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9.6.2013 Session Notes

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Lifetimes and Lessons

  • Provided that we incarnate from the Light, we are given the opportunity to script our next lifetime
    • We choose what we want to accomplish, how we’re going to do it, who is going to help us along the way, etc.
  • If we incarnate from the Outer Darkness, we carry our “baggage” with us into the next lifetime
    • Traumas, fears, etc
    • This gets in our way
  • If you need help finding your correct path, you can ask your Guides for help
    • Say “Guides, I would please ask for your help in finding the right path that will be to my highest good and provide the most opportunities for knowledge and growth and evolvement, and I ask this in the name of my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, and I thank thee”
    • They’ll begin to help you
  • Look at everything that happens to you and try to find the lesson
    • Look for what you can learn from each experience and how you can grow as a result of your experience
    • This helps your Guides help you!
  • This is a place of learning and evolvement, and when you understand this and ask for help from God and your Guides, you’ll get better results
  • Sometimes, we have people placed in our lives to teach us, but it may not be a positive experience



Human Nature

  • As human beings, we’re self-centered
    • We have to be about ourselves… We’re all we have!
    • We need to set boundaries, be honest, and be good examples
  • You have to learn how to balance others and self
    • You should never put anyone before yourself
      • If you sacrifice, you’ll burn out
    • You have to be okay to be able to take care of others
  • It’s a healthy balance of giving and receiving
  • We have to take responsibility for ourselves, our choices, and our actions
    • There are consequences for everything that we do
  • ALL souls are precious to God; there is no one greater or lesser




  • Vortexes spin; they open and they close
  • There are natural ones all over the Earth




  • Daily exercise, like walking or dancing is best
  • Eating a balanced diet is best
    • This means not excluding entire food groups based off of fad diet claims
    • Obviously if you have allergies or sensitivities, then abide by your doctor’s suggestions
  • Hyper-sensitive individuals often need red meat
    • Steak cooked rare or medium rare is best
  • If you truly believe that something is bad for you, then it will be bad for you
    • You’ll manifest what you believe




  • It’s hard being here on the Earth plane!
    • If we’re empathic, we pick up on other peoples’ negative energy
    • Spirits can attach to us and can affect us and influence us
    • There are places where there is a lot of negative energy (due to ley lines or vortexes, perhaps) or it’s really spiritually active, and that can affect us as well
    • The demonic like to mess with us, too
  • Unfortunately, most people don’t have a clue about all of the possibilities
  • The whole point is learning and evolvement



  • Carol’s not afraid of dying, she’s afraid of being injured and not dying
    • Take out your spiritual insurance (the annual prayers) so that you’ll go into the Light
  • Animals go into the Light automatically
    • You can ask the Legion of Pan to ease their pain, or remove their pain, in the name of Jesus Christ
  • People who have near-death experiences come back very psychically in tune



Legion of Pan

  • Pan handles all aspects of nature, living and dying
    • Nature’s archangel, if you will
    • Marigold is Pan’s right-hand woman
  • You can ask the Legion of Pan to help you find a lost dog or cat (in the name of Jesus)
  • If you’re lost in the woods, you can ask the Legion of Pan to help you find your way out (in the name of Jesus)
  • If you have fire ants or cockroaches, you can ask the Legion of Pan to remove them from your dwelling (in the name of Jesus)
    • You can’t ask that they be removed from your yard, because that’s their domain
  • Each specie has a type of guardian angel assigned to protect them, called Devas
    • Devas of dogs, devas of cats, devas of cows, devas of whales, etc.
  • Nature spirits appear as multicolored sparks of light
  • Hunters who gleefully kill and murder animals can have animals attached
    • They’ll have a lot of back pain from where the animals attach in with their little claws
  • If you garden, you can ask the Legion of Pan to help you with your garden and then you donate 20% of the garden to nature as is needed




  • God is intelligence and consciousness
    • That consciousness is aware of you, and (hopefully) you are aware of it
  • The universe is the bloodstream of God
    • Everything you see is a part of God
  • There are 72 different names and aspects of God
  • God is unending; there’s no beginning or end
  • God is infinite
  • God is creator, we are co-creators
  • God is the source of all
    • Our Guides bring us information directly from source
      • They’re our master teachers and comforters
      • They can teach you about anything you want to know, you just have to ask



Spiritual Gifts

  • 1 Corinthians 12:1-11
    • “Now about the gifts of the Spirit, brothers and sisters, I do not want you to be uninformed. You know that when you were pagans, somehow or other you were influenced and led astray to mute idols. Therefore I want you to know that no one who is speaking by the Spirit of God says, “Jesus be cursed,” and no one can say, “Jesus is Lord,” except by the Holy Spirit. There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work. Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues. All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines.”



Jesus Christ



The Dark Side

  • Demons are fallen angels. They’re not people, they’re not entities, they’re fallen angels.
    • They become exactly 180* opposite of what they were as an angel
  • NEVER challenge a demon
    • Command them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ
    • Ask Archangel Michael and his legions to remove whatever is attached to, affecting, or influencing you, your family, your pets, your home, your property, and all that you have domain over and place them into protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus Christ



Past Life Connection

  • If you have any emotional response (positive or negative) to a person, place, or thing then you’ve got a past life connection to it/them

9.20.2013 Session Notes

Please click here for the audio recording for the September 20th, 2013 NACC meeting.

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If you ever try to put your hand on a table and it goes through the table, you have passed and you should ask for the Light!



  • People can attach to other people, objects, etc. when they pass
  • It’s best not to be too dependent or attached to anyone or anything
  • It’s best to say the lifting on a daily basis to ensure that you don’t have other souls attached to you
  • People who are sensitive are more likely to be “bothered” by spirits
    • They may want to get a message across, get help, give you a hard time, etc.
    • It’s our responsibility to get them into the Light
      • We do this using the Lifting
      • If an emergency, you can ask the Band of Mercy to remove them in the name of Jesus Christ and they’ll take care of it



  • Manifestations need to be spoken aloud
  • Ask that it come with no harm to yourself or anyone involved, and that it be to the highest good for yourself and everyone involved


Eggs and Bubbles

  • For more information about eggs and bubbles, please click here
  • Silver mirrored eggs are great protections
    • Mirrored on the outside and filled with White Light
  • You can ask for an egg of white light to be placed around you
    • You can walk into a crowded room and people will notice you
  • You can ask to be placed in a subdued golden bubble (not shimmery gold)
    • You’ll walk into the same crowded room and no one will notice you
    • It doesn’t make you invisible, but people will sort of ignore you
    • You can also put golden bubbles around people who are going to hurt themselves


