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10.18.2013 Session Notes

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This is your friendly reminder that damnations are real, they are powerful, and they can be harmful. Removing the word “damn” from your vocabulary (particularly when using God’s name) is wise.


Please click here if you have questions about Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, or any other members of God’s Spirit Community. Members of God’s Spirit Community are never bound to us; they’re simply doing their job.


If you have a friend or a loved one who has not gone into the Light, you can pray them into the Light using this formula. Remember though, if they’re not a relative then you need a close relative’s permission! This can be obtained simply by asking, “can I pray for (the person who passed)?”



  • Get rid of the word “ghost”
  • They’re the souls of people who have passed but didn’t go into the Light, and it’s our responsibility to help them into the Light using the daily lifting
  • The Bible refers to them as unclean spirits.



  • It’s essential to recognize the patterns associated with everything… There are patterns to demonic attack, spirit attachment, mental illness, etc.
  • Recognizing patterns allows you to recognize the true nature of the situation so that you can respond appropriately to the scenario at hand



  • Everything is made up of energy, and this has been scientifically proven
  • Your aura is the radiation of your energy, of your life force
  • Wind, water, our bodies, buildings, trees, and rocks all have electromagnetic energy
  • When there are mass shifts, energy can be created that is felt on a global scale
  • When there are frequencies and harmonies of energies to come, people can pick up on and recognize these pre-energies
  • Every major event has ripples of energy, both before and after the event
  • Sun storms can also affect your balance and energy
  • Large groups of people can also affect your energy



  • Everything has an aura- even trees
  • If you can truly read auras, you’ll know the true character of a person. They can’t hide what’s in their auras
  • If you ever are getting on a plane or you’re traveling with a group of people and the majority of people don’t have auras, you don’t get on the plane or in the car!
  • No aura means that death is impending
  • People with black auras are just bad. That indicates a connectedness with evil, darkness, and Satan
  • You can see where there are physical problems in the aura- there are dips or holes
  • To cleanse the aura (and remove stress from the physical body), you would add to ½ cup of iodized table salt to your bathtub (depending on the size of your tub- bigger tubs need more salt) and soak for as long as you feel necessary
    • Ladies, you can use a washcloth to “wipe away” the auric field surrounding your head and hair.



  • Your chakras are vortexes in your body; these vortexes create your aura
    • Vortexes open to release energy, and then they close
  • You have 21 chakras; 14 minor chakras and 7 major chakras
  • Your major chakras are your circuit breakers for your electrical system
    • If you get into kundalini and attempt to open and close your chakras at will, you can blow your chakras out
      • You can shut your entire nervous system down and paralyze yourself
    • You can safely cleanse and open your chakras using smoky quartz
  • They can be shut down through traumas, and cause emotional and physical problems corresponding to the affected chakra



  • Plastic blocks energy
  • With hypersensitive babies, placing a piece of saran wrap on their solar plexus (put a little water on it so that it adheres to their skin, then dress them as your normally would) will stop them from absorbing negative energies



  • Magic isn’t okay because you use spells, bindings, and conjurations to bend the will of other living creatures away from God for your own selfish purposes. You should be working in harmony with these elements.
    • You don’t need to bind other souls and creatures to yourself or anyone else.
    • You can ask the essences of plants to do healing while still allowing them to be free
  • Both white and black magic involve bending the free will of other beings away from God, and that’s not okay
    • White magic is for the healing and benefit of others, but you can heal and benefit others without bending free will
    • Black magic is because it’s for selfishness and manipulation. This is way wrong.


Bubbles and Tactics

  • Bubbles are great tools
    • Subdued golden bubbles are useful for protection and “invisibility”
    • Pink bubbles and eggs are useful to calm people down
  • Time manipulation is a wonderful tool as well. It’s great for long trips because you can knock hours off your trips.
    • To slow down time, you hold the first two fingers on your dominant hand up, point them to the sky, and twirl them counterclockwise three times
    • To speed time up, you hold the first two fingers of your dominant hand up, point them to the sky, and twirl them clockwise three times


Flower Essences

  • John’s Shield protects you from negative energies
    • You apply the oil directly to your solar plexus.
  • Dandelion oil applied directly to the neck and shoulders removes stress


Spiritual Airports

  • Things can appear out of nowhere, or drop from the ceiling
  • Things can “poof” into and out of existence
    • If things “poof” out of existence, you can command it back in the name of Jesus
      • I command (whatever is gone) back in the name of Jesus Christ.


