years
  • Length of time depends on if you go into the Light or incarnate from the Outer Darkness
    • Incarnating from the Outer Darkness means that you come in with baggage and issues.
      • You can use the Soul Cleansing Formula for help with these issues
      • Soul Cleansing is helpful with ADD, sociopathic behavior, and bipolar disorder.


  • People aren’t orbs.
  • Orbs are parasites/bugs that feed on negative energy and situations.
  • Negative parasites can attach to you and suck all of your energy and you’ll feel very drained. To get rid of them, use the following formula:
    • “I would please ask the Interdimensional/Dimensional Band of Mercy to remove all dimensional/interdimensional parasites from me now and do whatever they deem necessary with them, in the name of Shemhamfarash and in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.
    • See God’s Spirit Community for more information



  • Don’t dabble haphazardly, because it can be very dangerous to produce low-level phenomena
  • Phenomena can be useful for proving that there are no limitations, and there is a great amount of freedom in this
  • Manifesting, when done incorrectly, can bite you in the butt BIG TIME!


Should I “work through” issues?

  • You’re not in the past, or in the future. You’re in the now, and work in it.
  • Learn from your past and RELEASE IT!
  • Don’t try to “work through” all of your issues! That can causes traumas
  • You can use kinesiology to find the root of the issue, and find your blocks
    • Name the blockage, ask that it be removed from your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, dissolve and release it and return it back to God, and restore everything to the state that God originally intended thee to be, in the name of Jesus Christ.
    • You can also use Flower Essences to tweak and remove blockages.
      • Bleeding Heart is great when you can’t say “no” and when you want to “fix” other people


Israel Conflict, Summer 2014

  • Spiritually, the Jewish people are protected by God
  • These conflicts have been going on for thousands of years. It’s a pattern.
  • Israel will be fine.

Releasing Past Life Traumas

Please click here for a PDF version

Our soul is immortal, and as such, we live countless amounts of lives in the physical realm. Unfortunately, we don’t always completely relieve ourselves of the traumas and ailments of our previous lives, and this can catch up to us in our current life. When this happens, it is important that we learn the lessons associated with these traumas and release them so that we can avoid repeating patterns that are not conducive to our spiritual growth.


Past life traumas can be activated in a variety of ways. Some are time-sensitive, and activate when you reach the age you where when the trauma occurred in your previous life. Some are activated by meeting a person whom you’ve experienced certain situations with in previous lives. Others are activated by traveling to a location where you lived or died in a previous life; in a past life, you left your soul’s signature energy at that location and can pick up and activate traumas, but also gifts and talents that you possessed in that life. While there is a positive to picking up on energy from past lives, it can cause serious pain and illness, so releasing these issues can sometimes be life saving.


Obsessions with certain people and places are indicative of past-life cycles that are being repeated. The first step in releasing past-life cycles that involve other people is to forgive. This can be done by saying the following: “I would please ask forgiveness on a soul level from (the person) from all past lives through present and I also ask for forgiveness from (the person) from all past lives through present in the name of Jesus Christ and I th


Kinesiology is an incredibly useful tool in working through past life issues. First, you identify that it is indeed a past life issue. Once you’ve established this, you then ask questions about the lesson involved (this may take a little time and several questions). After you’ve worked through the lesson(s), you then ask if it’s appropriate to “tap the issue out.” If you get a yes, proceed. If you get a no, you have not fully learned the lessons and need to spend more time evaluating the situation.


If your past-life issue involves a person, you must first determine, using kinesiology, how many lives you lived with the person in question. You then tap the affected area, one tap for each past life; five past lives would require five taps, three past lives would require three taps, etc.


When it’s appropriate to release the past life issue, you begin by taking your first two fingers of your right hand. You then bring the issue and lessons to the front of your mind, and while speaking the keywords aloud, tap twice on your root chakra. You then tap twice on your sacral chakra, repeating the keywords aloud. Continue this process on your solar plexus, your heart chakra, your throat chakra, your third eye, and your crown chakra. You then tap twice on each shoulder, the insides of each elbow, and the inside of each palm while stating the keywords aloud with each tap. After you’ve completed all of your taps, you then place 7 drops of Walnut Flower Essence under your tongue and let it dissipate on its own. You should feel lighter afterwards, and you might feel the need to rest.


For information about Walnut Flower Essences and other Flower Essences, contact the Carol Pate Psychic Center at 1-501-888-8056.


Click here for a PDF version

Psychic information, according to the dictionary, is that “of the soul.” Kinesiology, or finger testing, is the best way of accessing your soul’s knowledge; it’s relatively foolproof and available to everyone. In order to practice kinesiology, you first connect your middle finger and thumb of both hands to form two separate circles, and then interlock these circles. You then give your soul permission to hold for the answer “no” and pull, allowing the circles to hold their connection. Next, you give your soul permission to break for the answer “yes” and pull, allowing the circles to break their connection. Right-handed people pull with their left hand, left-handers with their right. Once you’ve established this, you’re in contact with your soul. You can ask your soul questions, and it will answer through your pull; if it holds, the answer is no and if it breaks, the answer is yes. Stronger and weaker answers via finger testing equate to stronger and weaker answers of your questions.


You can also count with your finger circles. For example, if you want to know how many times you lived with a person, ask this and then pull. If it breaks the first time, then you lived one life with that person. If it holds four times and breaks on the fifth, then you lived five lives with that person. Count only in increments of one!


Once you become proficient with your finger circles, you’ll often hear a whisper just before the answer is given via kinesiology. Once you get this whisper, you can ask the whisper questions and get information directly without using your fingers.


It is of the utmost importance to keep this connection PURE. You cannot use kinesiology for questions about the future, or for anyone else. You can only use kinesiology for questions about yourself regarding the past and the present. If you want to know if something is spiritual truth, you can ask. If you want to determine allergies, or if something is good or bad for you, you can use finger testing to ask.


With an illness, you can use kinesiology to ask if it’s physical, emotional, mental/psychological, or spiritual; it can be one of these issues, two of these issues, or all of these issues. If it were an emotional or mental issue, you would then use Heal Your Body by Louise Hay to help identify the root of these issues. Once you’ve identified the root, tap the affected area twice with your two fingers. Tingles and relief should come immediately.