10.4.2013 Session Notes

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Earth is a place of learning, and growth. There are tests, lessons, and evils on this plane that are here to help us grow and evolve. Earth isn’t always a peaceful and wonderful place to be, but our attitude can make us or break us.


Spirit Guides

  • They’ll cry with you, mourn with you, and be sad with you
  • They’ll never scold you, never get disappointed in you, never chastise you
  • They appear as white sparkles, and they’ll come with a scent (either floral or sandalwood)



  • We are made up of energy
  • We can transmit energy
    • We can transmit negative or positive energy
    • Our energy that is transmitted can harm others or better others
  • You don’t have to be a psychic to be psychically aware of others’ energy


Don’t want someone in your life?

  • Visualize the other person standing in front of you with cords between the two of you
  • Take a brand new, very sharp pair of shears and cut the cords
  • Cauterize your cords and tuck them back into you, and then cauterize their cords and tuck them back into them
  • You can’t dwell on it- you have to get them out of your head and move on.
    • You have to want it, badly.
    • You have to let the past be in the past. If you dwell on it, you can re-cord.
    • Forgive them, and release them with love on a soul level, and ask for their forgiveness on a soul level
  • If you can truly do it, you’ll no longer have any connection to them. It’ll be like they’re a stranger to you



  • Some people’s gift is sending energy and thoughts
    • Psychic vampires do this
  • They hook into you, feed off of your energy, and can attach to you
    • They can compel you to do things that you may not want to do
    • They’ll compel you to think about them 24/7… You can’t get them out of your head and it’s torture



  • Dreams are our brain’s way of working out psychological junk that you accumulate
    • You usually don’t remember these
  • Very vivid dreams with a lot of details and color, like you’re in a movie are prophetic dreams.
    • You may have very vivid dreams of an earthquake, or a tornado in a specific location
      • You can’t do anything about these
      • They’re meant to prepare you and warn you, and you can in turn warn others
    • You may have a dream of a specific person getting into a car wreck after getting into a white car wearing a red shirt
      • You can warn that person not to wear the red shirt in the white car, and it can avert the accident
      • You may not 100% avoid the accident, but you’ll be able to reduce the severity of the accident
      • The conditions should be avoided for about two weeks
    • If you have a dream
  • Most prophetic dreams take about three days to come to fruition. Some can take up to a couple of years to happen.
    • If you can see what is causing the problem, you may be able to help avert the situation
    • The purpose of prophetic dreams is to either prepare you for the coming situation, or allow you to change the situation.
  • Dreams can be symbolic, so pay attention to the symbolism of the dream.
    • You can set your symbology
      • Write your symbols down, then have someone read them back to you
      • When they read it back, tell them the first thing that comes to mind
    • Some symbols are set
      • Cars and vehicles represent your body
        • When someone else is driving their car and you’re in the car, you’re not handling your life and you’re letting someone else drive your life
        • When someone else is driving your car, you’ve let someone come into your life and take control of your life and your body
      • Dreams with nudity mean that you’re afraid of being embarrassed
      • Dreams with people have various reasons and purposes
        • Dreams with loved ones who have crossed over are visitations. These are real. If they look great and healthy, they’re in the light. If they look sick or unhealthy or need help, you should pray them into the light.
        • When you dream of people who are still alive, they’re reaching out for either positive or negative reasons
          • If it’s negative, slam a very heavy metal garage door between the two of you or command them to leave you alone.
        • Animals in dreams will convey messages. To interpret these dreams, you should consult Animal Speak
  • Recurring dreams can be past life remembrances
  • Sleep paralysis can be evidence of a haunting or of a demonic attack. It’s often more connected with phenomena than with other explanations
    • Demonic attacks can occur in dream state. If this happens, command the entity away in the name of Jesus Christ.


