Power Bracelets

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the power bracelets lately. To our knowledge, there is no one else who sells these bracelets as affordably as we do at the Center. All bracelets are $8.00, plus tax & shipping. The only bracelet that is more expensive is Lapis, which is $10.00US, plus tax & shipping. We also have labradorite pendants that range anywhere from $29.95US-$125.00US, plus tax & pendants. Please call the Center at (501) 888-8056 between 10AM and 5:30PM, M-F (CST) to order (we cannot accept orders via email or online shop at this time).


Various Power Bracelets


Carnelian: protects you from psychic vampires (people who drain you); great to wear in crowds; (when worn with obsidian it is a stronger protection against energy loss)

Smoky Quartz: protects you from all negative energies; unblocks chakras

Jade: helps to heal the broken heart, brings peace and tranquility

Rose quartz: vibrates the energy of love; love and peace; helps in healing the lungs

Goldstone: stops internal and external shakiness

Hematite: magnetic; grounding; helps promote health

Onyx: shiny black; protection from negative energies

Obsidian: (dull black) opens up psychic channels (when worn with carnelian it is a stronger protection against energy loss)

Lapis: universal connectedness

Amethyst: higher spiritual connectedness, helps to open the third eye

Tiger eye: strengthens will and character

Fluorite: overall healing; magnifies all other bracelets that help with healing

Snowflake obsidian: protection of the aura against directed outside negative energies

Serpentine: stabilizes and harmonizes the body; breaks down emotional and psychological resistances; promotes openness and flow

Angelite: peaceful bliss

Lepidolite: speeds up and strengthens transition

African Turquoise: healing of mind, body, and spirit especially healing of the emotional body (which in turn heals the physical body)

Sunstone: major strength and balance

Opalite: soothes and restores vigor, releases nervousness

Citrine: brings balance to the physical, mental, and emotional aspects

Garnet: focus

Bloodstone: aids the circulatory system and various ailments of the circulatory system (historically it has been used to help with high blood pressure and in the aftermath of heart attacks)

Howlite: connector to higher source