Getting Along with Family

  • Stay out of their business
  • Don’t give them too much information about your business
    • That way they don’t have anything to come back on you with
  • Don’t give them advice. If they ask for it, understand that they may not take it.
  • Respect their right to be wrong (in your eyes) and to make bad/poor choices.
  • Don’t be afraid to say the word “no”!
    • You have to mean it!
    • You can’t feel guilty- you have to make the decision to enforce your “no”



  • In order to be healthy and whole human beings, we have to have boundaries
  • Not having boundaries enables people, which causes them more harm than good
  • Boundaries include setting hours in which it’s okay to call, requiring that they call before they visit, etc.
    • You have to set these boundaries and enforce them consistently


Guilt vs. Conscience

  • Guilt is from the dark side, conscience is from God
  • Guilt manipulates, haunts, and vexes you



  • It doesn’t do much for the other person but it will absolutely eat your lunch
  • You can ask for Divine Spirits of Justice to intercede for you in whatever ways are deemed appropriate in the name of Jesus Christ



  • You can ask Archangel Michael to remove any demons of jealousy
    • I would please ask Archangel Michael and his legions to remove any demons of jealousy from you in the name of Jesus Christ and place them into appropriate protected sanctuary and I thank thee
  • You can ask Archangel Michael to work with you to help remove specific fears; all negative emotions (jealousy, anger, revenge) stem from fear


The Dark Side

  • Guilt, fear, and negativity is all from the dark side
  • They’ll tell you to drive your car off a bridge, into a tree, etc.
  • They’ll tell you to commit suicide, and if you do it, you can be bound into dark service
  • If they put negative thoughts in your head, command them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ
    • Take your authority, be firm, and be strong
  • For more information about the dark side, please click here



  • Suicide of all kinds, including assisted suicide, breaks the spiritual law of self-murder
  • Medically-assisted suicides don’t end any pain or suffering
  • You can refuse treatment, or refuse to eat, but you can’t take medicine to kill yourself
  • For more information about suicide, please click here



  • If you have dreams of someone that you don’t want to see, you’ve got options
    • You can ask the Divine Spirits to remove those dreams
    • You can program yourself so that, if they appear in the dream, you say “no”
    • You can visualize them standing in front of you, then visualize yourself slamming a heavy metal garage door between the two of you
  • If you have dreams of a loved one who has passed on, there are a couple of possibilities
    • If they look healthy and radiant, they’re in the Light. This is a visitation.
    • If they don’t look well, they’re asking for help, or if you just feel off, then they’re stuck in the Outer Darkness and you should pray them into the Light.


Sacred Geometry

  • Absolutely everything is based in sacred geometry
  • It’s the foundation for everything
  • Mandelbrot’s set is called the “thumbprint of God”

12.19.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the audio for the December 19th, 2014 NACC meeting.

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Jesus Christ

  • Other information about Jesus Christ can be found here and here
  • People don’t appreciate the totality of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross
  • Jesus is not God
  • When He came in, He knew His mission
    • He was to be the Redeemer, not necessarily the Messiah
      • The Messiah was to free the Jewish people from the Romans
      • The Redeemer opened the path of Light to be with God again
    • It wasn’t about healing people, or showing God’s power on Earth
      • He did prove that God has power through us (spiritual gifts)
  • He knew He was to teach truth and wisdom, so that people could learn to do the same things as Him
    • He imparted as much knowledge as He could, to teach that this is a physical world and is meaningless; the true kingdom is in Heaven
    • He taught that all races, sexes, and creeds are equal. No human is greater or lesser than another.
    • He tried to teach His disciples that they could do everything He did and greater, but they had a hard time grasping that concept.
      • “What I do, you can do and greater.”
      • The disciples didn’t feel worthy of the gifts and abilities
      • Mary Magdalene was so close to Christ because she actually listened, learned, and took in the knowledge and understanding and used it
        • Many disciples were jealous of Mary because she used the knowledge
        • She sometimes gained more knowledge than they did because she truly listened and understood
  • Before the Crucifixion
    • The Last Supper came when it was time for Christ to hand Himself over
      • The bread was to remember His body, the wine to remember His blood
        • They didn’t really understand it at the time, but they did as He said
      • He went to the Garden of Gethsemane and pleaded with God to relieve Him of His burdens
      • Christ had to give himself completely over to the dark side, of His own free will, to do whatever they wished to do to Him.
      • When Judas kissed Jesus on the cheek, Jesus knew it was time
        • Judas knew that He was part of the plan, and that it was about redemption
      • The dark side beat Him, made Him carry the cross, put the nails in Him, and crucified Him
  • After the Crucifixion
    • After Jesus died, He went to Hell and faced Satan on his own turf.
    • Jesus created the tunnel of Light so that all, even those in Hell, could enter Heaven simply by accepting the Light
    • He stayed there for 3 days, our time, and redeemed many souls
    • When He returned to Earth, He told Mary Magdalene “don’t touch me, I’m not yet clean.” This referred to the uncleanliness of Hell that hadn’t been cleansed by the Light.
      • Mary didn’t recognize Him at first
    • He then preached for 40 days (the Pentecost)
  • Significance of the Crucifixion
    • If Jesus hadn’t suffered through the crucifixion, and given Himself over freely to the dark side, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to be redeemed
    • We are all shown the tunnel of Light, and we can all go to Heaven if we step into the Light. The Light doesn’t discriminate against anyone- serial murderers and rapists and “bad” people are all given that opportunity for learning and growth.
      • It’s even available to fallen angels (aka the demonic) as evidenced in Romans 11:23
      • Accepting the Light is accepting Christ and is the only way to Heaven.
    • The story of the crucifixion is outlined in the Apostles’ Creed.
  • Baptism
    • You can christen a child to offer protection
    • You shouldn’t baptize a child before the age of 13 because they have to make the choice to accept Christ as their lord and master of their own free will
      • 13 is the age of spiritual consent, and the dark side can (and will) bring the full force down on teenagers
    • Full baptism is optimal, as Christ was baptized by John the Baptist
    • Accepting Christ as your lord and master, and taking your authority through Christ provides you with the protection that you need
      • Satan is real, but standing through the authority of Christ protects you from Satan and his wrath
      • Taking authority and standing means that you respect others, you respect their choices, you don’t place the material world above God, and you aren’t afraid to say no.
  • Jesus left us the Holy Spirits to teach us
    • They’re not humans, they’re part of God
    • They are your Guides, and they have total knowledge about everything.
    • They were appointed to you so that they can teach you and comfort you
      • When they speak to you, it’s God speaking to you
    • Your Guides change from lifetime to lifetime to accommodate different levels of learning



