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2.21.2014 Session Notes

The accompanying audio for the February 21st, 2014 NACC meeting can be found here.

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New Age Christian Church

  • Very different from most other churches, no dogmas.
  • Carol never intended on starting a church. She was raised Baptist, but wasn’t a fan of the ideas and concepts that were taught, including “going to hell” and whether or not you acted according to church beliefs.
  • Carol’s guides told her to open a church and call it “New Age Christian Church.” She listened, and was told that it was important because, in the future, people (including Carol herself) would need the church.
  • The church bridges the gap between Christianity and New Age information
    • Carol is not “New Age” fluffy, because she deals with the Dark side
    • All love and rainbows would be lovely, but that’s not Earth, that’s Heaven
    • “Be as meek and mild as a lamb, but as wise as a serpent”
    • Don’t hand your trust out, make people earn levels and layers of your trust
      • Trust is very, very valuable
    • Be a spiritual being, but don’t become a doormat
    • Your evolvement, and being an example to others is the key. If you can help others, that’s great, but it’s not the main focus.
  • The church isn’t a bridge to religion, but rather a bridge back to God and Christ.
    • God is much kinder and more forgiving to us than we are to ourselves
  • The church provides spiritual “meat” and answers to questions that various churches don’t provide.
  • The church provides a place for individuals to spiritually grow, evolve, and learn.
    • There is an entire spirit community waiting to help you, you need only ask.
  • God doesn’t need religion, but He wants us to be spiritual human beings. Carol tries to give spiritual information to those seeking the truth.
  • Attendance isn’t taken, but the church is open to those who truly want to be there and want to learn. Most people don’t come in with “missions”, but are placed here to learn and evolve.
  • Sometimes, old information will be covered repeatedly to accommodate new learners. It’s also beneficial to hear it more than once, as you will hear it with a new ear each time. You’ll only hear it when you’re ready.
  • The money raised by NACC goes to help pay the electric and power bills for those less fortunate, or helps members of the church when it is needed.


Human Soul & Body:

  • Our physical bodies serve as vessels for us to work through lessons
    • Mistakes and bad decisions are great ways to learn lessons
    • If you notice a pattern, ask God and your Guides to give you a word to help you identify the lesson to be learned, so that you can learn it quickly, easily, and harmlessly and prevent yourself from being harmed in the future.
    • The goal is to make your lessons as short, easy, and painless as possible
    • Some lessons come from other people, some lessons come from the Dark side
      • The Dark side consists of fallen angels, who were created by God
  • Our soul is a hologram and contains every aspect of God, and inhabits every cell of the physical body. Each cell is the seat of the soul, and we are made in His image.
  • Gut feelings are soul knowledge, and we need to learn to acknowledge them as such.
  • People who are more sensitive have a brighter light/aura and have a higher vibration than those who are less sensitive
  • We often reincarnate in various different ways
    • We can be bound together with people by traumas or by emotions (love or hate)
    • If we need to learn similar lessons, we can come in as a group to learn the lessons. These will be done until everyone “gets it”
    • We come in as both genders, as different races
      • If you hate it in one life, you’ll probably be it at some point or another
  • There are two cords that connect your soul to your body: one cord is silver and one is gold. The golden cord connects into your brain center, and the silver cord connects into your solar plexus.
    • Physical death involves the severance of both cords
    • When people are in comas, their golden cord is severed. This does not indicate physical death, however.
      • Carol helped pass the Brain Dead Law in the state of Arkansas
      • When the golden cord is severed, there is no coming back.
      • People in comas are in limbo and cannot move on
  • Astral projection involves the spiritual body traveling while the physical body still remains in one place; in this case, the cords remain connected and you can re-enter your physical body.
    • One case of this astral projection was when a member of England’s parliament was too sick to go in to cast a vote, so he stayed at home. While his physical body was at home, his spiritual body went to parliament, cast his vote, and photographs were taken of this man
    • Another case exists where a man lived for several months and got married in Hawaii while his physical body was in a coma in the States. The hotel staff remembered him; you could see where he signed in, yet he remembered nothing.
  • “Death” involves shedding the physical body but retaining the spiritual body, which still has physical properties. It is still material, and they still look the same as they did in their physical bodies, but different people have different densities, due to their different vibrational frequencies.
    • You have “pivotals”, or times in your life when you can choose to stay or go, that you put into place before you come into this life. If you choose to leave, you don’t break spiritual law. However, if you choose to commit suicide, you commit self-murder and break spiritual law (see below)
    • Requesting that no extreme measures are taken to prolong your life DOES NOT constitute suicide, and it is well within your spiritual rights to put these into place. This is allowing nature to take its course.
    • When you “die”, you’re shown a bright white light. You can choose to go into this Light and enter Heaven, or you can choose to stay in the Outer Darkness. You can reincarnate from both the Light and the Outer Darkness, but it is advantageous to incarnate from the Light as you get to plan your family, your tests, your trials, and your lessons.