Spirits and Reincarnation

  • Human spirits usually last around 200 years
  • Carol has encountered shamans from the Mayan and Incan eras who showed up for specific purposes
  • Your soul is immortal, and it reincarnates many times over
    • You don’t reside in Heaven for eternity
    • The whole point is to keep learning, keep growing, keep evolving
      • If you’re not growing, learning, and evolving, you’ll de-evolve
    • You can incarnate from the Light or from the Outer Darkness, usually around every 60 years
      • Incarnating from the Outer Darkness is a crapshoot- you don’t know what you’re going to get
      • Incarnating from the Light gives you a heads up and allows you to choose your parents, your lessons, your opportunities


Why did God create us?

  • God is a constantly learning, intelligent force
  • He didn’t want to be alone
  • We are all part of God. We carry God within us, in our souls.


What happens when you go into the Light?

  • There’s a huge reunion where family, friends, animals, and loved ones show up. There’s food and beverage… It’s a party!
    • If they didn’t go into the Light, they won’t be there
    • Just because you’re married here doesn’t mean that you’ll be married on the other side
  • Then, you go through a Life Review
    • You do it to learn and understand your lessons
    • This isn’t meant to be a punishment
  • Next, you get some time out!
    • You can travel anywhere in the world you want to go!
  • Then, you choose your next life’s obstacle course
  • Everything that’s in heaven is here! Pizza, pasta, chicken… you name it!



  • You have a specific moment, down to the second, when it is your time to go
  • You may have pivotals, where you feel like you could live or you could die, and the decisions made during pivotals can shorten or extend your life span
    • You may have no pivotals, you may have 6 pivotals
    • You don’t get 7 pivotals, though. 6 is the max
  • When it’s a person’s absolute time to go, however, they may start to prepare about two weeks in advance. They’ll say their goodbyes, pick out their outfits, etc.
    • Angels or grandparents may come visit children
    • Children who pass young tend to have lived full lives, have been very outgoing, and tend to have packed in as many experiences as possible
  • If it’s truly their time, you can’t stop someone from passing



  • For more information, please click here
  • If a person who has committed suicide asks for your help, or if one of their loved ones ask for help, you can pray them into the Light



  • Formulas are first and foremost prayers
  • Stick to the formulas for the best results
  • Manifesting, for example, is something that you must be very cautious with
    • Be sure to include the phrases “to the highest good of all involved”, “if it’s deemed appropriate” and “so that no harm comes to myself or others”
    • These phrases are your spiritual insurance to make sure that you’re not bringing more harm than good to yourself or anyone who may be involved with the process
    • If you’re manifesting a car, make sure to ask that it be “mechanically sound”
    • If you’re manifesting a job, set your minimum salary, how far you’re willing to travel, and be sure to include the following phrases “harmless to all involved” and “to the highest good of all involved
    • Don’t absolutely define what you want and make it exact, but set parameters that you want
      • Be as specific as possible without limiting the possibilities


10.18.2013 Session Notes

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This is your friendly reminder that damnations are real, they are powerful, and they can be harmful. Removing the word “damn” from your vocabulary (particularly when using God’s name) is wise.


Please click here if you have questions about Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, or any other members of God’s Spirit Community. Members of God’s Spirit Community are never bound to us; they’re simply doing their job.


If you have a friend or a loved one who has not gone into the Light, you can pray them into the Light using this formula. Remember though, if they’re not a relative then you need a close relative’s permission! This can be obtained simply by asking, “can I pray for (the person who passed)?”



  • Get rid of the word “ghost”
  • They’re the souls of people who have passed but didn’t go into the Light, and it’s our responsibility to help them into the Light using the daily lifting
  • The Bible refers to them as unclean spirits.