  • Man began to de-evolve and fall away from God by disobeying orders
    • Nature began to shut us down, because we had become dangerous
  • Sin came again with Cain and Abel, and the resulting murder
    • At this point, the Heavens began to close
  • Christ’s sacrifice changed everything, because it allowed for the demonic to be redeemed



Physical Death

  • Your soul is immortal
  • “Dying” isn’t truly a death; it’s a matter of shedding your physical body
  • Your soul remains the same. You still have arms and legs, you can walk and you can talk (and hopefully somebody can hear you!)
  • If you’re in doubt, touch the table. If your hand goes through the table, you’re out of body.
    • Ask for the Light!
  • If it’s dim in the room, you can see the soul hovering above the body and then you can see the soul leave when they pass.
    • The soul will be lavender in color
    • If you can see auras, you should be able to see this easily
  • When children pass before age 13, there is usually an angel to receive them. If you have a spirit child in your home, you should use the following prayer formula:
    • I would please ask the Band of Mercy to bring forth loved ones and spirit healers for them, and either take them directly into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.



Seeing the Light

  • A lot of people will see loved ones, Angelics, and the Light when they’re still in body before they pass from natural causes.
  • If you were shot, or are in a car crash, and you look over and see your physical body, you should ask for the Light
  • Say your annual prayers to take out insurance so you don’t suffer with the confusion.
  • Animals go straight into the Light, so you can tell your animal the following:
    • “I love you, and I’m going to miss you terribly, but I’m going to help you get into the Light because I don’t want to see you in pain. When you see the Light, go into it.”




  • God isn’t a punishing God
  • He’ll let you punish yourself
  • He wants you to learn your lessons



Reincarnation and the Bible

  • It’s in the older versions of the Catholic Encyclopedia… It was accepted by the Church
  • It’s present in the Bible, but it’s scattered throughout
    • Constantine did his best to get it out of the Bible, but the essence remains
  • Justinia had a lot of the gospels destroyed because they referenced not needing a church or a middle-man to get to God
    • Gospels are the written accounts of specific timeframes.
  • No matter what, truth has always and will always remain in the Bible




  • Carol sampled many, many different religions looking for truth
  • The problem is, that man distorts religion and makes it his own and puts his stamp on it
  • The truth is a kernel in every religion of the world
    • God is real, Christ is real, Satan is real
      • Start there- if they don’t have these three truths, walk away.
    • Condemnation to Hell isn’t a truth.
    • Are there dogmas? Are they God’s laws or man’s laws?
      • If they serve to control, then walk away.



Hearing Animals

  • You’ll get your animal’s thoughts in your head
  • It’ll be simple, and accept it as your animal’s thoughts not your own
  • When you start, ask you dog if they’re hungry, or if they need to go outside
    • You speak verbally, and they’ll respond in your heads
  • There’s a law that was put into place after man fell from God to protect the animals… It says that animals aren’t supposed to communicate with humans
    • Animals don’t get in trouble, but with spiritual authority comes the permission to speak to animals



Exploring Past Lives

  • Kinesiology is the best way to find out past lives
    • If you have a place or a country you’re drawn to, finger test to find the answer
  • If you ever had dreams as a child where you were an adult in a different place, pay attention to those
    • Finger test about those
  • Listen from 1:10:00 to 1:15:00 to hear Carol talk about exploring past lives

8.1.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the August 1st, 2014 NACC meeting.


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Ghosts are human souls, stuck in the Outer Darkness. Say the Daily Lifting and get them back to God.



  • You do not have to have the gift of healing to be able to use the healing formulas
    • The more authority you develop, the more healing capabilities you will have
      • Having spiritual authority means that you build a reputation with God’s Spirit Community and this reputation allows them to do what you ask them to do. It demonstrates that you are serious and sincere, which makes them more willing to do what you ask and need them to do.
      • You develop authority by doing the Daily Lifting on a daily basis
        • The Spirit Community recognizes who you are, that you want to learn and grow and evolve, and that you’re willing to put in the time and energy
        • God’s Spirit Community knows they can trust you, and that you will listen
      • We can all assist in performing miracles through these formulas and the power of God
  • When you use the formulas, you do not do the healing.
    • God does the healing
    • Think of yourself as tools in the hands of God
  • When using the healing prayer:
    • Stay 100% focused on the words, on the healing, on what you’re doing so that you don’t go into a negative or self-doubting state of mind
  • To hear about Carol’s first experience with healing, listen to part one of the recording from 3:00-6:00.


Prayer Formulas

  • Carol’s Guides gave her prayer formulas, and these most be done in a specific way for them to be effective
  • A formula is “a fixed form of words, when used in a specific context”
  • When used exactly, it works.
  • The Daily Lifting and the Basic Healing Formula are formulas
    • See the Names of God for information about the names called upon in the Daily Lifting
    • Why Protected Sanctuary?
      • It allows beings to be redeemed back to God
      • You have to give them at least two options, so they can exercise their free will. You can narrow their choices, but they have to be able to choose.
    • When in doubt, then say “if it’s deemed appropriate”


We’re never alone!

  • 3 spirit guides, 1 guardian angel, and countless members of God’s Spirit Community are with you
    • Carol’s guardian angel is a black man who appeared in a suit
  • Plus you have attachments and past life attachments to contend with
  • And you’re wading through the energy of the Earth and everyone around you



  • Provided that we are born from the Light, we choose our parents, our spouses, our lessons… Nothing is a curse, they are lessons
  • You chose these lessons to overcome them, grow, evolve, and be better than them
    • We sometimes choose our family as a means of overcoming them and their negativity
  • Don’t worry about being them or making the same mistakes as them.
  • We’re all dysfunctional or we wouldn’t be here!
  • The purpose on Earth is to become the best that we can be, and our highest potential!
  • If there is a lesson, you will always be given your lessons
  • We’re not supposed to sacrifice ourselves to help others
    • You can’t fix another human being



  • Everyone and all living things have an aura!
    • The white line above trees? That’s their aura!
  • There’s a lot of misinformation about auras, but the color chart has information straight from source.


