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3.20.2015 Session Notes

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Christ is Raid, and the dark side is a bunch of cockroaches. “I command you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.” The dark side are the best teachers we have; take your authority and you’ll be okay.


Are you traveling any time soon? If so, be sure to say these prayers and listen to part two from 3:00 to 5:00!


For information about the Band of Mercy and other members of God’s Spirit Community, click here!


Astrology and Birth Charts

  • Edgar Cayce Association is a great place to look for star charts and other astrology related topics.
  • With birth charts, the exact time, place, and date of your birth all factor into producing your unique birth chart
    • If you incarnate from the Light and you have a specific purpose, you can plan to be born under specific circumstances so that your birth chart matches with your goals
      • You also get the negative traits with the positive traits, so these may be things that you have to overcome



  • When you reincarnate from the Light, you can often reincarnate with the same groups of people to learn lessons
  • You can incarnate with souls you have problems with
  • You can incarnate with your “twin soul”


Cellular Memory

  • If you travel to a certain place where a trauma occurred in a past life, or reach a certain age when a trauma occurred, past life cellular memory trauma can be reactivated
  • You should use kinesiology to get to the root of the issue, and tap it out as soon as possible!


Opening Up Your Abilities

  • If you see angels, demons, spirits, energy, and/or aliens, know that they are real and that you’re seeing these things because you’re supposed to.
  • Lower-level phenomenon (such as on paranormal shows) isn’t God- that’s earthbound spirits and demons.
  • The Daily Lifting will keep you safe!
  • There’s a lot of information out there, but a lot of it is misinformation and a lot of people who don’t know what they’re doing.
    • Kundalini yoga, for example, can be extremely dangerous when people don’t know what they’re doing.
  • Get in touch with your guides!
  • When you start using the information on a daily basis, you will open up! Using the names of God will raise your energy frequency!


Christ and the Demonic

  • Remember to take your authority through Christ against the demonic
  • Christ is Raid, and the demonic are cockroaches. Spritz, spritz!
  • The demonic will use people you care about to hurt you


Eggs and Bubbles

  • Pink Bubbles of Love
    • If people are unpleasant or nasty towards you, put them in a pink bubble!
    • “I would please ask the Band of Mercy to put a pink bubble of love around (this person, with an address if you have it) in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee”, or visualize a bubblegum pink bubble around them.
      • It’ll make them happy and nice, and it lasts around 12 hours.
    • This is an extremely positive thing, particularly if someone just needs to be uplifted.
  • Silver Mirrored Eggs as a Teacher
    • If someone is sending you directed negativity, you can put him or her in an egg that is mirrored on the inside, so that their negativity will reflect back upon themselves.
    • “I would please ask the Band of Mercy to place (name and address, if available) in a silver egg that is mirrored on the inside now, in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.”
    • This is also good for about 12 hours
  • For more information about bubbles and eggs, click here!


Negative Thought Forms (Part One, 35:00-44:00 and Part Two 0:00-3:00)

  • We manifest constantly! Unfortunately, we manifest negativity more frequently than we manifest positivity. We are co-creators of our universes!
  • Thoughts are things, and they can attach to people.
  • Thought forms are in geometric shapes that are pretty colors.
  • Native American shamans called manifested thought forms “tulpas”
  • For more information about negative thought forms, including information on how to remove them, click here!



  • Spirits can partake in poltergeist activity, but teenagers can manifest kinetic energy to move things. This usually happens around age 13 and lasts around a year, but the activity is prevalent when the child is angry at a parent or something similar.



  • Energies, ancient energies, and spirits can all attach and affect soldiers returning from war
  • The daily lifting is absolutely invaluable for soldiers returning from war


Calling upon Angelics

  • You must call upon the Archangel ____ and their legions
  • There is a large amount of angels in the different legions, and they have authority to work under that Archangel so than many people in many different places can all get help at the same time.
  • Angels can walk upon the Earth. They can either come as messengers, or they can be born in and have an entire life here.

11.7.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying notes for the November 7th, 2014 NACC meeting.

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If you don’t ask for help, in this lifetime or on the other side, you won’t get it. You have to work for everything; you don’t truly learn anything until you experience it yourself.


There are no limitations in God.