  • It’s essential to recognize the patterns associated with everything… There are patterns to demonic attack, spirit attachment, mental illness, etc.
  • Recognizing patterns allows you to recognize the true nature of the situation so that you can respond appropriately to the scenario at hand



  • Everything is made up of energy, and this has been scientifically proven
  • Your aura is the radiation of your energy, of your life force
  • Wind, water, our bodies, buildings, trees, and rocks all have electromagnetic energy
  • When there are mass shifts, energy can be created that is felt on a global scale
  • When there are frequencies and harmonies of energies to come, people can pick up on and recognize these pre-energies
  • Every major event has ripples of energy, both before and after the event
  • Sun storms can also affect your balance and energy
  • Large groups of people can also affect your energy



  • Everything has an aura- even trees
  • If you can truly read auras, you’ll know the true character of a person. They can’t hide what’s in their auras
  • If you ever are getting on a plane or you’re traveling with a group of people and the majority of people don’t have auras, you don’t get on the plane or in the car!
  • No aura means that death is impending
  • People with black auras are just bad. That indicates a connectedness with evil, darkness, and Satan
  • You can see where there are physical problems in the aura- there are dips or holes
  • To cleanse the aura (and remove stress from the physical body), you would add to ½ cup of iodized table salt to your bathtub (depending on the size of your tub- bigger tubs need more salt) and soak for as long as you feel necessary
    • Ladies, you can use a washcloth to “wipe away” the auric field surrounding your head and hair.



  • Your chakras are vortexes in your body; these vortexes create your aura
    • Vortexes open to release energy, and then they close
  • You have 21 chakras; 14 minor chakras and 7 major chakras
  • Your major chakras are your circuit breakers for your electrical system
    • If you get into kundalini and attempt to open and close your chakras at will, you can blow your chakras out
      • You can shut your entire nervous system down and paralyze yourself
    • You can safely cleanse and open your chakras using smoky quartz
  • They can be shut down through traumas, and cause emotional and physical problems corresponding to the affected chakra



  • Plastic blocks energy
  • With hypersensitive babies, placing a piece of saran wrap on their solar plexus (put a little water on it so that it adheres to their skin, then dress them as your normally would) will stop them from absorbing negative energies



  • Magic isn’t okay because you use spells, bindings, and conjurations to bend the will of other living creatures away from God for your own selfish purposes. You should be working in harmony with these elements.
    • You don’t need to bind other souls and creatures to yourself or anyone else.
    • You can ask the essences of plants to do healing while still allowing them to be free
  • Both white and black magic involve bending the free will of other beings away from God, and that’s not okay
    • White magic is for the healing and benefit of others, but you can heal and benefit others without bending free will
    • Black magic is because it’s for selfishness and manipulation. This is way wrong.


Bubbles and Tactics

  • Bubbles are great tools
    • Subdued golden bubbles are useful for protection and “invisibility”
    • Pink bubbles and eggs are useful to calm people down
  • Time manipulation is a wonderful tool as well. It’s great for long trips because you can knock hours off your trips.
    • To slow down time, you hold the first two fingers on your dominant hand up, point them to the sky, and twirl them counterclockwise three times
    • To speed time up, you hold the first two fingers of your dominant hand up, point them to the sky, and twirl them clockwise three times


Flower Essences

  • John’s Shield protects you from negative energies
    • You apply the oil directly to your solar plexus.
  • Dandelion oil applied directly to the neck and shoulders removes stress


Spiritual Airports

  • Things can appear out of nowhere, or drop from the ceiling
  • Things can “poof” into and out of existence
    • If things “poof” out of existence, you can command it back in the name of Jesus
      • I command (whatever is gone) back in the name of Jesus Christ.


Lost & Found

  • If you’ve recently lost/misplaced something, fret not!
  • You can ask your Guardian Angel to please help you locate whatever is missing or help you find whatever is missing. You should get results in about 30 minutes. Remember to say thank you when you find it!


Carol’s Favorite Ability

  • Carol loves tapping into ancient ruins to learn about previous cultures, civilizations, etc.
  • Macchu Picchu was her favorite place until it became a monopolized “tourist trap”
    • What was once affordable is not around $1500USD a night

11.15.2013 Session Notes

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  • A ghost is a spirit, and a spirit is a human soul
  • Ghostbusting is low phenomena; it’s not good energy.
  • The spirits who often make themselves known are human souls who are stuck, and you have the responsibility of helping them
  • The issue with “ghostbusting” is that you have no idea what you’re gonna bring home with you
    • People go for the thrill of being scared like the movies, but it’s not the movies
    • It’s like bringing a Ouija board home with you
    • Human spirits will follow you home, but demonic will also follow you home too
      • There are nice humans and there are mean humans. You never know what you’re going to get!
      • The demonic will tear your world apart



  • They are not humans. Humans cannot become demonic, but humans can act demonic if they have been bound into service.