Shaddais (35:00 to 50:00)

  • Six-pointed star, consisting of a right side up triangle placed on top of a downward facing triangle within a circle
    • There is no weaving of the triangles, like with the Star of David
    • Don’t wear a Shaddai with the downward facing triangle outward, as this is inviting a demonic attack
  • Means “God over Satan”
  • Can be drawn on a piece of paper, tattooed, silver… Any medium is effective with the Shaddai. It is the shape that conveys the protection.
    • If you wear a silver Shaddai and go under demonic attack, then the upside-down triangle will turn black.
      • Ask the Band of Mercy to place a silver egg around yourself if this happens
      • Ask Archangel Michael and his legions for assistance, as well.
    • Offers protection against negative universal entities


The Demonic (18:00-23:00, 45:00-50:00)

  • There are three steps to demonic attack
    • Oppression, obsession, and possession
    • Say the lifting, put your mind in a better place, and remind yourself that you’re a child of God
  • The Demonic are cockroaches, Christ is Raid
    • Take your authority through Christ and God
    • The Demonic are less than peons compared to God
  • Don’t be afraid, because they will prey on your fears
  • They can attach to souls, but humans cannot attach to demons
    • The demonic can bring forth human spirits to mess with you
    • With these
  • They’re not unaware, they choose to ignore truth
  • For protection against the demonic, pentagrams and crosses are best.
  • This is your friendly reminder to NEVER challenge the demonic.
    • We’re not physically their equals
    • Command them away in the name of Jesus Christ, but do not engage them
  • Signs of a Demonic Attack
    • Three knocks on walls and ceilings
    • Three scratches
    • Oppression
    • Smelling sulfur, moldy earth, rotting flesh
    • Flashing lights
    • Moving furniture
    • Electronics turning off and on
    • Vexations
  • Can appear as a:
    • Burned man in overalls and a plaid shirt
    • Black shadow with red eyes
    • Black mist
    • Red glowing ball


Bound Spirits

  • There are Earthbound spirits who messed with the demonic, who got into dark magic, or who sold their souls and got themselves bound to the demonic
  • The Band of Mercy can’t remove them because they’re bound to the demonic, Archangel Michael can’t do anything because they’re not demons
  • You have to call upon the Glory Band of Mercy to remove them.
    • Human souls who were once servants of Satan, who were redeemed back to God, and who have chosen to become a member of the Glory Band
    • I would please ask the Glory Band of Mercy to remove whatever spirits they have domain over now that are attached to, affecting, or influencing myself, my family, my pets, my home, my property, and all that I have domain over now, and either place them in appropriate protected sanctuary or do whatever they deem necessary with them in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.



  • People believe (mistakenly) that they own property
    • We own nothing, not even our bodies
  • People, and groups of people, can attach to property that they believe they own
  • People can also affect ley lines and vortexes to manipulate them, and allow negative entities to flow through them
    • Everything has vortexes, even your body! (link to chakras)


State of Mind is KEY!

  • It’s your responsibility to put yourself in a better state of mind
  • You psych yourself up, give yourself a little pep talk, and carry on with your business!



  • Everything that is not human has a deva
    • Stones, rocks, trees, animals
  • They’re nature spirits
  • If you go digging for crystals, ask the Legion of Pan to send the deva of crystals to help you find crystals

6.20.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the June 20th, 2014 NACC meeting.

Please click here for a PDF version



  • The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz are wonderful things to live by
  • The ability to say the word “no”
    • It’s not your job to please everyone or sacrifice yourself for others
      • You’re here for you, and if you don’t take every chance to learn and to grow that is given, you’ve wasted your time on Earth
      • We have to respect other people’s right to be (in our eyes) wrong
      • You don’t have the power to hurt others’ feelings, and other people only have the power to hurt your feelings when you give it to them
      • You have no responsibility for their reaction
  • We like to define ourselves as “good people” but you, through God, are already a good person
    • You don’t have to prove it
    • Always be truthful, and do your best at all times
      • It’s best to never lie
    • Teach your children how to responsibly use the word “no” and set boundaries
    • Say the word no with conviction!
      • Saying no gives you the freedom to be yourself and to be an adult
  • Boundaries should be set by your level of self-respect; and then your self-respect will grow and set better boundaries for you
    • You first have to decide that you want to respect yourself, and then you have to decide that you will not accept disrespect
    • When you’re truthful to yourself and others, you’ll have greater self-respect
      • Lies are from the dark side!
      • People react to truth
  • You have two kinds of people
    • Liars
      • They put a spin on things to justify what they’re doing/what they want to do
        • Revenge/tit for tat is not the way to go
      • Lying to yourself is bad, as well
    • Honest people
      • Take their authority, are truthful
      • You can trust them and they set a strong foundation that lasts
      • People keep coming back to these people, over and over again
  • We have NO authority without boundaries
    • Take your authority, say no, and gain your self-worth and self-respect
    • If you don’t have the authority, or you don’t have the knowledge, or you don’t really want to do it, then say no
      • If you don’t want to do it, but you say yes and do it begrudgingly, that is sinful
    • Your incentive needs to be YOU!
  • The goal is to evolve to a point that we choose not to react to situations with our human traits, but to treat others with respect and expect to be treated with respect in return.
    • Righteous anger happens, and is appropriate in certain situations
      • Jesus got angry in the Temples, and He got angry with His disciples because they didn’t understand that they could do the same “miracles” He was doing
    • Becoming a more evolved human being starts with you fixing yourself, then helping others (if they ask for help)
      • You have to walk the walk
      • People learn by example
  • It’s important to give, but it’s also important to learn how to receive
    • Giving your children absolutely everything disables them
      • This teaches them that they’re not worthy or able to take care of themselves
      • This is disrespectful and cruel
  • As you begin to evolve, you’ll draw to you a specific standard of person and of life
    • The more you evolve, the higher the quality of people
  • We tend to think that people think like us and have the same moral code as us, but they don’t!
    • Setting a boundary means that people can play, but they play by your rules


There will always be division of groups

  • The dark side divides to cause turmoil, to conquer, to prevent peace
    • Don’t be intimidated by the dark side
  • There will always be turmoil because we are in the 3rd dimension, on the Earth plane, and we were sent here to learn



  • All sin is in the intent
  • If you believe that what you’re doing is sinful, then it is. If you believe it’s wrong, then it’s sinful.
  • The ONLY true “sin” is blaspheming the Holy Spirits, your Guides


Angels vs. Guides

  • Your Guardian Angel speaks warnings, loudly, to protect you
  • Messenger Angels can be sent by God



  • Not all forms, but true autism can be corrected with the soul cleansing formula
    • Not effective with Asperger’s
  • True autism occurs when the soul isn’t properly instituted and sealed into the body at birth
    • We’re not exactly sure why this occurs, but it is possible that forcing the time frame during labor might contribute to this
      • The rise in autism could be due to the amount of doctors inducing women into labor before it’s time for the baby to be born
      • It doesn’t have to do with the chemicals used during birth, it has to do with the soul being partially in and partially out of the body
  • The younger that you perform the soul cleansing formula, the better the results are



  • Self-nurturing is not selfishness


Retrieving Past Life Gifts

  • Any place that you’ve been drawn to your whole life is probably a past-life remembrance
  • When you arrive there, you’ll pick up parts of yourself that you previously left behind. You can also pick up traumas, so it’s important to understand how to release past-life traumas

6.6.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the June 6th, 2014 NACC meeting.