Lost & Found

  • If you’ve recently lost/misplaced something, fret not!
  • You can ask your Guardian Angel to please help you locate whatever is missing or help you find whatever is missing. You should get results in about 30 minutes. Remember to say thank you when you find it!


Carol’s Favorite Ability

  • Carol loves tapping into ancient ruins to learn about previous cultures, civilizations, etc.
  • Macchu Picchu was her favorite place until it became a monopolized “tourist trap”
    • What was once affordable is not around $1500USD a night

Aura, Chakra, and Color Information

Your aura is the electromagnetic energy field that emanates from the seven major chakras located in the physical body. There are 7 major chakras and 21 minor chakras in the physical body, and there are chakras located outside of the physical body that connect us to God. For our purposes, we will focus on the 7 major chakras in the physical body and one outside of the physical body, which is known as the 8th chakra.

Each chakra resonates at a specific energy frequency and has a specific color associated with it. The color of your aura indicates the chakra that you’re working with primarily, and can thus give a lot of information about a person. Aura colors should be clear, pastel colors (think baby colors); murky colors of the aura indicate problems and/or negative characteristics. For more information about the colors of chakras and auras, please consult the aura, chakra, and color chart. There are also some unusual aura colors & situations that are outlined.


Chakra Locations

Chakras are vortexes of energy that are located along the spine. The chakras traverse the sagittal plane (the line that divides the body in left and right halves), so the chakra is located on both the front and back of the body.

The root chakra (1st chakra) is located at the pubic bone (on the front of the body) and at the tailbone (on the back of the body).

The sacral chakra (2nd chakra) is located two inches below the belly button (on the front of the body) and two inches above the tailbone (on the back of the body).

The solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra) is located one palm’s distance above your belly button (on the front of the body) and at the bra line (on the back of the body).

The heart chakra (4th chakra) is located in the center of the chest (on the front of the body) and between the shoulder blades (on the back of the body).

The throat chakra (5th chakra) is located in the Adam’s apple region of the neck (on the front of the body) and where the neck meets the shoulders (in the back of the body).

The third eye chakra (6th chakra) is located in the middle of the forehead (on the front of the body) and at the base of the skull (on the back of the body).

The crown chakra (7th chakra) is located on the top of the head.

The 8th chakra is located two inches above the crown chakra.

8.1.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the August 1st, 2014 NACC meeting.


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Ghosts are human souls, stuck in the Outer Darkness. Say the Daily Lifting and get them back to God.



  • You do not have to have the gift of healing to be able to use the healing formulas
    • The more authority you develop, the more healing capabilities you will have
      • Having spiritual authority means that you build a reputation with God’s Spirit Community and this reputation allows them to do what you ask them to do. It demonstrates that you are serious and sincere, which makes them more willing to do what you ask and need them to do.
      • You develop authority by doing the Daily Lifting on a daily basis
        • The Spirit Community recognizes who you are, that you want to learn and grow and evolve, and that you’re willing to put in the time and energy
        • God’s Spirit Community knows they can trust you, and that you will listen
      • We can all assist in performing miracles through these formulas and the power of God
  • When you use the formulas, you do not do the healing.
    • God does the healing
    • Think of yourself as tools in the hands of God
  • When using the healing prayer:
    • Stay 100% focused on the words, on the healing, on what you’re doing so that you don’t go into a negative or self-doubting state of mind
  • To hear about Carol’s first experience with healing, listen to part one of the recording from 3:00-6:00.


Prayer Formulas

  • Carol’s Guides gave her prayer formulas, and these most be done in a specific way for them to be effective
  • A formula is “a fixed form of words, when used in a specific context”
  • When used exactly, it works.
  • The Daily Lifting and the Basic Healing Formula are formulas
    • See the Names of God for information about the names called upon in the Daily Lifting
    • Why Protected Sanctuary?
      • It allows beings to be redeemed back to God
      • You have to give them at least two options, so they can exercise their free will. You can narrow their choices, but they have to be able to choose.
    • When in doubt, then say “if it’s deemed appropriate”


We’re never alone!

  • 3 spirit guides, 1 guardian angel, and countless members of God’s Spirit Community are with you
    • Carol’s guardian angel is a black man who appeared in a suit
  • Plus you have attachments and past life attachments to contend with
  • And you’re wading through the energy of the Earth and everyone around you



  • Provided that we are born from the Light, we choose our parents, our spouses, our lessons… Nothing is a curse, they are lessons
  • You chose these lessons to overcome them, grow, evolve, and be better than them
    • We sometimes choose our family as a means of overcoming them and their negativity
  • Don’t worry about being them or making the same mistakes as them.
  • We’re all dysfunctional or we wouldn’t be here!
  • The purpose on Earth is to become the best that we can be, and our highest potential!
  • If there is a lesson, you will always be given your lessons
  • We’re not supposed to sacrifice ourselves to help others
    • You can’t fix another human being



  • Everyone and all living things have an aura!
    • The white line above trees? That’s their aura!
  • There’s a lot of misinformation about auras, but the color chart has information straight from source.