  • There’s a lot of concern over orbs because they show up in photographs
  • Orbs have been around for a very long time. They’re natural to Earth (not ET)
  • They were once called Foo Fighters
  • They can be a huge range of shapes and sizes- from tiny to the size of football fields
  • They’re NOT human souls, they’re interdimensional/dimensional parasites that help clean the Earth’s energy
  • Orbs are drawn to paranormal energy, battles, murders, so they can clean up the negative


Thought Forms

  • They appear as geometric shapes and as different bright colors
  • Negative thought forms can appear as many colors, not just red



  • Your Spirit Guides will appear as a white mist, or as white sparks of light


Nature Spirits

  • Nature spirits show up as multicolored sparks of light
  • An imp is a negative nature spirit (deva) that has fallen or has been bound into dark service. They’re demonic
    • Archangel Michael and his legions have authority over imps
    • They can be quite pesky
    • They’re always black with red eyes, and very unpleasant



  • When animals pass, they usually go directly into the light
    • Animals can be bound through cruelty and witchcraft
    • If they’re bound, you would use the following prayer:
      • I would please ask the Legion of Pan to release and unbind this animal and take them directly into the Light or into appropriate sanctuary through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ and in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.
    • They’ll stay for around 2 months, and they’ll help train your new puppy or kitten if you get one in that time frame


Spiritual Consent

  • 13 is the age of spiritual consent
  • You can no longer pray for them without their consent
  • Eventually, you praying for them will no longer work- they have to take responsibility for themselves


Iodized Table Salt

  • All negative energy is able to be cleared with iodized table salt
  • You can sprinkle salt, or put salt in water and sprinkle the water on the area
  • If you move into a new house, it’s best to perform the House Cleansing and Blessing
  • This goes back to the covenant of salt that God made with David, which stated that all items to be offered to God were to be offered with a measure of salt


Drugs and Alcohol

  • These open people up to spirit possession and demonic attack
  • You’re more susceptible to being influenced by outside forces when you use drugs and alcohol
  • Plus, if the spirit of an addict attaches to you, they get their fix and they may continue to use you to get their fix. In this situation, you could also become an addict.



  • We’re here to learn our lessons and we’re here to make mistakes
  • Make the same mistake once or twice, that’s okay. Make it more than twice? That’s just dumb.



  • The death process, when done naturally, is rather euphoric.
  • People’s aura will go in and out as they prepare to leave their physical body
  • Having your physical body die doesn’t mean you’re dead- you’re very much alive, aware, and alert. You just don’t have your meat suit.

12.20.2013 Session Notes

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“True magic is working in harmony with everything around you to do good things.”



  • Fear is your worst enemy
  • Fear feeds into the demonic
    • They prey on your fear
    • Fear gives the demonic the ability to hurt you
  • Fearing for someone else can bring negativity upon them
  • Fear is a WEAKNESS



  • They’re fallen angels
  • Whatever they were the angel of, they become the total opposite of when they fall
  • The Dictionary of Angels has angels and fallen angels, their duties, and what they do
  • They’re always hanging around, they’re always ready, and they’re always looking for your weaknesses
  • They can affect you when you’re doing the lifting… You’ll get a shortness of breath or your mind will blank out



  • Blood curses
    • Usually family curses
    • Someone cursed the entire bloodline of a family
      • Can be through the male lineage or female lineage
      • Marrying into the family counts
      • Can cause massive amounts of destruction
    • If you laid the curse, you’ll be the last in line to receive the curse
  • In the US, it’s common for Native Americans to have laid curses on their children if they married into a white family
  • A silver cross and a silver pentagram worn together offers greater protection against curses