  • Animals are nature spirits and are capable of large amounts of empathy
  • Unless animals are bound, then they will automatically go into the Light upon death
  • “Putting an animal down” does not constitute murder and doesn’t impede their spiritual journey in any way
  • If for some reason you feel that an animal is stuck, you can ask the Legion of Pan to assist them into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary using the same basic prayer formula as when you would call upon the Band of Mercy



  • These are real things and have real repercussions!
  • Damning yourself, damning others can cause great harm. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it.
  • Words have power, and not knowing is not an acceptable excuse for avoiding repercussions.
  • If you feel that someone has damned you, the following formula is appropriate to use (speak the bolded words aloud, and use the parenthetical portions as directions):
    • Energy and consciousness of damnations that have been sent to me, I call thee forth now through the power of Jesus Christ, come forth. Energy and consciousness of damnations that have been sent to me, I call thee forth now through the power of Jesus Christ, come forth. Damnation, I now release thee and unbind thee (with palms facing inwards towards yourself, cross your hands and uncross them), turn thee from negative to positive, dissolve and disperse thee and return thee back to God through the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Damnation, I now release thee and unbind thee (with palms facing inwards towards yourself, cross your hands and uncross them), turn thee from negative to positive, dissolve and disperse thee and return thee back to God through the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ.



  • Tarot cards have been around for centuries that were used for divination
    • These are tools to unlock your souls’ information.
    • They can foretell events, explain why events happen, their purpose, etc. for a period of about two weeks
    • Keep these simple, and don’t do daily readings for yourself because the Dark side can manipulate your cards.
    • If you do a reading for someone else, only let them shuffle the cards. Do not let them handle your cards otherwise; keep your energy exclusive to your tool
  • Pendulums perform in a similar way to give you information.
    • They bring the knowledge from the soul into a material thing.
    • YOU make the pendulum swing, not some external force (unless the Dark side interferes)
    • Program your pendulum, and keep your energy exclusive to your pendulum- don’t let others play with it.
    • Since this is outside of the self, you must put protection into place to prevent the Dark side from interfering
    • To clear negative energy, place it in Iodized table salt and water
  • Salt water is also useful for clearing negative energies pertaining to antiques, and the lifting will remove any spirits attached to any secondhand purchases. Mirrors can be portals, but you can ask the Band of Mercy to close any portals and remove anything that has come through it and place them in appropriate protected sanctuary or do whatever the Band deems necessary with them (with your niceties).