Please click here for a PDF version



  • A need to control stems from insecurities and fears (aka from the dark side)
  • Control is an illusion to make you feel better, it doesn’t exist
    • You can’t control ANYTHING or anyone!
      • You control your car until someone hits you, or you have a heart attack
    • You have to respect others’ free will and paths in life whether you like it or not
      • We’re not wise enough on our own to guide others
      • We’re all equal
  • When you respond in a controlling way, it’s because someone struck a personal fear cord within you
    • Watch your reactions, and try to think before you speak.
    • Personal fear makes you shaky and fearful, like your buttons got pushed
    • Psychic fear is a pit in your stomach, a rock in your solar plexus
    • Nausea involves negative energy, not fear
  • Problems with controlling
    • You bend spiritual law by controlling another
      • Usually has heavy ramifications
    • Controlling leads to a sense of responsibility from the controller, and ultimately a sense of resentment from all parties involved.
      • The controller resents the controlee for placing the responsibility on them
      • The controlee resents the controller for controlling them
    • Controlling is selfish, because it saves the controller from worry and concern
    • People rebel against control
      • You also train people NOT to take responsibility for themselves
      • “Enabling is disabling”
    • If you want to work on someone, work on yourself first and be an example
      • Walk the walk and talk the talk
    • Benign Controllers: a person who controls out of love, out of the need to protect.
      • Controlling is not love. Accepting and supporting is love.
      • As a parent of a young child, it’s your responsibility to teach, protect, make rules, set a good foundation, and set boundaries. As a parent of an independent adult, those things are no longer appropriate.
        • They need to learn to support themselves, and that their security lies in God
        • What people don’t earn, they don’t respect
      • Tell yourself, “I have faith that my son/daughter/husband/wife will make good decisions.”
  • The Four Agreements and Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz will help with this



  • When you have a success of any sort, enjoy the success for what it is
  • Don’t worry about the future, what may come, what may happen. Stay in the now and embrace what you have going on at that point in time.
  • We fear the unknown, so release all of your assumptions and see what happens
  • Worry is a burden that distracts us from the present.
  • Treat life as a positive adventure.



  • It can take years for their effects to wear off.
  • There are also forms of these demons that can roam around and seduce without being attached to a human.
  • Pentagrams and crosses worn in combination will help stop the effects. Take your picture, put a silver or wooden cross over the picture, put that into the 91st Psalms in the bible, close the bible, and place it under your bed. This will help stop it, as well.
    • 91st Psalms is the strongest Psalm in the Bible, and offers protection against evil and negativity


Stubborn Spirits

  • If you have a stubborn spirit who refuses to go into the Light, it can be helpful to ask the Band of Mercy to bring forth loved ones to help explain what’s happening to them, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • If they’re determined to “protect” a certain living human, tell them that once they go into the Light, they can ask God for permission to be that human’s protector, and they will have far more authority and actually be able to help the living person.
    • You can do a whole lot of good, offer protection by calling upon legions of Angels to help the living person once you’re in the Light
    • Staying around when they’re in the Outer Darkness only harms the living person
  • Most people are terrified that they won’t go to heaven


Being in the Light

  • Spirits in the Light aren’t worried about Earthly affairs, houses, and money… They respect the decisions of the living.
  • Your belief system will change as you wake up into truth in the Light
  • Just because they’re good and they believed in God while they were alive doesn’t mean that the person got into the Light
    • ALWAYS pray them into the Light
  • They’ll visit in dream state and they look youthful and vibrant and healthy, they went into the Light. You’ll feel comfortable about them
    • Don’t assume they went into the Light, because they may not realize that they’re dead.
    • No dreams about them, or dreams when you see them looking haggard or unhealthy or hurt or sick means that they’re not in the Light



  • We’ve taken so much out of the Earth, and it’s constantly moving and shifting.
  • Sinkholes are voids being filled by the Earth
    • In St Louis, they have issues with building over coal mines and sinkholes developing
  • Earthquakes and sinkholes and volcanoes and mudslides will continue to happen. It’s natural.


Pacific Radiation Issue

  • There are issues with the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake, and the way the radiation was disposed of (it was thrown in the ocean)
  • Beware of Pacific seafood.


Sacred Geometry

  • The number 3 is sacred due to the Holy Trinity
    • The dark side will wake you up around 3:00AM to knock the Trinity
      • Command them out in the name of Jesus
  • The shapes have specific vibrations, and they can vary


Confusion, Illusion, Fear

  • The three powers of Satan
  • They’re all tricks
  • We’re here to protect ourselves, teach our loved ones how to help themselves
  • The demonic can show themselves in various ways
    • Black blobs
    • Red balls of light
    • A man in a plaid shirt with bibbed overalls looking “off”



  • Archangel Raphael delivered the 5-pointed star (the pentagram) to King Solomon to give him absolute authority over the demonic
  • This is not a symbol of the occult; witches wear them for protection. The pentagram predates witchcraft.
    • It is imperative that it is worn with one point up and two points down, as this represents God over Satan.
    • Wearing it with two points up and one point down represents Satan over God, and is equivalent to wearing a cross upside down.
  • Wearing the pentagram (must be silver) with a cross offers extra protection against the demonic.


If you live in a particularly spiritually active area (battlegrounds, vortexes, etc)

  • Ask the Band of Mercy to please put into place a floating protected sanctuary around you, your home, and your property and ask that it be perpetually cleansed, and ask that anything that is brought through be taken into appropriate protected sanctuary for whatever amount of time is deemed appropriate through God, in the name of Jesus Christ, and thank thee.