  • A pentagram is a star with one point up and two points down, with a circle around it
  • It was given to King Solomon by Archangel Raphael to give him authority over the demonic
    • The demonic cannot stand against a pentagram
    • Witches wore them for protection
  • Inverted pentagrams (with 2 points up and one point down) are a “door-opener” for the demonic



  • There is power in damnations and these can be very dangerous
  • Don’t damn others, don’t damn yourself, and don’t damn anyone else.
  • Using God’s name in vain puts even more power behind a damnation
  • Words carry power, even if you don’t know what the words mean



  • True magic isn’t binding with herbs and plants, it’s working in harmony with God and everything around you for the highest loving good of all involved
  • Spells, conjurations, and all forms of witchcraft bind things away from God
  • Witchcraft is extremely limited- why limit yourself to the Earth and the moon when you have the God of universes to work with?



  • JESUS is the reason for the season!
  • Without Christ, there would be no redemption
  • Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we all have the option to be redeemed back to God
  • Christ is Carol’s absolute Lord and Master Teacher
    • She tries to walk her talk as much as she can
    • The Holy Spirits have taught Carol about Christ, His love, and His story
  • Christ may not have been born on Christmas Day, but celebrating and appreciating Him is appropriate
  • Christ HAD to go through the crucifixion and HAD to create the tunnel of Light so that all can be redeemed back to God
    • Redemption is restoring the soul back to God
    • That was His plan and His goal, not to perform the healing and miracles
    • The Daily Lifting allows you to do redemption work through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ


Christ is real, Satan is real, and God is real.

  • The dark side can’t stand up to Christ, and often tries to lead people away from Christ
  • The dark side’s biggest tool is fear-so don’t be afraid. Fear empowers the demonic.
  • Take up your power and your authority through Christ, and command them away in the name of Jesus Christ. You can use this whenever you need to.


Spiritual Gifts

  • Satan has no gifts to give anyone. He can twist and pervert your gifts, but he cannot give you any gifts.
  • Spiritual gifts are from GOD.


Guides/Angelic vs. Demonic

  • The demonic speak from your left side
  • Your Guides/Angelic speak from the back of your head and from your right


Remote Viewing

  • When you’re being remotely viewed, it feels like a little earthquake below your feet and up into your body
  • Silva Mind Control teaches how to remote view in a safe way
  • Archangel Michael and his legions can protect you from remote viewers, and the daily lifting can help as well


Mastering Your Mind

  • Take a rose. Look at the rose and focus on the rose as long as you can without breaking your attention from some aspect of the rose. Build this attention span up to an hour.
  • Once you can do it in the physical realm, do the same thing in your mind screen
  • You have to teach your mind that it can’t run and play whenever it wants to



  • Pictures capture a person’s signature energy frequency, but they don’t capture part of a person’s soul
  • Destroying a picture (by burning it or using salt water) doesn’t harm the person in any way