The Lifting

  • Band of Mercy
    • Made up of souls who have been Earthbound who have donated their time and energy on the other side to help those who are Earthbound
    • Upon prayer or request in the name of Jesus Christ, they will take people who are stuck into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary, as is deemed appropriate. They bring loved ones forth to help the Earthbound soul
    • You must never demand help from the Band of Mercy. Always politely ask for help.
    • If they are taken into protected sanctuary, they will eventually move into the Light. Protected sanctuary is in the Light, but serves as a spiritual halfway house for those who can’t quite cope with the concept of being out of their physical body (AKA “dead”), those who thought they were going to Hell, or those who didn’t believe in an “afterlife”
    • You only have the spiritual authority to ask for the Band to remove spirits that are attached to, affecting, or influencing you; are on your property; or that you are related to. You have the authority to ask the Band to offer help to other spirits, but it is their right to decide whether or not to accept the help.
    • It is important to always ask the Band to either take them into protected sanctuary or directly into the Light. By doing so, you ensure that they have the free will to choose which option they take. You must always give them the option to choose, but you can narrow their options down when you have the spiritual authority to do so.
    • People who commit suicide are particularly prone to becoming Earthbound, because they break spiritual law and commit self-murder, which we do not have the right to do.
      • The repercussion for breaking this spiritual law is that you become Earthbound, generally to the place were you died.
      • With suicides, there is heavy mourning and surviving family members generally feel that their family members are not well and are not safe (because they’re not well and not safe).
      • People who commit suicide will show up in dreams of loved ones asking for help, and generally don’t look okay.
      • In this scenario, a family member or very close loved one (if no family is available) would use the following prayer formula:
        • I would please ask the Band of Mercy to take (insert the person’s name and full address here) into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary, as is deemed appropriate, in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.
      • How do you know they got into the Light? Visits stop, weird things in the house stop, dreams happen where the person looks young, happy, and healthy.
    • The Band of Mercy helps redeem souls back to God by physically removing them from the outer darkness and placing them into the Light or into protected sanctuary.
      • Living humans occupy the 1st-3rd dimensions
      • The outer darkness (where Earthbound souls are trapped) is the 4th Everything in the 4th dimension is as solid as is in the 3rd dimension.
  • Archangels & Angels
    • Four major Archangels exist, and many legions of angels under the Archangels. There are also many councils of angels
      • Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel
      • Metatron is the Universal Archangel for our Universe
    • By calling upon the appropriate Archangel and/or Angel and their legions, you’re ensuring that you’re given the best possible assistance for your particular situation
  • B’Nai Or
    • The Great White Brotherhood, of which exists 70 different sects
    • They are not human and never have been, but serve as master spiritual teachers. They were Christ’s teachers
    • They have a great deal of authority, they can give you protection, and there’s a lot that they can take care of.
    • All of these groups recognize the resonance of their names and they also recognize the resonance of the names of God that provide them with authority.


Extra Resources

  • More information about the Angelics can be found in the Glossary of The Keys of Enoch, by J.J. Hurtak. However, if you’re not ready for the information, the words will appear as gibberish. When you’re ready for them, they will expand your consciousness and knowledge in a really, really cool ways.
  • Pistis Sophia is a lighter read than The Keys of Enoch, but still has wonderful information.
  • Communication with the Spirit World of God by Johannes Greber. Simple, yet very accurate information that has been verified by Carol through her spiritual work.

Removing Implants & Implanted Programs

Please click here for a PDF version


This prayer will be effective after one use, but you forget to use the protection of the B’nai-Or, repeat it.


I would please ask the B’Nai-Or to remove all implants and implanted programs from me (or name, street address, city, and state of person you have permission tor pray for) now, in the names of Kadesh Ha Shem, Shekinah, Shaddai, The Unknown Name of God, Shemhamfarash, El Shaddai, Adonijah, El Elohey Israel, Eyeh Ashur Eyeh, Yod Hey Vod Hey, and in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.

God’s Spirit Community

Please click here for a PDF version

God’s Spirit Community is unimaginably large, so it would be impossible to list all of the members. However, these are the members of God’s Spirit Community that we most frequently call upon, and the main role(s) that they serve. God is the CEO of his corporation, and without the knowledge of how the corporation works, prayers aren’t nearly as effective as they can be; calling upon the appropriate beings, understanding their duties, and calling upon the appropriate names of God will ensure results consistently.


It is important to remember that angels are not, and have never been human. Angels and humans are two separate species, although angels can appear in human form. For more information, see the Dictionary of Angels.


Always remember to ask nicely when you call upon any of these beings (say please and thank you whenever it is available), do all things in the name of Jesus Christ, and use the phrase “if it is deemed appropriate” if you feel unsure about anything.


Guardian Angels: each human being has at least one guardian angel responsible for protecting us, who can call upon legions of angels to assist you. If you ever hear a warning, either inside or outside of your head, or if you hear your name shouted, then this is probably your Guardian Angel working to protect you.

