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4.17.2015 Session Notes

For the accompanying audio for the April 17th, 2015 NACC meeting, please click here.

God doesn’t need religion. Man uses religion for his own purposes. Sometimes it’s good, but sometimes man can distort and misuse religion.


We had a refresher course on kinesiology, so click here for more information!



  • Most pregnant women have a protective shield around them, which causes the “glow”
  • This protection is only broken if you use drugs, alcohol, etc. while pregnant
    • A broken shield means that any soul from the Light or Outer Darkness can be born as your child


Lying and Truth

  • Truth is absolutely everything, and people know on a soul level where you’re coming from
    • Truth is honest, solid, and people can’t argue with it
  • Raise your kids with absolute truth, and break family chains of manipulation and guilt trips.
    • Truth gives them self-confidence from the inside out
  • When you lie, you sin against yourself and your soul
    • It’s even worse when we lie to ourselves!
  • You lie because you know you’re doing something you don’t want anyone to know about. Lies are covers and shields against something you’re doing knowingly.
  • Be as honest as you possibly can
  • Lying allows the dark side to come in and mess with your life
  • Some people feel they have to lie for purposes of business, family members, friendships, but you don’t have to do that. When you’re honest, people react to honesty and accept honesty.
  • Lying to someone to protect their feelings is doing them a disservice.
    • Lying to them hurts them on a soul level
    • If you really don’t want to hurt feelings, then don’t say anything
  • You shouldn’t be mean or manipulate with honesty.
  • You have to come from a good place in the soul, saying things truthfully, and refraining from doing harm to another soul.
  • Avoid opinions, because they can vary from person to person. Absolute universal truth is the way to go.
  • Working with the truth, with the intent to be honest, brings about change for the positive. People will either open up and react, or they’ll shut down and close up. Either way, it’s okay… If they shut down, then they’re not ready for the truth
    • We filter out what we’re not ready to hear and understand
    • Everything around us shapes our filters, but a soul-to-soul truth bypass these filters
      • Using the phrase “on a soul level, I need to speak to you” and it reaches them. Use this with great caution and respect. This isn’t something to use all the time, so be mindful.



  • You don’t have to take responsibility for other peoples’ reactions to your opinions, beliefs, and actions.
  • No one has the right to judge anyone else’s actions, whether it be good, bad, or otherwise
  • Everyone has the right to his or her opinions, even ignorant opinions.


Experiences vs. Beliefs

  • Experiences are real, things that you know to be true
  • It’s the difference between “believing in” God, spirits, or the demonic and KNOWING them to be a real, true fact
  • When you know something’s true, then you don’t have to carry a belief system



  • You don’t have to feel guilty for saying “no” and taking your authority
    • Working from a place of truth with the word “no” is the most powerful
  • Guilt is from the dark side, and they will use it to mess with your head
    • God gives conscience, Satan gives guilt
  • Guilt is manipulation, always.
  • Teach your kids not to accept guilt trips and it will protect them.



  • You can’t control anyone other than yourself, and you can’t take responsibility for what you can’t control
  • It’s hard enough to take your own responsibility for who you are and what you do
  • Tons of people want to blame you for their issues and their lack of responsibility
  • If they try to blame you, say “this is your problem, this is your issue, and I take no responsibility for your choices and decisions” (or some kinder, applicable variant of that J)
  • Stand your ground, and say “I do not accept your guilt trip.” Don’t comment about it, don’t feed into it. Just say that you don’t accept it and move on.
  • If somebody isn’t 100% there, don’t take it seriously. It’s not about you.
  • If you feed into it, you’re in trouble.



  • Decision-making is how we use our free will
  • When we make decisions from a place of truth, it’s solid and foolproof. People won’t argue with truth.
  • If you have a nasty feeling in your solar plexus, or have a bad feeling about a situation, you can figure out who the person is and what the situation is. Either put their face in your mind screen or say their name… If the solar plexus gets worse, then that’s the answer. (Kinesiology also works.) Once you figure it out, work through possible scenarios that come out of truth, then the feeling will totally dissipate. Stand in truth without emotions.



  • When worn bead to bead on the left hand, it’s protection against negative energies
  • It works in synergy with obsidian and smoky quartz
  • For more information, click here!



  • Whenever you are affected by negative energies, even when wearing carnelian or other protections, go outside and shake your hands out on the ground. Not over anyone or anything except the ground
  • Salt baths cleanse your auric field, de-stress your body, and make you feel wonderful! 1/3 cup of iodized table salt in a bath! The cheap, plain stuff works wonders!



  • When Carol taps into a handwriting sample or a photograph, she energetically merges with the individual’s signature energy frequency
    • Your energy shifts as you go through life experiences
    • Carol can use the signature frequency to update a picture of a child from the time of the photograph to present day
  • Carol’s like a radio. When she tunes into your individual station, then she gets your music!
  • When she touches into a murderer, she feels a gross feeling in her solar plexus, a gurgle of blood up her throat, and then she sees the murder through the killer’s eyes


Pentacles, Pentagrams, and Symbols

  • Most symbols go back to the Seals of Solomon
    • King Solomon was the king over all of the tribes of Israel. He was given tools and knowledge through God, as he was anointed by God
  • The pentagram and the Shaddai give authority over negative and demonic through the power of God
  • For more information about protections, click here!