12.19.2014 Session Notes

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Jesus Christ

  • Other information about Jesus Christ can be found here and here
  • People don’t appreciate the totality of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross
  • Jesus is not God
  • When He came in, He knew His mission
    • He was to be the Redeemer, not necessarily the Messiah
      • The Messiah was to free the Jewish people from the Romans
      • The Redeemer opened the path of Light to be with God again
    • It wasn’t about healing people, or showing God’s power on Earth
      • He did prove that God has power through us (spiritual gifts)
  • He knew He was to teach truth and wisdom, so that people could learn to do the same things as Him
    • He imparted as much knowledge as He could, to teach that this is a physical world and is meaningless; the true kingdom is in Heaven
    • He taught that all races, sexes, and creeds are equal. No human is greater or lesser than another.
    • He tried to teach His disciples that they could do everything He did and greater, but they had a hard time grasping that concept.
      • “What I do, you can do and greater.”
      • The disciples didn’t feel worthy of the gifts and abilities
      • Mary Magdalene was so close to Christ because she actually listened, learned, and took in the knowledge and understanding and used it
        • Many disciples were jealous of Mary because she used the knowledge
        • She sometimes gained more knowledge than they did because she truly listened and understood
  • Before the Crucifixion
    • The Last Supper came when it was time for Christ to hand Himself over
      • The bread was to remember His body, the wine to remember His blood
        • They didn’t really understand it at the time, but they did as He said
      • He went to the Garden of Gethsemane and pleaded with God to relieve Him of His burdens
      • Christ had to give himself completely over to the dark side, of His own free will, to do whatever they wished to do to Him.
      • When Judas kissed Jesus on the cheek, Jesus knew it was time
        • Judas knew that He was part of the plan, and that it was about redemption
      • The dark side beat Him, made Him carry the cross, put the nails in Him, and crucified Him
  • After the Crucifixion
    • After Jesus died, He went to Hell and faced Satan on his own turf.
    • Jesus created the tunnel of Light so that all, even those in Hell, could enter Heaven simply by accepting the Light
    • He stayed there for 3 days, our time, and redeemed many souls
    • When He returned to Earth, He told Mary Magdalene “don’t touch me, I’m not yet clean.” This referred to the uncleanliness of Hell that hadn’t been cleansed by the Light.
      • Mary didn’t recognize Him at first
    • He then preached for 40 days (the Pentecost)
  • Significance of the Crucifixion
    • If Jesus hadn’t suffered through the crucifixion, and given Himself over freely to the dark side, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to be redeemed
    • We are all shown the tunnel of Light, and we can all go to Heaven if we step into the Light. The Light doesn’t discriminate against anyone- serial murderers and rapists and “bad” people are all given that opportunity for learning and growth.
      • It’s even available to fallen angels (aka the demonic) as evidenced in Romans 11:23
      • Accepting the Light is accepting Christ and is the only way to Heaven.
    • The story of the crucifixion is outlined in the Apostles’ Creed.
  • Baptism
    • You can christen a child to offer protection
    • You shouldn’t baptize a child before the age of 13 because they have to make the choice to accept Christ as their lord and master of their own free will
      • 13 is the age of spiritual consent, and the dark side can (and will) bring the full force down on teenagers
    • Full baptism is optimal, as Christ was baptized by John the Baptist
    • Accepting Christ as your lord and master, and taking your authority through Christ provides you with the protection that you need
      • Satan is real, but standing through the authority of Christ protects you from Satan and his wrath
      • Taking authority and standing means that you respect others, you respect their choices, you don’t place the material world above God, and you aren’t afraid to say no.
  • Jesus left us the Holy Spirits to teach us
    • They’re not humans, they’re part of God
    • They are your Guides, and they have total knowledge about everything.
    • They were appointed to you so that they can teach you and comfort you
      • When they speak to you, it’s God speaking to you
    • Your Guides change from lifetime to lifetime to accommodate different levels of learning



  • Man began to de-evolve and fall away from God by disobeying orders
    • Nature began to shut us down, because we had become dangerous
  • Sin came again with Cain and Abel, and the resulting murder
    • At this point, the Heavens began to close
  • Christ’s sacrifice changed everything, because it allowed for the demonic to be redeemed



Physical Death

  • Your soul is immortal
  • “Dying” isn’t truly a death; it’s a matter of shedding your physical body
  • Your soul remains the same. You still have arms and legs, you can walk and you can talk (and hopefully somebody can hear you!)
  • If you’re in doubt, touch the table. If your hand goes through the table, you’re out of body.
    • Ask for the Light!
  • If it’s dim in the room, you can see the soul hovering above the body and then you can see the soul leave when they pass.
    • The soul will be lavender in color
    • If you can see auras, you should be able to see this easily
  • When children pass before age 13, there is usually an angel to receive them. If you have a spirit child in your home, you should use the following prayer formula:
    • I would please ask the Band of Mercy to bring forth loved ones and spirit healers for them, and either take them directly into the Light or into appropriate protected sanctuary in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.