Designed and Created by God

  • People lack self-esteem and self-worth
    • We tend to base it on how few mistakes we make, but this is wrong.
    • We are here to make mistakes!!! We learn through our mistakes!
      • Knowingly making mistakes is rebelling, so don’t do that
      • But you can ask your guides to show you where you’re making your mistakes!
        • “I would please ask my guides to show me where I’m making my mistakes. Please be obvious, and please be as gentle as possible. Thank you.”
      • If anyone has an issue with your life and mistakes, remember that it’s none of their business.
  • If we acknowledge that we are created and designed by God and are a part of God, yet still have low self-esteem and self-worth, what does that say about God?
  • God designed each of us individually, just like individual snowflakes
    • No two people are exactly alike, even twins
    • Even in the entire universe, God knows us individually, loves us individually, and has put into place an entire Spirit Community to aid us individually
  • God created us each as a perfect soul, without flaw
    • We incarnate over time, and it is our free will choice whether we go into the Light between incarnations.
      • If we incarnate from the Light, we choose our parents, our body, our lessons, and we put into place protective measures to ensure that we don’t skip our lessons and we learn what we need to learn.
        • You don’t meet your Guides until you incarnate, but you can ask for spiritual beings in Heaven to help you create your lessons. You have to know to ask for help on the other side, though.
        • Incarnating from the Light can still leave you with baggage if you set up lessons out of guilt and try to “overcorrect” the situations. God doesn’t choose our lessons, we do, and we are harsher on ourselves that God ever will be.
      • If you incarnate from the Outer Darkness, you don’t get these opportunities. You may be born into a crippled body or you may end up in the wrong gendered body.
      • Some incarnations are to experience certain situations that are advantageous to our growth.
        • To listen to Carol speak more on this, listen to Part One, from 19:00-22:00
    • We use our free will to make choices. Sometimes, they’re good choices. Sometimes, they’re choices that distort the perfect soul that God created
      • Free will and ego are constantly in battle and constantly trying to balance each other out
        • Ego isn’t created by God, it’s created by man
        • Most of the time, ego is very unhealthy
        • The majority of human beings have too much ego or a lack of ego; they either think too highly of themselves or not highly enough of themselves.
      • When we make mistakes, it usually takes several times for us to make a change.
        • We don’t want to realize that it was our mistakes


Growing When You Cross Over

  • There is spiritual help available to you if you ask for it
    • Ask the appropriate members of God’s Spirit Community, who have authority with what you need, to help you
      • Divine Spirits assist you in gently developing certain attributes. DO NOT just ask for these attributes, or you’ll be given tests to develop it.
        • Patience, wisdom, strength, knowledge, tolerance, maturity
      • Guides bring you help with what you ask for
        • Painting, psychology, mechanics, TV repair
      • Your guides bring you knowledge
      • Angels and their legions have specific purposes
        • Guardian angels, messenger angels, and Archangels all have specific purpose
      • There are opportunities for higher evolvement and higher spiritual learning
        • The absolute key to spiritual evolvement is just to ask
        • Your free will is to ask or not to ask
      • Religion teaches a lot of misinformation about what to expect when you pass, that you’ll be taken directly into Heaven or Hell depending on how you lived. This is just wrong.


Growing In This Lifetime

  • Then you can ask them to teach you. You don’t have to ask big questions, but you do have to get the ball rolling.



  • If people drain your energy, your best bet is to get a carnelian bracelet
  • If a person has the ability to reach out psychically to manipulate you, then you should visualize a door slamming. When you feel them reaching into you psychically, imagine a heavy metal garage door slamming between you and him or her, as hard as you can possibly imagine. They’ll stop messing with you.


The Demonic

  • The dark side is always there to discredit God, destroy faith, and isolate you from truth
  • The dark side will try to get you to take your protections off so that they can do whatever they want to you.
    • They’ll make your cross, pentagram, or Shaddai feel warm, itchy, uncomfortable
      • If the upside-down triangle on your silver Shaddai turns black, you’re under attack or you’re in danger. When you’re no longer under attack or in danger, it will turn silver again.
    • This means you’re in a dangerous place and you should leave immediately


Names of God

  • There are 72 names, and each name represents a different attribute of God
  • Each name of God has a legion of angels with specific authorities and jurisdictions
  • Shekinah is the female aspects of God
  • Shemhamfarash is the name that encompasses all 72 aspects of God
  • We don’t know the true name of God, so we also use “the Unknown Name of God”


God’s Spirit Community

  • The B’Nai Or are the 70 sects of the Great White Brotherhood
    • The B’Nai Or doesn’t remove beings, but they offer protection against negative universal entities


Portals & Vortexes (Part Two, 15:50 – 23:00)

  • Portals transport you from one place to another
    • It’s interdimensional and you can go between different times
    • Portals really do exist! They’re cool and you’re not crazy.
    • Disappearing Cemetery of Biloxi, Mississippi and the Palace at Versailles both have portals
  • Vortexes are spinning energy locations that expand and contract

7.18.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the July 18th, 2014 NACC meeting.