Shaddais (35:00 to 50:00)

  • Six-pointed star, consisting of a right side up triangle placed on top of a downward facing triangle within a circle
    • There is no weaving of the triangles, like with the Star of David
    • Don’t wear a Shaddai with the downward facing triangle outward, as this is inviting a demonic attack
  • Means “God over Satan”
  • Can be drawn on a piece of paper, tattooed, silver… Any medium is effective with the Shaddai. It is the shape that conveys the protection.
    • If you wear a silver Shaddai and go under demonic attack, then the upside-down triangle will turn black.
      • Ask the Band of Mercy to place a silver egg around yourself if this happens
      • Ask Archangel Michael and his legions for assistance, as well.
    • Offers protection against negative universal entities


The Demonic (18:00-23:00, 45:00-50:00)

  • There are three steps to demonic attack
    • Oppression, obsession, and possession
    • Say the lifting, put your mind in a better place, and remind yourself that you’re a child of God
  • The Demonic are cockroaches, Christ is Raid
    • Take your authority through Christ and God
    • The Demonic are less than peons compared to God
  • Don’t be afraid, because they will prey on your fears
  • They can attach to souls, but humans cannot attach to demons
    • The demonic can bring forth human spirits to mess with you
    • With these
  • They’re not unaware, they choose to ignore truth
  • For protection against the demonic, pentagrams and crosses are best.
  • This is your friendly reminder to NEVER challenge the demonic.
    • We’re not physically their equals
    • Command them away in the name of Jesus Christ, but do not engage them
  • Signs of a Demonic Attack
    • Three knocks on walls and ceilings
    • Three scratches
    • Oppression
    • Smelling sulfur, moldy earth, rotting flesh
    • Flashing lights
    • Moving furniture
    • Electronics turning off and on
    • Vexations
  • Can appear as a:
    • Burned man in overalls and a plaid shirt
    • Black shadow with red eyes
    • Black mist
    • Red glowing ball


Bound Spirits

  • There are Earthbound spirits who messed with the demonic, who got into dark magic, or who sold their souls and got themselves bound to the demonic
  • The Band of Mercy can’t remove them because they’re bound to the demonic, Archangel Michael can’t do anything because they’re not demons
  • You have to call upon the Glory Band of Mercy to remove them.
    • Human souls who were once servants of Satan, who were redeemed back to God, and who have chosen to become a member of the Glory Band
    • I would please ask the Glory Band of Mercy to remove whatever spirits they have domain over now that are attached to, affecting, or influencing myself, my family, my pets, my home, my property, and all that I have domain over now, and either place them in appropriate protected sanctuary or do whatever they deem necessary with them in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.



  • People believe (mistakenly) that they own property
    • We own nothing, not even our bodies
  • People, and groups of people, can attach to property that they believe they own
  • People can also affect ley lines and vortexes to manipulate them, and allow negative entities to flow through them
    • Everything has vortexes, even your body! (link to chakras)


State of Mind is KEY!

  • It’s your responsibility to put yourself in a better state of mind
  • You psych yourself up, give yourself a little pep talk, and carry on with your business!



  • Everything that is not human has a deva
    • Stones, rocks, trees, animals
  • They’re nature spirits
  • If you go digging for crystals, ask the Legion of Pan to send the deva of crystals to help you find crystals

5.16.2014 Session Notes

Please click here for the accompanying audio for the May 16th, 2014 NACC meeting.