Seeing the Light

  • A lot of people will see loved ones, Angelics, and the Light when they’re still in body before they pass from natural causes.
  • If you were shot, or are in a car crash, and you look over and see your physical body, you should ask for the Light
  • Say your annual prayers to take out insurance so you don’t suffer with the confusion.
  • Animals go straight into the Light, so you can tell your animal the following:
    • “I love you, and I’m going to miss you terribly, but I’m going to help you get into the Light because I don’t want to see you in pain. When you see the Light, go into it.”




  • God isn’t a punishing God
  • He’ll let you punish yourself
  • He wants you to learn your lessons



Reincarnation and the Bible

  • It’s in the older versions of the Catholic Encyclopedia… It was accepted by the Church
  • It’s present in the Bible, but it’s scattered throughout
    • Constantine did his best to get it out of the Bible, but the essence remains
  • Justinia had a lot of the gospels destroyed because they referenced not needing a church or a middle-man to get to God
    • Gospels are the written accounts of specific timeframes.
  • No matter what, truth has always and will always remain in the Bible




  • Carol sampled many, many different religions looking for truth
  • The problem is, that man distorts religion and makes it his own and puts his stamp on it
  • The truth is a kernel in every religion of the world
    • God is real, Christ is real, Satan is real
      • Start there- if they don’t have these three truths, walk away.
    • Condemnation to Hell isn’t a truth.
    • Are there dogmas? Are they God’s laws or man’s laws?
      • If they serve to control, then walk away.



Hearing Animals

  • You’ll get your animal’s thoughts in your head
  • It’ll be simple, and accept it as your animal’s thoughts not your own
  • When you start, ask you dog if they’re hungry, or if they need to go outside
    • You speak verbally, and they’ll respond in your heads
  • There’s a law that was put into place after man fell from God to protect the animals… It says that animals aren’t supposed to communicate with humans
    • Animals don’t get in trouble, but with spiritual authority comes the permission to speak to animals



Exploring Past Lives

  • Kinesiology is the best way to find out past lives
    • If you have a place or a country you’re drawn to, finger test to find the answer
  • If you ever had dreams as a child where you were an adult in a different place, pay attention to those
    • Finger test about those
  • Listen from 1:10:00 to 1:15:00 to hear Carol talk about exploring past lives

12.5.2014 Session Notes

For the audio for the December 5th, 2014 NACC meeting, please click here.

Please click here for a PDF version


Hey- you! Have you started to Build Your Authority, yet?



  • Carol brought the HIV virus through a medium in the early years (1986-1987) of her spiritual work
  • The virus explained that it was manmade, that it had been on Earth before, and that its purpose was to teach all other viruses and bacteria how to change their DNA/RNA and how to mutate
    • The virus explained that there will be superbugs and super-viruses that would result out of the HIV teachings
  • Bacteria and viruses are all intelligent, but bacteria aren’t as smart as viruses
  • Carol is capable of putting HIV in stasis through prayer work



  • Carol uses this tool to tap into information
  • It’s the ability to touch into a photograph or writing sample (in ink) to obtain information about the subject
    • The subject can be a person or a place
    • It can’t be an abstract concept like a country, but she can tap into leaders (because they have authority over the country)
  • Psychometry involves “tuning into” the subject’s signature energy frequency and allowing yourself to become one with that energy frequency
  • It’s very helpful to control the rate at which you obtain psychic information
  • Sometimes, the person that Carol is “tapping into” will know that they’re being “tapped into”, but most of the time they aren’t aware of it
  • She’s not tapping into their subconscious, she’s experiencing things firsthand (as the person she’s tapping into)
    • She experiences and can recall minute details, like license plates, locations of hairs or other genetic material, and names
  • Carol also has the gift of being able to see past lives


Blood & Family Curses

  • They don’t necessarily activate at birth, but at an anniversary
  • The person to lay the curse is usually the last one to receive it


Money Matters

  • Carol’s guides have continued to advise her to stay out of the stock market
  • Roth IRA accounts are recommended for money management


Past Lives

  • If you have a strong obsession or drawing to a place or a time period, you had a past life there
  • If you have a strong aversion to a place or a time period, then you probably had a negative experience in your past life there
  • It’s also possible that you have a spirit attached to you from those places, so say the daily lifting to clear yourself
  • For information about releasing past-life traumas, please click here


