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Audio recordings from the 7.1.2016 NACC Meeting  and the 6.17.2016 NACC Meeting have been posted!

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Do you have spiritual questions that you want answered in a Friday session? Do you have questions or comments? If so, submit them here! Please do not submit requests for private sessions or missing persons/murder cases via email; call the Center at (501) 888-8056 between 10AM and 5:30 PM CST, Monday through Friday to speak with Carol’s assistant. More information about sessions can be found here. Also, with respect to missing persons/murder cases, we can only work with immediate family members. Thank you for your understanding. 

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    1. Hi Charles,

      For specific, personal questions, please call the Center at (501) 888-8056 between 10AM-5:30PM (CST), Monday-Friday, to schedule a private session.


      –Team Carol

  1. I have lost my cat Churchill 5 miles away from his home.
    I do not seem able to find him
    Can you help?

    Kyzmet from London UK Engand
    Cat is list in North London N4 or N7 or N8

    Kyzmet 0208 968 2128 tel

    1. Hi Kyzmet,

      With respect to your cat, you can ask the Legion of Pan to help! You would say “I would please ask the Legion of Pan to bring my cat, Churchill, home safely in whatever ways are deemed appropriate in the name of Jesus Christ and I thank thee.”

      Carol’s help will take longer, as you’d have to send in a picture or a collar, and set an appointment.

      –Team Carol

    2. Dear kyzmet,
      I imagine you now have a lot of people who use this site focusing on the return of Churchill to you; I certainly am. The heartbreak of a beloved baby being lost is so painful. I volunteer with a rescue organization for cats. If you also need practical steps to take, I am happy to tell you what I have learned. “Pamela” at: humcotherapist@gmail.com.

  2. You have a session where you teach that we should be careful of the words we say. I am trying to take the lessons and apply them and actually give it thought. I often times will put these thoughts into words in a support group I am a member of. Yesterday one of our members mentioned me in talking about how we word things is important as a comment to someone else’s post. I chimed in and agreed and a thought came to me which I also typed out. “Words have power, especially with emotion behind them. It’s why hypochondriacs are always hurting.” Don’t know why that thought came to me. I’m sure you already know this but I love when new thoughts come to me. I process slowly and out of no where I get epiphanies. Sometimes they are what someone has been saying for a while, but it comes to me in a way I can understand then poof. 🙂 Just I am still listening and we all get it, just some slower than others….hahahaha. Thanks again for all you do. It can’t always be as easy and clear as you make it seem to be in this line of work. Smiles

  3. This really is a positive informative site to be on and learn and put to practice.
    And to Carol Pate thank you very much!

    LL Southern California

  4. Carol,
    I just want to let you know that I have seen some positive changes in the past week since you did the lifting on my property during my session with you.I have continued to do the Daily Lifting and there has definitely been a shift in energy and an opening. With the reading and the information on the website, I can feel a shift within me. I can honestly say, even though it sounds corny, that for the first time in some years I feel hopeful and can begin to envision solutions where before I saw none. Thank you.

  5. Hello Carol,
    I want to tell you that I always like to look back in the year and see nice things I did but I believe the best and most important one in 2015, was giving you a call. Well, there were moments (before the call) that I was not sure if I should do it but it was totally worth it. Please keep my picture on file as I intend to keep in touch. ; ) Thank you so much for bringing me freedom… God bless you and Merry Christmas Carol team! xo

  6. I’m on a path to learn the truth. I had a very real dream 30 years ago about people made of light. I have always wondered if we might have came here from the Pleiades. I read a most interesting book “The Hidden Records” by Wayne Herschel and I was wondering if you had read it or knew of any of it was true? Thanks, Katherine

  7. Carol
    Please help me.
    I struggle every single day with depression and sadness and can’t come to terms with a lot of things and need some help, comfort and peace…..
    Please hear my call and feel my energy and get back to me.

  8. I ask you all to become my Wellness Advocates, so I have asked you in advance. Perhaps I can contribute to this community as it contributes to me.

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