5.2.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the May 2nd, 2014 NACC meeting.

Please click here for a PDF version


Why is it so important to be “in the moment”?

  • The now is all we have
  • The decisions we make in the now affect and create our future



  • Doesn’t transmit energy, so you can use saran wrap on your solar plexus to help you absorb less energy
  • Also it helps keep things (like paper copies of the lifting) from “running away”


If you ask someone to pray for you, and their intent isn’t the same as yours, can they damage the positive things that you’re trying to make/do for yourself? Can other people’s negative prayers cause you to be attacked by the demonic?

  • Prayers are for positivity and positive things to happen to you and others
  • The Spirit Community will disregard negativity, but the demonic might jump on board
    • The negative prayers will not “cause” a demonic attack, per se.
  • People can put damnations on people, and this can cause a demonic attack
  • How can we combat this?
    • Don’t give out your permission to just anyone!
    • Permission and trust should be earned.
      • We give out trust thinking that people will be honest just like we are, but the problem is that not everyone is trustworthy.


Our Power Through God

  • We’re taught that we’re powerless and that we don’t count, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
    • The dark side manipulates us with these teachings from a very young age.
      • We are blinded, by the dark side, from our truth in God
    • There’s a lack of self-worth, unworthiness, etc. that runs rampant among mankind
  • Every human being, everything on this planet, all of creation has worth and value.
  • We develop our value through the use of our free will
    • The dark side does what they do, people give us their opinions, the media influences us, and programs that we’re taught from a young age, plus spirit attachments who rattle in your head all influence us and make it difficult to use our free will
    • Free will comes through the use of choice.
      • Making decisions is free will in action.
    • On a soul level we know about all of these truths, but it’s difficult for a lot of people to acknowledge them because that means that God, spirits, angels, and demons are real; that’s a scary thought for many because it means that we’re responsible for our actions.
    • 13: the spiritual age of consent
      • You can begin to make your own choices and decisions at 13 years of age.
      • Even parents have to ask children over 13 if they can pray for them.


Prayers & Words

  • Most people don’t know how to pray properly, it isn’t something that is taught.
    • Most people only pray when they’re in a bind
    • Most people don’t know who to call upon and what names of God to use in specific situations
      • Don’t pray to anyone other than God, but you ask the members of God’s spirit community who have domain over the issue you’re dealing with for assistance
  • Words are POWERFUL, and can cause harm when used inappropriately
    • NEVER damn anyone, anything, or yourself!
      • If you do, ask for forgiveness and take it back
    • Damnations are real, and with emotion they can cause great amounts of harm
    • Gossip and bullying actually harms, and has consequences


Spirit Attachment

  • Humans who have left their physical body but haven’t gone into the Light become Earthbound
    • Anyone, of any belief system, no matter who you are, can go into the bright white Light of Christ
    • Christ died so that all who choose the Light can go to Heaven
    • You won’t be judged, you won’t be sent to Hell despite what the dark side says
  • When they’re Earthbound, they can attach to living humans to live vicariously through them
  • When spirits attach, it causes chatter in your head.
  • You can have one spirit attached; you can have hundreds of attachments.
    • Woman in Chicago with 300+ attachments… Carol worked them through in groups of 30. (Part 1, 23:00-24:15)
  • People who are mediumistic tend to have more attachments
  • 98-99% of the population have spirit attachments
  • Having the knowledge that there is no such thing as death also brings responsibility


The Dark Side (Part 1, 26:00-27:30, 30:30-52:00)

  • The dark side is an army of fallen angels who have been here for a very long time
  • There are many types of demons
    • Incubus (affects women) and Succubus (affects men)
      • Lust demons who were previously angels of pure love before they fell, who work through another person or through yourself
        • When they work through others, they’ll put a prismatic energy façade on that blinds you from seeing the individual.
      • They seduce and bring TINGLING in all the right places
        • Rushes of ecstasy, euphoria… Puts you under a spell
      • They get you hooked and you have no idea that anything out of the ordinary is happening
      • They’ll start to tear you down, and then cut you off from the euphoria
        • When this happens, they get a smirk-y grin and they have the look of pure hatred in their eyes.
      • End result is to get you to commit suicide by convincing you to “stop the pain”.
        • Once you kill yourself, you’ve broken spiritual law and they own you
        • After this happens, they can throw you on other people
      • Recognize them for what they are, call them out, and refuse to succumb to them.
        • Command them out in the name of Jesus, or ask Archangel Michael and his legions to remove the incubus/succubus and place it into appropriate protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus.
  • Learn the patterns, recognize it for what it is, and you can do something about it.
    • The demonic speak in third person from the left side of the head and tear you down. NEVER in first person.
    • Three knocks, three scratches, sets of three.
    • They try to separate families, destroy relationships, and isolate people
    • They divide and conquer.
    • They prey on our weaknesses
    • Illogical, negative images and words placed into your head are from the darkness.
    • Most of your compulsions aren’t good-trust how you feel in your solar plexus. If it tightens, that’s bad.
      • You have power through Jesus Christ, you can do nothing on your own
    • If the demonic show up in your dreams, command them out in the name of Jesus Christ, or call upon the aspects of God who have the authority to take care of them
    • Demons are cockroaches, Christ is Raid


Divine Help (Part 1, 27:30-30:30)

  • Your guides speak from the right side, from the back, and from the top. You’ll get a buzz of energy.
    • They never fluff your ego or tell you what to do. They won’t admonish you or get onto you.
    • They deliver pure information and at times they give warnings
      • Ask for clarification, ask them to be blatant with the information given
    • If the images, people, and places are logical, then the information is being picked up clairvoyantly via a psychic energy
  • Guardian Angels give warnings and direction more than your guides


  • Guides show as a white mists, sparks of white light, and smell of floral or incense. Very rarely do they manifest directly in front of you because they don’t want to scare you.
  • It’s best to speak aloud to your Guides, as it shows them respect
  • It’s okay to test- ask who their Lord and Master is. Only souls from the Light will be able to claim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Master.
  • You can ask the Band of Mercy to train you to be of the most value to yourself and those around you who come to you for help. You have to ask them to help you learn.
    • They will teach you according to the level of the question that you ask


Appropriate Protected Sanctuary

  • If you don’t specify for a being that is attached to you to be taken into Appropriate Protected Sanctuary, they will be removed from you and released elsewhere and left to roam and wreak havoc as they choose
  • Protected Sanctuary is a place where they can be taken, released and unbound and returned to the state they were in before they fell, and returned back to God
    • It’s a rehab facility, if you will


Earth Plane

  • The Earth plane is a place for lessons and tests that are great for growth.
    • Lessons are what is placed in front of you at any given time
      • Lessons aren’t really challenges, but they require change
      • Lessons are challenges in learning. When your “end of the world” terrible moments happen, acknowledge that there is a lesson to be learned. Ask your Guides for a word to help you figure out what your lesson is. If you need another word, ask for another word. (Part 1, 20:00- 22:30)
        • ALWAYS look the word up in the dictionary to confirm the definition


  • It’s not a place of total pleasure and enjoyment, BUT if you get on the right path, learn, and evolve, then Earth can be a pretty great place!