Names of God

  • There are 72 names of God and 72 different emotions, each name correlating with a different emotion or attribute
  • Each name of God is a different attribute of God
  • Each name has a specific legion that has authority for that particular attribute
  • God didn’t create evil
    • Falling away from God created evil
    • Falling away from God results in becoming the complete opposite of what God intended that aspect to be
  • The more you evolve, the closer to God you become
  • God is simplicity. The complexity of God is that there are many Divine Beings who assist in His work


Knowledge brings Responsibility

  • You can’t play in the Dark and walk in the Light- you have to walk the walk.
  • You don’t need a third party (like a church) to get to God. You’re a child of God, and you have the right to go straight to source


How do you help create spiritual growth of the people around you?

  • You can’t- it’s their right to go in whatever direction they want to
  • It’s wrong to shove our belief systems down others throats
  • The best way for you to help another human being is by showing them an example and walk your talk
  • There are a whole lot of wannabes who will take your money and take you on a path that’s not to your highest good.
    • Sometimes, people have to walk a path that is “wrong” to teach them that it is “wrong”
  • You can say prayers for others
    • You can ask for their highest good, and that they be on their highest path for their most appropriate learning in the name of Jesus Christ
    • If you have their permission, you can do the daily lifting for them



  • If you’re ever given an opportunity and you’re unsure if it’s an opportunity from God or something sent by the dark side, you can say the following prayer
    • God, if this is appropriate for me, I ask that all be opened and that the path be opened for me. If this isn’t appropriate for me, I ask that this be shut down in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • If it’s too good to be true and it doesn’t feel right, shut those opportunities down.
  • If you have more than one opportunity and you’re having trouble deciding, you would say the following prayer:
    • God, I’m having trouble deciding which situation [name your possibilities] I should choose. I would ask that the path that’s to my highest good and to the highest good of all involved become clear. If I am supposed to do [option #1], I ask that all doors be opened to this situation and that all doors to [option #2] be closed. If I’m supposed to do [option #2], I ask that all doors be opened to this situation and all doors to [option #1] be closed. I ask this to be done in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.

Aura, Chakra, and Color Information

Your aura is the electromagnetic energy field that emanates from the seven major chakras located in the physical body. There are 7 major chakras and 21 minor chakras in the physical body, and there are chakras located outside of the physical body that connect us to God. For our purposes, we will focus on the 7 major chakras in the physical body and one outside of the physical body, which is known as the 8th chakra.

Each chakra resonates at a specific energy frequency and has a specific color associated with it. The color of your aura indicates the chakra that you’re working with primarily, and can thus give a lot of information about a person. Aura colors should be clear, pastel colors (think baby colors); murky colors of the aura indicate problems and/or negative characteristics. For more information about the colors of chakras and auras, please consult the aura, chakra, and color chart. There are also some unusual aura colors & situations that are outlined.


Chakra Locations

Chakras are vortexes of energy that are located along the spine. The chakras traverse the sagittal plane (the line that divides the body in left and right halves), so the chakra is located on both the front and back of the body.

The root chakra (1st chakra) is located at the pubic bone (on the front of the body) and at the tailbone (on the back of the body).

The sacral chakra (2nd chakra) is located two inches below the belly button (on the front of the body) and two inches above the tailbone (on the back of the body).

The solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra) is located one palm’s distance above your belly button (on the front of the body) and at the bra line (on the back of the body).

The heart chakra (4th chakra) is located in the center of the chest (on the front of the body) and between the shoulder blades (on the back of the body).

The throat chakra (5th chakra) is located in the Adam’s apple region of the neck (on the front of the body) and where the neck meets the shoulders (in the back of the body).

The third eye chakra (6th chakra) is located in the middle of the forehead (on the front of the body) and at the base of the skull (on the back of the body).

The crown chakra (7th chakra) is located on the top of the head.

The 8th chakra is located two inches above the crown chakra.