Please click here for a PDF version

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s” Mark 12:17

  • God doesn’t require a religion or a church
  • God is in everything, and is everywhere
  • God is most forgiving and understanding
  • God loves each and every one of us unconditionally.
  • Most manmade laws and punishments are just that- manmade. They’re not God’s.
    • We’re our own worst enemies and judges
  • Give man what is man’s (judgment, punishment, cruelty) and give to God what is God’s (unconditional acceptance and love)



  • When you pray for things like strength, courage, and wisdom, you’re given tests to develop these characteristics. This is the hard route… Don’t take the hard route!
    • Instead of praying for that characteristic, ask for the Divine Spirits of that characteristic to be with you and work with you and aid you in whatever ways are deemed appropriate in the name of Jesus Christ (don’t forget to say please and thank you!)
      • There’s a Divine Spirit of everything… Prosperity, anger management. Think spiritual, mental, emotional growth. Divine Spirits are angelic.
      • There are also Guides of mechanics, arts… Think the tangible things. These are human masters of certain areas.
  • The information Carol gives us is a loophole
    • The Daily Lifting is a huge loophole that was 30 years in the making.




  • Suicides, even medically assisted suicides, are considered self-murder. These break spiritual law and cause you to be bound to the Earth plane for a specific period of time (usually until it is your natural time to go). Suicides can be prayed into the Light with the Formula.
  • “Pulling the plug” and refusing medical treatment don’t equate to suicide. This equates to letting nature take its course and doesn’t break any spiritual law.
  • Putting animals down doesn’t break spiritual law… It’s different.


Spiritual Marriage

  • A coming together of two souls through love, for the common good of each other
  • Carol is a licensed minister and can marry people legally and spiritually.
  • You can be spiritually married without being legally married
  • Parting because you no longer love each other equates to spiritual divorce.
  • You have had numerous husbands and wives throughout your lifetimes
    • These are the people you meet and have that instantaneous “spark”
    • The “where have you been all my life?” “oh my goodness, who are you?” feelings are indicative of past life relationships.



  • Sin is in the intent
  • If you think it’s wrong, then it’s wrong.



  • Those who are spiritually connected and have completed their work tend to die quickly and easily. Those who are not tend to fight death.
  • When you die, you step out of your physical body (your “meat suit”) and you become who you truly are- your soul
  • Leaving your physical body doesn’t mean that you’re no longer in a physical state.
  • The soul is a material body that retains the shape and characteristics of your physical body, and it stays that way until you get a new body.
    • When you get a new body, it molds to the new body
    • The soul is material, which is why you can photograph “dead” people
    • The soul is at a higher vibration, which is why we can’t readily see them with our eyes.
      • When spirits want to become visible, they have to slow their vibration down
  • If you go into the Light, you get some perks (why it’s called Heaven!)
    • You take the clothes with you that you’re buried in, or you can appear in other garments. With cremations, you can appear in your favorite outfit from your lifetime.
    • You can appear at whatever size or age you want to be
    • Heaven is the same for all creatures
  • “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams has some great basic truths, particularly regarding suicides and levels of Hell
    • Hell is a disconnection from God
  • “Ghost” with Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze is full of great truths



  • Can take minutes (in places like India, where reincarnation is a belief system) or years
  • Length of time depends on if you go into the Light or incarnate from the Outer Darkness
    • Incarnating from the Outer Darkness means that you come in with baggage and issues.
      • You can use the Soul Cleansing Formula for help with these issues
      • Soul Cleansing is helpful with ADD, sociopathic behavior, and bipolar disorder.


  • People aren’t orbs.
  • Orbs are parasites/bugs that feed on negative energy and situations.
  • Negative parasites can attach to you and suck all of your energy and you’ll feel very drained. To get rid of them, use the following formula:
    • “I would please ask the Interdimensional/Dimensional Band of Mercy to remove all dimensional/interdimensional parasites from me now and do whatever they deem necessary with them, in the name of Shemhamfarash and in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.
    • See God’s Spirit Community for more information



  • Don’t dabble haphazardly, because it can be very dangerous to produce low-level phenomena
  • Phenomena can be useful for proving that there are no limitations, and there is a great amount of freedom in this
  • Manifesting, when done incorrectly, can bite you in the butt BIG TIME!


Should I “work through” issues?

  • You’re not in the past, or in the future. You’re in the now, and work in it.
  • Learn from your past and RELEASE IT!
  • Don’t try to “work through” all of your issues! That can causes traumas
  • You can use kinesiology to find the root of the issue, and find your blocks
    • Name the blockage, ask that it be removed from your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, dissolve and release it and return it back to God, and restore everything to the state that God originally intended thee to be, in the name of Jesus Christ.
    • You can also use Flower Essences to tweak and remove blockages.
      • Bleeding Heart is great when you can’t say “no” and when you want to “fix” other people


Israel Conflict, Summer 2014

  • Spiritually, the Jewish people are protected by God
  • These conflicts have been going on for thousands of years. It’s a pattern.
  • Israel will be fine.