Praying people who have committed suicide into the Light

  • In order to narrow the person’s choices down to either going into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary, you must meet one of the following conditions:
    • Be a relative or a very close friend
    • Get permission from a relative or a very close friend
    • Be in the place where they committed suicide
    • Purchase an antique that they have attached to
    • If the person who committed suicide is under the age of 13, it’s a slightly different situation.
  • If you don’t meet any of these conditions, you can still pray the prayer, but the person who committed suicide has the right to refuse the assistance.


Dogs (Part 1, 1:02:00- 1:08:46)

  • Dogs don’t understand why humans try to turn dogs into people
  • Dogs want to please their owners
  • Dogs can be very intelligent, and can convey information to Carol
  • Photographs on phones, photographs, paw prints in ink all work to convey energy
  • Dogs perceive spirits better than we do. They hear, see, and smell the spirits and can pick up on the intent. They know and react to the demonic.


Astral Projection (Part 2, 1:30-13:00)

  • All of us are very capable of this, particularly in our sleep
  • You can knowingly do astral projection
    • Teaches us that we are more than our physical body
    • Set a location for you to go, some place you know and feel safe and have a person at the other location set out a playing card in a specific place
    • Lay down, and fall backwards out of your body
    • Go quickly to that location
      • You can scare yourself, because you see your body, so it’s best not to look down
    • Have a person at the other location set out a playing card in a specific place
    • When you get to the place, find the card and memorize it
    • The next day, call and confirm
  • If something bad happens, you’ll come right back to your body and all will be normal
    • Gold and silver cords connect the physical and ethereal bodies
  • Be hyper aware of your thoughts, because they manifest immediately
    • A thought responsive environment
  • Astral projection is different from merkaba
    • Merkaba is a means of getting from one place to another, within dimensions and even throughout the universe.
      • You can ask for the merkaba, a high spiritual frequency that can be used to transport yourself physically
        • Some of the names of God can be used together to call into effect the merkaba
      • You have to vibrate at the same frequency of the merkaba, and it is usually blue
    • When held in the left hand, it can be helpful for raising your own energy
  • Remote viewing is going to the place in your mind to see, rather than traveling using your astral body

3.21.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the March 21st, 2014 NACC meeting.

Please click here for a PDF version



  • We’re on Earth to evolve and learn lessons
    • Choices and decisions (AKA free will) are how we learn our lessons
  • There’s a whole Spirit community that wants to work with and protect us!
  • ALWAYS say please and thank you when you call upon Divine assistance


The Soul

  • Your soul is integrated into every cell of the physical body, but exits the body completely intact and very material when you pass
  • God created everything
    • Everything created by God has awareness and consciousness
    • We are unified with all of God’s creations due to our soul’s connectivity with the souls of other creations
    • We are all the holograph of God
    • Everything has living, conscious energy
      • You can’t destroy energy, only change it
        • Death is just an illusion
      • Even rocks have consciousness!
      • Synergistic items (such as hearing aids, glasses, etc.) can, over time, learn what their purpose is
      • If you’re going to pull weeds out of a garden, go about an hour before you plan to work and say, “I am going to be pulling all of you weeds, release your roots”… They’ll just fall out of the ground. 24 hours before works well with trees.
    • At one point, we had a Divine Connectedness with nature, animals, Angels, and God but we lost this connectedness via our bad choices, as influenced by the Dark Side
  • How do we get in contact with our soul?
    • Tarot cards, divination are great tools but can be manipulated by the Dark Side
    • Kinesiology/reflexology is the best, most foolproof way of accessing your soul’s knowledge
      • Connect your middle finger and thumb of both hands and interlock both circles. Right-handed people pull with their left hand, left-handers with their right.
      • Give your soul permission to hold for the answer “no” and pull. Give your soul permission to break for the answer “yes” and pull.
        • Stronger answers are exactly that-stronger answers
      • Once you’ve established this, you’re in contact with your soul.
        • You’ll often hear a whisper just before the answer is given via kinesiology. Once you get this whisper, you can ask the whisper questions and get information directly without using your fingers
        • Keep this connection pure!
      • You cannot use this for future; you can use this for the past and the current.
        • With an illness, use kinesiology to ask if it’s mental/psychological, spiritual, physical, or emotional.
          • Use Heal Your Body to help with these issues
          • Once you’ve identified the root, tap the affected area twice with your two fingers
        • If you want to know if something is spiritual truth, you can ask.
        • This is useful for determining allergies, what is good/bad for you, etc.



  • Orbs are NOT human souls, they’re interdimensional/dimensional parasites that feed off negativity
    • Used to be called Foo Fighters (no connection to the rock band)
  • Can move betwixt dimensions
  • They are of no harm to us; they clean the energy of the Earth
    • Can be the size of football fields, or the size of marbles
    • They’re natural, not “supernatural”
  • They can live for hundreds of years, but when they die, they turn red
  • Easily photographed
  • If one becomes attached to you, you can use the following formula:
    • I would please ask the Interdimensional/Dimensional Band of Mercy to remove whatever they have authority over that is attached to, affecting, or influencing myself, family, pets, home and property, and all that I have domain over now in the name of Jesus Christ and either place them in appropriate protected sanctuary or do whatever they deem necessary with them and I thank thee.