Spirit Guides: each human being has at least three spirit guides. These are the Holy Spirits, who have never been human, that were left by Jesus to be our comforters and our teachers. Your spirit guides speak from the right side, mostly inside your head, and provide information, knowledge, and truth. They will never stroke your ego or embarrass you. They show themselves as sparks of white light, and can smell of floral or incense. It is important to learn how to communicate with your Guides

Cherubim: Cherubim are not chubby baby angels, but large warrior angels. If you have a perpetual problem with the demonic in your home and property, it would be appropriate to ask that a Cherubim be put into place (link to cherubim page) to protect your home and property

Divine Spirits of ­­­­_______: Divine Spirits are angels who have mastered whatever quality you are calling upon them for. These are for the non-tangible things like character traits that you wish to strengthen in yourself. You should never ask for patience, because you will be given tests to develop your patience. Instead, you should ask for the Divine Spirits of Patience (courage, strength, joy maturity, wisdom, kindness… If you can think of a trait, there is a Divine/Holy Spirit of that trait) to aid you, assist you, and work with you in whatever ways are deemed appropriate in the name of Jesus Christ.

Guides of ______: if you find yourself in a situation involving something on this Earth plane, say computers, music, art or car mechanics, you can ask for a Guide of Computers or a Guide of Car Mechanics to please be with you to assist you in whatever ways are deemed appropriate in the name of Jesus Christ. These are human masters who will teach you how to fix or do whatever you seek to do. Ask them to speak loudly, and only ask for one at a time.


Band of Mercy: the human Band of Mercy has the authority to remove unclean human spirits, negative thought forms, and some negative entities, energies, and influences. The Band also has the authority to remove any and all past life attachments, but you have to name them specifically in order for the Band to remove them.

Glory Band of Mercy: the Glory Band consists of individuals who were Satanists before they were redeemed back to God. They have the authority to remove Satanists, human souls that have been bound into dark service, and human souls who believe that they’re demons-in-training (demons are a separate race from humans; one can never be the other). Should the lifting not immediately resolve your issue, calling upon the Glory Band is a good tool to use.

E.T. Band of Mercy: the E.T. Band of Mercy has the authority to remove extraterrestrials, nature spirits, viruses, and bacteria not from the Earth Plane

Inter-dimensional/Dimensional Band of Mercy: this Band has the authority to remove negative entities, energies, and influences from different dimensions of this Earth plane. When calling upon this band, do so in the name of Shemhamfarash and in the name of Jesus Christ.

Mura-Con: Mura-Con is an angelic being that is responsible for purifying and detoxifying different organisms and their blood systems from various toxins and poisons.

Vortex E-On Jah: Vortex E-On Jah is the angel of vortices, and has the authority to close any negative, unnatural vortex and purify any perversions to natural positive vortices and restore them to the state that God intended them to be in.


Legion of Pan: the Legion of Pan has authority over all of nature in this dimension. It is appropriate to call upon the Legion of Pan to remove negative elementals, devas, and nature spirits from this dimension.

Devas of _______: everything in nature has a Deva that has been assigned, by God, to protect it. Should you face an infestation of some sort (spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, etc.), it would be appropriate to call upon the Deva of Spiders (or whatever pest) to remove them from your home in the name of Jesus Christ.

Legion of Soon Ki (Soon key): the Legion of Soon Ki has authority over nature from all dimensions of the Earth plane. It’s appropriate to call upon them to remove negative elementals, devas, and nature spirits from other dimensions.



B’Nai Or: The B’Nai Or is the Great White Brotherhood. They were Christ’s teachers when He was in body, and they can offer a great deal of protection from abductions on a universal level. We call upon the B’Nai Or in the Daily Lifting for these protections, and if you forget to say this part of the lifting, it’s a good idea to remove all negative mind control and programming from yourself as soon as possible.

Archangel Michael: If you were having trouble with a demonic entity, you would call upon Archangel Michael and his legions to remove them in the name of Jesus Christ. Michael has absolute authority over the demonic.

Archangel Raphael: Archangel Raphael and his Legions have the authority to provide protection during travel, and over healing. We call upon Archangel Raphael and his legions during healing work, and to remove Enochians

Archangel Gabriel: Archangel Gabriel and his legions have the authority to remove Sons of Darkness that are not from this dimension.

Archangel Ariel: Archangel Ariel and his legions have the authority to remove negative Sirius beings

Archangel Metatron: Archangel Metatron has authority over our entire universe, not only our planet (as the other Archangels do).

Archangel Uriel: Archangel Uriel presides over the 8th realm. We call upon Archangel Uriel and his legions in the soul DNA formula.