Being in the Light

  • Loved ones will be waiting for you IF they make it into the Light
    • If they don’t make it into the Light, they’ll be reborn
    • If you have a family member pass before you, it is HIGHLY advised to pray them into the Light.
    • You can pray for yourself as a spiritual insurance policy!
  • Everyone is shown the Light, UNLESS you make a pact with dark ones. If you make pacts, then you may be snatched up by dark ones like in the movie “Ghost”


Building Authority

  • You have to build authority by saying the Daily Lifting consistently for about 3 months before you’ll be able to get good results with the other prayer formulae.

2.6.2015 Session Notes

Please click here for the audio recording of the February 6th, 2015 NACC meeting.


Please click here for a PDF version


Attitude is everything!


The Power of Words

  • People don’t recognize that words carry specific vibrations that people often misconstrue. We take words for granted!
  • The Spirit Community recognizes the true, textbook definition of words, not what we think words mean
    • Care is a great example. We often use it in a positive way, but the definition connotes worry, anxiety, or concern
  • Words carry power!
    • Irritation brings sinus issues
    • Pain in the neck brings pains in the cervical region
    • Damning is REAL! Damnations are REAL!
    • Trust should be rare! You shouldn’t hand out your trust and it should be earned. If anyone tries to trigger guilt in you by saying “you don’t trust me? What have I done to lose your trust?!” you’re probably about to be conned.
  • Prayers are formulas, and these terms are interchangeable


Guides and Teachers

  • See God’s Spirit Community for more information about this
    • They are our caregivers!
  • Always ask for a “guide of” or “divine spirit of” whatever you need, but be sure to add “or whatever is deemed appropriate” to leave the door wide enough open to get the best results possible!
  • It’s important to build your authority with the spirit community, so that you can get the most appropriate help for your situation. The more you build your authority, the better results you’ll have!
  • If you have a lost animal, you can ask the Legion of Pan to bring your animal home safely in the name of Jesus Christ


Hand Placement for Prayers

  • Click here for more information
  • We pray with our hands open and out to send and receive the most energy
  • When you pray with your hands closed, you close yourself off to the energy


Heal Your Body by Louise Hay

  • You can use HYB to identify the psychological root of illnesses and injuries
  • Look at right side versus left side, the body part affected, and the illness/injury specifically
  • Use kinesiology to confirm your suspicions
  • When you identify an issue or something seems particularly relevant to you, use the first two fingers on your right hand and tap the area twice to release it
  • When you get tingles, it’s cured!
  • Part one, 28:00 to 31:00 shows this in action
  • Arthritis is based in guilt & resentment
  • For more information about relief from fibromyalgia, please click here



  • Autism is caused by the child being born without their soul being fully sealed into their body, possibly because of a lack of DNA/RNA integration prior to birth
    • Beginning at six months gestation, the soul begins to enter the physical body for periods of time to begin to adjust
  • To cure true autism, you would use the soul cleansing formula. This formula also works well for “bad seeds”. With both situations, the earlier in life you do this formula the better.
  • Vaccines DO NOT cause autism. This happens at BIRTH.



  • When people adopt children, the child intended to go to the birth parents
  • There are lessons involved for all parties


Nature/Legion of Pan

  • If you’re going to be pulling weeds, go out about 24 hours before and tell them that you’ll be pulling and that they should release their roots
  • Ask that the Legion of Pan do whatever they deem necessary to protect your garden and, in return, offer 20% of the garden to nature for whatever purposes necessary
  • The Legion of Pan is nature’s spirit community, and Pan is nature’s archangel
  • You can ask the Legion of Pan to reroute ants, water bugs, roaches (or whatever you have issues with) away from your house in the most appropriate way in the name of Jesus Christ… You can’t ask that they leave your property because they have the right to be in nature, but you can keep them from your dwelling.
    • If they don’t leave your dwelling, you can send them into the Light
  • You can look up the meaning of the animal species in Animal Speak by Ted Andrews to see what information they’re trying to tell you
    • Black spiders, black snakes, black bears, black dogs, and pigs can all be representations of the demonic in your dreams



  • Thanking God for everything you receive and asking for help in what you try to give really makes your life flow easier
  • Gratitude shown to each and every situation is a wonderful thing
    • It is particularly important to express gratitude to plants and animals that you consume
  • Ask for help in understanding lessons and situations, then give thanks for the growth that occurs as a result

Building Your Authority

Please click here for a PDF version

Carol has been doing major spiritual work for over 30 years, and has built an enormous amount of spiritual authority. Having a greater amount of authority allows her to deal with higher-level entities more effectively, have greater success with healing work, among other benefits. Building spiritual authority is not an exclusive process; it is available to any and everyone who wishes to invest the time and energy needed.


A great place to start building your authority is by saying the daily lifting on a daily basis. This allows God’s Spirit Community to begin to recognize you and your efforts. Over time, they will learn that they can trust you to listen and that you are capable of handling the responsibilities associated with the knowledge.


Another way to build your authority is by setting boundaries, saying the word “no”, and building your self-worth. Carol has spoken on this many times, but she focused on this greatly in the June 20th, 2014 session.