The Earth Plane

  • 10 major dimensions, but there are dimensions within dimensions
  • 1-3 are the Earth plane
  • 4 is the Outer Darkness
  • 5-10 are layers of Heaven


God’s Spirit Community

  • Beings of the Light always speak from the right. They never speak in 3rd person and information is always pure and without ego. Sometimes they warn us, but most of the time it’s just information.
  • Beings of the Light taught Carol everything she knows
  • Holy Spirits
    • The Holy Spirits are our teachers, our comforters
    • Christ left the Holy Spirits to be with us after His ascension
    • They are not human, nor have they ever been human
    • They are direct servants and messengers of God
  • Angelics
    • Not human; a different species yet still capable of evolvement
    • They are servants of God and messengers of a different God
      • Present throughout the Bible
    • Both male and female
    • Take care of us, help us, assist us
    • Can visit as humans and have specific lifetimes as humans
      • Most of the time, they don’t know that they are angels
      • Most angel Devas have been given the opportunity to be born in as humans
      • If you ask them if they’re angels, they have to confess that they are
    • Guardian Angels
      • Every human has at least one guardian angel who can call upon legions of angels to protect you and assist you
      • Everything and everyone on this Earth plane has a guardian angel
      • You can ask for your Guardian Angel to please protect you in whatever ways are deemed appropriate in the name of Jesus Christ and thank them
        • Needs to be reinstated once a year
        • Can be used specifically before trips
      • We have 4 major Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel) and several “sub”-Archangels, and a Universal Archangel (Metatron)
        • There is a division of labor similar to the Army… There are generals and people under them and under them, etc.
        • There are time schedules that allow for the shifting of responsibilities and physical territory of the Archangels
      • Cherubim
        • NOT fat baby angels, they are HUGE warrior angels
        • If you feel threatened, you can ask for Cherubim to please protect yourself, family, pets, home and property, and all that you have domain over in whatever ways are deemed appropriate in the name of Jesus Christ, and thank them.
          • Needs to be renewed once a year
        • Holy Sephiroths
          • These are creator angels
          • All they do is create!
          • Keys of Enoch were given to call upon the forces of the Holy Sephiroths
          • Fallen Sephiroths are called Enochians
            • SEE BELOW
            • When the Egyptians took the Hebrews into slavery, they learned of the keys of Enoch and used their magic to pervert the Sephiroths and create Enochian beings.
          • Devas
            • Nature angels that come in many different forms
            • If you do good deeds in this life or past, devas can protect and/or bring you gifts
            • Devas of vegetables, fruits, flowers can help you grow magnificent crops
            • You can ask Devas to remove whatever critter or bug from the house in the name of Jesus Christ
            • Animal totems are significant; animals can bring information, warnings, etc.


The Dark Side

  • The Dark Side always speaks from the left, in the 2nd and/or 3rd person
    • “You look so fat today” or “they’re looking at you because of XYZ”
  • The Dark Side/Demonic are fallen Angels
    • They de-evolved
  • Whatever their role was in the Light became the direct opposite when they fell away from God
  • Lucifer (the Angel of Light and God’s second Son) chose not to serve mankind; he felt that mankind wasn’t worthy. When he turned away from God, he took 1/3 of the Angels in Heaven with him to Earth.
    • The Fallen Angels hate mankind
    • When they hit, they hit with the symptoms of spinal meningitis and can kill you.
      • Headaches (a tightening band that wraps around your head) that extend down you neck and into your shoulders
      • Can display with a fever
    • If they hit, say the following prayer:
      • I would please ask the Archangel Raphael and his legions to please remove all Enochians and their residue from me now in the name of Jesus Christ and place them into protected sanctuary and I thank thee.
    • If hit repeatedly, use the following formula:
      • I would please ask forgiveness from the Enochians for all past lives through present, and I forgive all Enochians from all past lives through present in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.
  • The Dark Side provides us with the opportunity to exert our free will


Extra Resources

  • Findhorn Foundation
  • Heal Your Body by Louise Hay
  • Cosmic Pulse of Life by Trevor James Constable for images of orbs, etc.
  • Keys of Solomon for the Archangelic time frames
  • The Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davison for Angelic information
  • Animal Speak by Ted Andrews for animal totems

The Demonic

Please click here for a PDF version

The Dark Side, including the Demonic, consists of angels who have chosen to ignore truth and have fallen away from God. Lucifer, who was the Angel of Light, chose not to serve mankind because he felt that we were unworthy. When he turned away from God, he took 1/3 of the Angels in Heaven with him. Whenever these beings de-evolved, they became the direct opposite of what they were in the Light. Since Lucifer was the Angel of Light, he became the Demon of Darkness. An angel of love would have become a demon of lust, and an angel of creation would have become a demon of destruction. They are always around, always looking to create havoc and chaos. Their main tactic is to divide and conquer, and they love to use fear as a manipulation tool. The demonic has great worth, however; they can be our best teachers if we allow it. They show us our weaknesses, and with a little effort we can work on overcoming these weaknesses. When the demonic shows you a weakness, thank them for showing you that weakness, and tell them how appreciative you are of it.


Consider this your friendly reminder to never challenge the demonic. Humans are not physically equal to demons and you will lose that battle. Instead, find your authority through God Almighty and through Jesus Christ. The demonic are less than peons compared to Christ, and there is power in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and His blood. Consider the demonic to be cockroaches, and Christ to be raid. If you go under demonic attack, it is best to command them away by saying the following: I command you to leave me now, in the name of Jesus Christ. You can also ask Archangel Michael and his legions for assistance.


It’s important to recognize the signs of a demonic attack so that you can adequately protect yourself. The three steps of a demonic attack are oppression, obsession, and full possession. The signs that a demonic attack has begun include the following:

  • Three knocks on walls, ceilings, doors
  • Three scratches on your body
  • A general feeling of oppression
  • Smelling sulfur, moldy earth, or rotting flesh
  • Feeling extremely afraid
  • Strobing lights, or electronics that turn on and off
  • Globes/orbs of red light
  • Furniture that moves of its own accord
  • Vexations
  • If you wear a silver Shaddai and the upside-down triangle turns black, this is indicative of a demonic attack
    • Ask the Band of Mercy to place a silver, mirrored egg around you if this happens

The demonic can also appear physically as a burned man in overalls and a plaid shirt, a black shadow, a black mist, a black hooded figure with red eyes, or a red glowing ball. It’s important to note that demons aren’t human, but they can bring forth human spirits to mess with you.


While it is possible to go under a demonic attack, it is crucial to not be fearful of the demonic. They only have as much power as you give them; if you feed into the fear, then their power will grow. Christ overcame the demonic, so take your authority through Christ and command them away from you. Also, wearing a pentagram and a cross can be useful protections, and performing the house cleansing and blessing can help keep demonic activity at bay. The 91st Psalm is also a great source of strength and protection, as it is the strongest psalm in the Bible. If you feel threatened, it’s best to say the daily lifting, put your mind in a better place, and remind yourself that you’re a child of God.