Click here for a PDF version



  • Everyone has an aura, and once you learn how to accurately read an aura, you can tell a lot about the character of the person you’re dealing with.
    • As such, there is a great deal of misinformation meant to misguide and mislead you
  • Aura color comes from the energy generated by the chakras. When working properly, the base should be white with colors around the person according to what is going on around them.
    • All colors should be pastels in chakras and auras
      • Think Easter, soft, baby colors or watercolors
    • Chakras are the circuit breakers within your nervous system.
      • When there is trauma, the breaker shuts down
      • The more shut down the chakras are, the murkier the color of the aura
      • Murky, muddy colors are always negative
      • The stronger the brown tinge, the stronger the problem
    • As you grow, learn, and evolve your aura will change
    • When people are attracted to each others, their auras kiss
    • Color is universal!
      • The chakras have their own individual color, and flowers and stones that correspond with a specific color work on that specific chakra.
      • You can affect change by wearing colors
      • Kirlian cameras can capture auras and colors
    • Unusual aura colors and situations
      • Peach denotes anxiety
      • Pink indicates being in love
      • Dark blue indicates depression
      • Turquoise indicates the beginnings of depression.
      • Lavender auras indicate someone who has changed patterns to evade imminent death (see aura link below)
      • Breaks in the aura indicate illness
        • Illnesses also have a specific vibration and smell, which is part of why dogs pick up on illness.
        • Death also has a particular smell
  • How to see auras (fluorescent lights make it easier)
    • Seeing other peoples’ auras
      • Let your eyes go blurry, squint, and/or take your glasses off
      • Look a little past the person
      • It helps to look at someone against a solid background
      • You’ll see a light around the body that’s lighter than the background
    • Seeing nature auras
      • If you look at a tree line and see a lighter patch at the top of the trees, that’s their aura
    • Seeing your own aura
      • Stand against a solid, plain colored wall and look in the mirror
      • You can also see your aura in your hands, but this takes more practice
    • Seeing Attachments
      • You can also see spirit attachments in the same way, they’ll attach in at the base of the skull/neck region.
      • They’re parasitic, and they’re going for the brain cortex.
        • More attachments cause people to have worse posture.
      • You can have attachments anywhere from your heart chakra to the base of your skull
      • Nature spirits tend to attach on your back
      • Attachment colors
        • They’ll look like grey blobs.
        • Murky red denotes demonic
        • Murky yellow, mucus-y looking things are negative
  • Ways to “up” your energy level
    • “Fluffing” your aura
      • Cup your hands and ensure that your fingers are as close as possible
        • The idea here is to create a barrier with your hands, so pretend like you’re trying to hold water in your hands
      • Starting a few inches below your solar plexus, bring your hands up your whole body and over your head. Once one hand has finished the motion, begin with the other hand, so that the motion is being done continuously.
      • Repeat several times with each hand until you feel your energy lift.
      • Once you feel a tingling at the top of your head, your energy is where it needs to be
    • Crystal grids
      • Double terminated (points on both ends) crystals that have been soaked in salt water are used, with any sized crystals
        • Crystals can be negative and you need to cleanse them
      • They are placed on the floor around you, with points facing inwards, to bring energy to the individual
      • Place a crystal at every point on the clock (12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00…all the way around the clock), or North/East/South/West
        • Your head should be at 12:00 or North
      • Eat a steak, cooked rare or medium rare
        • A wonderful source of Od
        • For those who have qualms about eating meat: plants are just as alive as animals are, except that when you eat raw plants, you’re eating them alive.


Odic Force

  • The Odic force is your life force
  • It’s contained in your blood
  • More information about the Odic Force is located in Communication with the Spirit World of God by Johannes Greber


Is it necessary to visualize grounding?

  • “Can’t hurt!”- Carol


Cleansing with Salt

  • For antiques and pieces that carry negative energy, use a mixture of iodized table salt and water and soak the item for at least 24 hours.
  • If it’s an item you can’t soak in salt water, the lifting will work to cleanse negative energies.


Quartz Programming

  • Marcel Vogel utilized programming of crystal to scientifically alter the taste of wine.
  • Quartz crystals can be programmed to do a variety of things, and anyone can program crystals
    • The lattice inside of a crystal can hold an extremely large amount of information
    • They can magnify energy (both positive and negative, so be sure to specify only positive), draw pain out of an area, bring healing to an area, store information, etc.
    • It is important to note that only single pieces of crystal, rather than clusters can be programmed
  • Before you program your crystals, it’s important to cleanse the crystals of any residue or negativity.
    • To do this, combine iodized table salt and water in a bowl large enough for the crystal to be completely submerged. Leave your crystals to soak at least 24 hours, or longer if desired
  • To program the crystal:
    • Hold your stone in your right hand
    • While holding the stone, visualize God’s pure love filling your body as you breathe in deeply
    • Once your lungs are full, bring the intention of your programming to the front of your mind
    • Whether it be healing, removing pain, bringing good luck, magnifying positive energy, or storing information, concentrate fully on this intention and exhale sharply through your nose
    • Your crystal is now programmed!
    • To reprogram a crystal, clear it with salt and reprogram it.
  • You can also rub smooth crystals together to make them glow